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14 Best WordPress Multi-Author Blog Plugins in 2023

Last Updated on April 29th, 2024

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Running a website is difficult enough, but maintaining a multi-author website is even more difficult. You may wish to add some more capabilities, such as controlling editorial flow, enhancing content structure, or bringing up author biographies, depending on your unique needs. Multi-author blog plugins for WordPress can be helpful.

There are plugins and solutions available to help you better manage your writers and their material. For a multi-author blog, these 15 WordPress plugins may be useful:


It’s not simple to start and run a membership website. Given that such a site may be the lifeblood of your company, organization, or community, you must ensure that it is done correctly, or you risk losing all of the recurring money associated with clubs and other membership-based groups. However, with WordPress and Memberpress assisting you in streamlining the process, it is an easy and effective membership plugin.

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage membership subscriptions, users, and content access. For your business or group, you can create a strong, one-of-a-kind membership website.

This multi-author plugin includes a plethora of settings that allow you to manage who gets access to your material down to the smallest detail. You can, for example, limit access to specific categories or a specific post or page.

It also allows you to offer digital files and pretty much everything else you can think of for a membership site. You may also use it in conjunction with a variety of additional plugins, many of which come pre-installed as part of your purchase, to create a really unique membership website that functions exactly the way you want it to.


  • All payment processors are included. 
  • Custom Pages Can Be Created With Memberships
  • Compatible For Almost Any Booking Website 
  • Provides a plethora of add-ons


  • Registration and login forms are not customizable
  • No lifetime option


  • The basic version with one site costs $149 per year
  • Plus version with two sites costs $249 per year 
  • Pro version with five sites costs $349/year

Get MemberPress


TranslatePress is a simple WordPress translation plugin that can be used by anybody. TranslatePress is unique among translation plugins in that it allows you to translate posts and pages straight from your website’s interface. You may view what you’re translating in real-time as a result of this. 

The TranslatePress interface allows you to quickly and simply translate any textual material on the website, including posts, pages, metadata, plugins, and even your WordPress theme. It may be translated into one or more languages, making it more accessible to people of diverse nationalities and languages.

If the manual translation is not for you or is too time-consuming, TranslatePress also offers a Google Translate API connection, which helps you to speed up the translation process. You may manually edit any of Google’s AI-powered translations if they are wrong.


  • It has a free version that you may use to get started. 
  • TranslatePress is simple to use and allows you to translate everything from the frontend, including WooCommerce goods, page builder text, forms, and more. 
  • For multilingual sites, TranslatePress provides SEO support.


  • Its free version is extremely limited. Your website can only be translated into one language. 
  • There are no SEO support features in the free edition. As a result, if you wish to improve your local search rankings, you won’t be able to use the free version. 
  • If you’re just getting started, a premium subscription with TranslatePress might be expensive.


  • Developer Plan with unlimited sites costs €199 per year
  • Business Plan with three sites costs €139 per year
  • Personal Plan with one site costs €79 per year

Get TranslatePress

PublishPress Revisions 

PublishPress Revisions allows you to update published content with ease. With this multi-author blog plugin, users can make changes to their work. You have the option to accept or reject them. 

Users may update posts using the regular WordPress editor, but their changes won’t be published right away. Instead, the changes are stored as a revision, which can be approved, rejected, or scheduled. PublishPress Revisions supports the traditional WordPress interface, including Gutenberg and the Classic Editor.


  • It enables your users to request edits to previously published articles.
  • Any user can request to change the published post.


  • Need batch scheduling


  • One Site – $69.00
  •  Five Sites – $129.00
  •  Unlimited Sites – $199.00

Get PublishPress Revisions

Pre-Publish Checklist

Installing and utilizing Brainstorm Force’s Pre-Publish Checklist plugin is a breeze. The program effectively creates a checklist of particular activities that must be completed before the material is published on your website. This checklist may be added to posts or pages, allowing you to either prohibit the content from being published or just alert the user if all things are not ticked off. 

One of the best features of this plugin is that it can be used in a variety of ways; you may use one of their pre-curated lists or create your own. If you want to build your own list, you may go with a simple, basic index or go with something more complicated and particular. The creators used a simple drag-and-drop paradigm to make the settings user-friendly, enabling you to reorganize the tasks in order of use or importance.


  • Custom post kinds are supported. 
  • Can support a variety of checklists for various user categories. 
  • There’s also a progress meter to illustrate how far you’ve progressed through the checklist.


  • The last update was three months ago


  • FREE

Get Pre-Publish Checklist


The Publish Press calendar plugin was created to help you organize and plan your WordPress posts. You may use the calendar plugin to see when the material is scheduled and when it should be published on your website. It may immediately assist you in content planning and creation. Simply create and add items to the calendar plugin, and you’ll be alerted as the publishing date approaches. 

The PublishPress Calendar plugin has features in which Calendar entries can be added and edited. It also assigns entries to each user and receives notifications for your material.


  • There are several premium features available
  • The simplest setup is necessary
  • Updates are rather often
  • Import Flow from Edit


  • Bugs are common with regular upgrades.


  • One site costs $79
  • Five sites cost $139
  • Unlimited sites cost $199

Get PublishPress

PublishPress Capabilities

For controlling access to your WordPress posts, pages, media, and custom post kinds, PublishPress Capabilities is the plugin to use. Roles can be created, cloned, and assigned particular rights. You may also use the plugin to back up, restore, and migrate the permissions on your site.


  • From Administrator to Subscriber, all user roles on your site may be customized. 
  • Any current WordPress user role can be created or copied. These roles can be introduced to individual sites or a multisite network as a whole. 
  • Select who has permission to post, view, modify, and remove information. 
  • Permissions for WooCommerce products, orders, and discounts may be controlled.


  • It is not possible to change a user’s capabilities.


  • FREE

Get PublishPress Capabilities

Edit Flow 

Edit Flow multi-author blog plugin

If you’re having trouble managing your time, Edit Flow can help. It offers you access to a content calendar where you can define the current state of the posts and when they will be published. You may also leave editorial comments in the backend area, as well as schedule posts to be published on certain days. 

There are five fundamental steps that you can follow while customizing if necessary. Assigned, Draft, Pitch, Pending review, and Waiting for feedback are the categories. 

This plugin functions as a comprehensive package or administration solution for WordPress-based websites. You may utilize reminders and custom post statuses to make the editorial process operate more smoothly.

The Edit Flow plugin helps to display the editorial calendar so that the entries in progress are immediately seen and the publication timetable can be easily managed.


  • Assign your users to various posts after dividing them into working groups. 
  • Private talks between editors and authors are possible thanks to threaded comments in each post’s admin. 
  • Ensure that users are kept up to date on article comments as well as the status of individual posts.


  • When it comes to listing loopholes, the hefty nature of the plugin is the first thing that gets in the way.


  • FREE

Get Edit Flow

Post Status Notification 

Post Status Notification multi-author blog plugin

99 Robots’ Post Status Notifications plugin makes it simple for Administrators to be alerted when their Contributors’ posts are ready for approval. When an administrator publishes a post, the original author will receive an email notification so that they may view their article live on the site. 

These email notifications guarantee that postings do not remain idle while waiting for reviewers, who would otherwise have to manually monitor the WordPress admin for posts in the awaiting review state.


  • When a post is submitted for review, it sends an email to the administrator or editor. 
  • When a post is published on the site, it sends an email notification to the Contributor, All Users, Admins, and Editors. 
  • Email Headers That Are Unique 
  • Email Subject and Message Customization


  • May experience email problems once updated


  • Free

Get Post Status Notification

MB Frontend Submission

If you want to enable anybody to submit material to your site, the MB Frontend Submission plugin makes it simple. It allows users to submit material via a form on the front end. 

Simply include a shortcode into a post, page, or widget, and the form will appear in the correct location. Users may contribute material using a few controls, and they can choose whether the content is published instantly or saved as a draft.


  • Users benefit from this plugin since they don’t have to visit your site’s backend.
  • Users’ posts are gathered without requiring them to create an account.
  • There are countless methods to personalize your forms so that you can collect all of the information you want with minimal effort.


  • A significant quantity of anonymous visitors that have not yet registered on your site may limit users’ ability to publish content.


  • Unlimited sites – $49

Get MB Frontend Submission


Forminator multi-author blog plugin

Forminator is the most user-friendly drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. Use interactive quizzes, polls, and forms to bring your website to life. 

Forminator is a WordPress form builder plugin that may be totally customized. It’s the simplest method to make any type of form, including contact forms, feedback forms for gathering interactive polls, quizzes, service estimators, and registration forms with PayPal and Stripe payment choices.


  • Allows you to work with numbers. 
  • Make the submit button your own. 
  • Drag and drop custom forms create tough quizzes for your visitors.


  • For forms, the plugin loads a lot of unnecessary CSS.


  • Starter PLan costs $19 for 1 Site which includes $10/m Hosting Credit.
  • Pro Plan costs $49 for 3 Sites which includes $20/m Hosting Credit.
  • Agency Plan costs $79 for Unlimited Sites which includes $50/m Hosting Credit.

Get Forminator

User Submitted Posts 

Users Submitted Posts is often regarded as the best plugin for generating user-generated content. You may use a shortcode or a template tag to create a frontend form that allows users to upload photos and submit posts. The shortcode may be used in any widget, page, or post.

Post submissions can include post content, a URL, an author, a category, tags, a title, and a featured picture, among other things. The submission form has hidden fields, WP’s built-in rich text editor for post content, adjustable captcha, and input validation to prevent spam.


  • Set submitted posts to draft status and moderate them before publishing or publish them right away. 
  • A user dashboard allows users to manage and update all of their published content. 
  • Allow logged-in users to write articles and upload photos without having to visit your WordPress site’s admin dashboard or backend.


  • Multiple images are not supported 


  • User Submitted Posts Pro costs only $39 for one site

Get User Submitted Posts

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is a multi-author blog plugin that allows people to visit your website via the frontend. Everything is achievable by giving a Frontend Dashboard, whether it’s a form submission, content limitation, or registration form builder.

Users may simply create new articles and modify their profiles from the site’s interface, eliminating the need for users to access the backend admin panel. 

These operations are carried out by the editor or admin, who creates a drag-and-drop form that is available on the frontend once it has been published.


  • Customer service is friendly 
  • Provides a free plan with a number of sophisticated features. 
  • Exceptional characteristics list 
  • WordPress File Upload Plugins is the category leader.


  • Image upload is not that good
  • Needs clearer instructions


  • Personal Plan – $49 per year
  • Professional Plan – $89 per year
  • Business Plan – $159 per year

Get WP User Frontend

User Role Editor

User Role Editor multi-author blog plugin

The User Role Editor is a great place to start learning about permissions in the WordPress environment. This multi-author blog plugin will take care of permission management for you if you want to develop a better-structured platform with unique user permissions. Selecting a specific user group and changing individual permissions is all it takes.


  • Create new roles and assign them to them. 
  • Change the names of the jobs. 
  • Roles can have capabilities added to them. 


  • There are no grouped listings for all capabilities. It might be perplexing for non-tech knowledgeable individuals.


  • Pro Personal – $29 for a year of service with one installation. 
  • Pro Business — $79 for a one-year subscription with up to five installations. 
  • Pro Unlimited – $159 for a year, with no restriction on the number of installs.

Get User Role Editor

Co-author Plus

Co-author Plus multi-author blog plugin

Co-Authors Plus is a WordPress.com VIP plugin that makes it simple to add one or more bylines to a post. After activation, you’ll be able to immediately begin assigning numerous bylines. You may need to make some minor changes to your theme in order for those bylines to display on the site.


  • Without creating a WordPress user account, you may add writers as bylines. 
  • You can use its template tags on the frontend to list co-authors anywhere you’d typically list the author.
  • Easy to use.


  • May experience compatibility issues with custom taxonomy author


  • FREE

Get Co-Author Plus

What’s your favorite WordPress Multi-Author Blog Plugin?

For easier content posting, you can try Publishpress Revisions. You have full control for all the posts that will be posted to your website. 

If you want a more organized and easy managing of your website. Try choosing from these lists based on your needs. You can solve most of the issues that arise with having a multi-author blog by using these plugins.

Wrapping Up!

A multi-author blog may be a valuable contribution to the WordPress community by offering a variety of perspectives, subjects, ideas, and features. It may also be a wonderful method to generate revenue, build a fan following, and get users enthusiastic about your business, among other things. 

There are several methods to improve your workflow and better showcase and arrange the authors on your website. The relatively clumsy method of handling content from various authors can be simplified using the plugins listed above. 

Additionally, solutions that boost author profiles will benefit your site’s authors and visitors. It’s now a little easier to manage a multi-author blog or website. Good luck!

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