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11 Best WordPress Helpdesk Plugins to Transform How You Support Your Customers

Last Updated on January 12th, 2024

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If you want to build a customer service helpdesk for your website, this article will provide you with some WordPress help desk plugins. 

If you own a company, you already know that it’s vital to keep your customer base feeling looked after. And there is no better way to keep your customers happy than to provide them with a strong user support system on your website, no matter what form of online business you run.

By putting a dependable and competent help desk system in place on your website, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently answer all questions and assist users with any problems they may have.

We’ve compiled a list of both free and paid help desk support solutions that will work perfectly with your WordPress-powered website to help you achieve your customer service goals. Take a look!

Heroic Knowledge Base

heroic knowledge base

The Heroic KB plugin is a popular and feature-rich WordPress knowledge base plugin that’s simple to use. It enables you to integrate a searchable knowledge base into your current website, allowing your users to find answers to their questions quickly. In addition, it has a lightning-fast AJAX search function that provides real-time results. 

Content categorization, drag-and-drop content ordering, article attachments, view widgets, and more are all included in this powerful knowledge base plugin.

The plugin’s best feature is its built-in analytics and user feedback feature, which allows you to gather data to enhance your current documentation, minimize service costs, save time, and increase sales.


  • Heroic KB Essential – $129
  • Heroic KB Plus – $159
  • Heroic KB Pro- $399


  • Versioning and updates of articles are supported. 
  • Collect consumer reviews on articles, so you know what to change. 
  • The ability to create unlimited documents with article versioning is extremely useful. 
  • Excellent organizational features and real-time scan.


  • Some of the plugins on this list are more robust in terms of design than others. 
  • For others, the price tag will be unaffordable.

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Help Scout is a collection of customer service and WordPress support tools. More than 7,000 companies all over the world depend on it. It consists of three main components: a support desk, docs, and something called Beacon (an on-page helper that allows your visitors to get answers to their questions without leaving your site). 

Help Scout essentially provides what you’d expect from a customer service network. However, Help Scout’s key selling point is that they want to make every customer service encounter more personalized, and therefore more beneficial and enjoyable for both parties.

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  • Premium Plans starts a $20


  • Personalization and optimum individual success are well-suited to software. 
  • User approvals ensure that all staff and contractors can use the system without running afoul of the law. 
  • Apps are simple to incorporate into the software.


  • The distribution of features across subscription plans is a bit hazy. 
  • Customization of the dashboard is limited.

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Zendesk for WordPress


Zendesk is a customer relationship management software company that focuses on customer support. Its software is robust and adaptable, allowing it to scale to meet the needs of every company. 

This amazing plugin is the industry’s most popular customer service software. At any size, it increases consumer loyalty by 25% and agent efficiency by 30% on average. In addition, all of your customer experiences are managed through a single, dynamic interface that includes web widgets, pre-defined ticket responses, and comprehensive customer history. 

Moreover, it has a two-field contact form where your visitors can easily send a question or query. You can put this on the dashboard and only allow people with Zendesk accounts to open requests, or you can let everyone open a request regardless of whether or not they have a Zendesk account.


  • Suite Team – $49/month, billed annually
  • Suite Growth – $79/month, billed annually
  • Suite Professional – $99/month, billed annually


  • You can customize several aspects of each query and dashboard. Just as soon as you answer one question, another pops up! Explore allows you to fine-tune and tailor your data. 
  • Once you’ve created the big picture dashboards and reports, it’s pretty simple to dig down and get a list of all the support cases that go with them. 
  • Getting started is easy. You’ll have a decent starting point from which to customize further.


  • There is a lack of clarification on the filters that have been added. 
  • If you don’t know your way around data resources, it isn’t easy to use.

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Awesome Support Plus

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is the most feature-rich and flexible WordPress support plugin. It’s the only helpdesk and support ticketing plugin that can fit the feature set of a SAAS solution like Zendesk or Helpscout. 

In just five minutes, your customers will be using it! Simply answer a few pre-determined questions in the startup wizard after installing and activating the plugin, and your helpdesk will be ready for customers.

It has paid add-ons where you can expand the features. It includes a ticketing system, email alerts, limited access, and the ability to upload files and media. Custom fields allow you to expand the ticket forms by adding your fields.


  • Premium Plan -starts from $12.42 to $38 per month


  • Set terms and conditions for users to accept until they can request help tickets.
  • Assign different support agents to different tickets based on their areas of expertise. 
  • Supports e-commerce sites by allowing you to receive product-specific inquiries.


  • Full endpoint management system, which is currently in progress.

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Built on top of WordPress, bbPress is free, open-source forum software. It is a WordPress plugin that can be built on a WordPress-powered website. As a result, it is not clumsy and doesn’t consume much energy, unlike older forum applications. 

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This means that adding a forum to your WordPress site is simpler while also maintaining WordPress’s simplicity and extensibility. It can build multi-site forums, as well as customizable templates and spam prevention built-in. 

Since it is a plugin, bbPress makes adding a forum to a WordPress site easy. It is compatible with the majority of standard WordPress themes. Most common open-source software platforms are resource-intensive, and integrating them into a WordPress website is difficult. This is a dilemma that bbPress tackles. 

It’s light and easy to integrate into a WordPress theme. It was developed by the same people who created WordPress, so it adheres to the same minimalistic design principles. It’s also very extensible, allowing it to handle custom forums easily. 


  • FREE


  • It’s incredibly simple to get started. 
  • bbPress is extremely lightweight, and no one should accuse it of being bloated. 
  • Because of its success, it has a large library of third-party extensions. 
  • It’s backed by Automattic, so you can be sure it won’t go away.


  • Because it is lightweight, it isn’t as flexible as other plugins by design. 
  • The default styling appears to be a little dated and simple.

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Richpanel is a customer service and live chat app designed exclusively for Magento stores. Users may have discussions with multiple customers on a single thread and through multiple networks using the tool. 

On the dashboard, users can also see customer profiles, e-commerce reports, and timelines. The program ensures that support teams operate efficiently while providing prompt customer service, resulting in increased revenue and customer loyalty. Additionally, Richpanel offers Magento shop integrations. Support agents can access customer profiles in any interaction, track, and use e-commerce information within macros and responses until the software is linked.

Helpdesk analytics are offered to store owners. Performance of support agents, agent reviews, conversation numbers, customer segmentation, and robust e-commerce analytics are just a few of them.


  • Starter Plan – $50/month
  • Regular – $250/month
  • Self-service pro- $750/month


  • Richpanel provides a user-friendly and real-time chat messenger. Customers can view orders, contact support, and browse via FAQs using the messenger’s modern GUI. 
  • Customers can contact users via social media, email, or live chat on the app. This will allow users to keep track of their conversations in a single view pane. 
  • Alongside each conversation, the program displays customer profiles. Richpanel guarantees that agents can easily respond to all contexts to answer all customer inquiries.


  • They have not yet implemented the calling function due to a service provider problem in India.
  • You don’t get to own the IP because it’s a hosted site.

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk framework that provides efficient customer service solutions. Freshdesk unified communications through email, phone, web, chat, and social media, allowing you to address problems across platforms easily. You can also automate workflows, have easy self-service options, manage SLAs, and generate reports with Freshdesk.

The reporting dashboard is the main window, and it can be filtered by-products and working groups like product management or sales. For example, you can see the number of unresolved tickets, overdue tickets, tickets due today, total available tickets, tickets on hold, and unassigned tickets on the dashboard, among other metrics.

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Furthermore, you’ll also get a fast look at today’s patterns in the form of a clickable graph that allows you to drill down into specific metrics like average response time. Dashboard widgets include scorecards and bar charts and customer satisfaction reports, and trend data for SLA compliance. Where appropriate, each widget type may be personalized based on community, status, or category.


  • Premium Plan starts from $15 to $99 per month


  • The features of gamification are at the top of the list. 
  • Scenarios are a simple way to improve agent productivity. 
  • Smaller consumers can use the free tier to get a feel for the system over time.


  • Only the highest price rates have key features (team dashboards, chatbots, and social signals).

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WordPress Live Chat

wordpress livechat

WP Live Chat Support is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate live chat into your website. It integrates a user-friendly GUI right into your WordPress dashboard. There are no subscriptions needed since the free edition includes all of the functionality that other plugins charge for. All are hosted on your server, but you may choose to have it hosted on theirs to reduce the load on your website.


  • FREE


  • Countless chat officers. 
  • Supports 25+ languages and is compatible with localization plugins. 
  • Every chat has a customer satisfaction rating.


  • Integrations are restricted.
  • There will be no chatbots.

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WordPress Knowledge Base

WordPress Knowledge Base

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that can be used to create a variety of websites, including sophisticated knowledge bases. However, setting up WordPress’s knowledge base website takes some effort. 

This is a one-time solution, and you will not be charged every month. In addition, compared to other cloud-based knowledge base systems, WordPress knowledge base is a far more affordable choice.


  • FREE


  • Choose from thousands of WordPress themes to build your look. 
  • Articles, media, and categories are easier to handle. 
  • You have complete leverage over your knowledge base.


  • A lengthy setup procedure.
  • Maintenance problems with security.

Go to WordPress Knowledge Base

JivoChat Support

JivoChat Support

JivoChat is a software suite that employs creative and customizable mobile chat wizards to help increase user subscriptions, product purchases, and eyeballs on their content. Thanks to features like page view history, hotkeys, chat logs, and real-time visitor tracking, JivoChat offers companies limitless options when it comes to customer interaction. 

When it comes to purchasing JivoChat, budgets aren’t an issue because the company offers a flexible pricing scheme that ranges from a free package with limited features to a budget-friendly package with all the features that a professional might need.

JivoChat is provided as a SaaS, so there are no new software downloads or hardware installations needed. It is simple to integrate with any current IT infrastructure that a company might have. Businesses that do not want to make a purchase right away can take advantage of the 14-day free trial.


  • Basic version – FREE
  • Professional version – $13


  • Connect all of your contact channels and manage them all from one app. 
  • Real-time interaction with your clients will help you turn them into paying customers. 
  • As a team, manage your customers effectively with the in-app CRM or conveniently add your favorite CRM. 
  • Provide phone numbers to your guests via a live chat widget and/or add your phone number to Jivo to make and receive calls.


  • Customers are unable to provide answers to commonly asked questions due to a lack of resources. 
  • There is no program available in German.

Go to JivoChat Support

What’s your favorite WordPress Helpdesk Plugin?

And we’ve come to the end of our helpdesk WordPress plugins list. We recommend Awesome Support, a fantastic plugin. This is our first free plugin, and it’s the “only help desk and support ticketing plugin that can fit the feature set of a SAAS solution like Zendesk or Helpscout.” This plugin is extremely simple to install and use. 

All you have to do now is install, enable, and answer a few questions in the startup wizard. Then, you can build custom fields on your ticket forms using custom fields. There is also WooCommerce integration so that you can meet all of your eCommerce needs.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’ve seen some fantastic support system WordPress plugins, have you found one that meets your requirements? Again, there’s no need to rush into anything; instead, take your time to consider what you want to achieve with one of these plugins and which one has the features you require.

We are more than happy to assist you in case you have any problems or questions. Just shoot us a line or two! :)

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