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9 Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress to Improve Conversion Rates

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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Searching for a Countdown Timer plugin to integrate with your website? Integrating Countdown timer plugins is unquestionably an effective method of attracting clients. It may help generate a feeling of urgency among your consumers, making them feel compelled to make a choice right away. 

 It’s possible that you already have a WordPress website and are looking to generate buzz for a new product, event, or limited-time deal. In this post, I’ll show you some of the Best WordPress countdown timer plugins that you can easily integrate into your website.

What is a Countdown Timer Plugin?

A countdown timer is a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date or number to signal the end or start of a promotion or event. Previously only featured on landing sites, similar durations have recently made their way to checkout pages as well. 

A countdown timer’s main function is to generate a sense of urgency and convey the impression that “time is running out.” These are basic yet really useful elements to have on your website. Marketers frequently employ this technique. The countdown widget may be used to boost conversions and welcome more potential clients. These widgets may be used to gather consumers’ email addresses in the form of a countdown to an event. A significant advantage of this is that you can incorporate a timer into any WordPress theme.

Types of Countdown Timer

Standard Timer

Site-wide timers are what standard timers are. They’re also known as regular or worldwide countdown timers. It indicates that their time is the same regardless of when you access the website. Standard timers may be used to show the countdown to a certain date and time. It may be a date for an event, a webinar registration, or the debut of your website. 

A normal timer will not be affected by refreshing your browser and will continue to display the same date and time. 

You must disable the timer manually after the threshold has been achieved; otherwise, it will remain visible on your website.

Evergreen Timers

Evergreen timers are used in marketing to increase sales. Evergreen timers, unlike regular timers, are changeable and unique to each visitor. In essence, these timed counters instill a sense of urgency by presenting limited-time deals or special discounts for the next few minutes or hours. Set such counters for short periods of time only if necessary.

When Is A Countdown Timer Appropriate To Use?

In hectic sales seasons, countdown clocks are a wonderful method to optimize your marketing approach. Customers want to make sure they don’t miss out on the goods; thus, conveying urgency is an effective technique. Countdown clocks, on the other hand, are a great method to provide value to your consumers by providing them with important information about your online bargains.

Use countdown clocks to convey valuable notifications about your unique offerings during time-sensitive times. Where the visitor is considering making a purchase, such as product pages or checkout pages, countdown clocks are a natural addition to your site. 

It’s also a good idea to include a countdown timer in your basket abandonment emails to help conversions. Remind a consumer of the product they left behind while also pointing up that the price at which they viewed that goods may be about to expire. Customer retention is the key source of income for the majority of firms, according to research.

The Benefits of Using a WordPress Countdown Timer

Let’s look at the benefits of countdown clocks and why you should use one for your website.

  • This is a tried-and-true method of persuading customers to make snap judgments in your favor.
  • These plugins might help you promote your website by informing your visitors about your business while you’re still working on it. This will make people anxiously anticipate the debut of your website.
  • You may use a countdown plugin on your forthcoming website’s coming soon page to inform users about the launch and build anticipation. This will ensure that as soon as your website is up, it receives a huge volume of traffic.


OptinMonster wordpress countdown timer

If you want to make the whole procedure simple and safe, OptinMonster is one of the greatest platforms. It’s useful to think of the countdown timer as a widget. 

The advantage of using OptinMonster is that you won’t have to wait long for it to be fully set up. 

It is one of the most powerful lead-generating apps available, allowing you to attract a large number of visitors to your site while also increasing conversion rates. 

Furthermore, you may design powerful popup campaigns that precisely display to your chosen audience, and you can monitor the results.


  • There are a variety of pre-designed campaigns to select from, all of which are totally customizable. 
  • Offer hundreds of ready-to-use templates depending on various goals or kinds, such as downloading an eBook, purchasing a product, and customizing an alert message. 
  • Show campaigns on certain devices, sites, post kinds, or categories, and trigger them depending on exit intent, time on site, time on page, scroll depth, and whether they’ve seen it previously or not.


  • Few capable integrations
  • No end date/time for campaigns to automatically turn them off.


  • Basic Plan – $14 per month billed annually
  • Plus Plan – $30/mo per month billed annually
  • Pro Plan – $47 per month billed annually
  • Growth Plan – $80 per month billed annually

Get OptinMonster


SeedProd wordpress countdown timer

SeedProd is the greatest WordPress landing page builder. It has strong page modes that let you add a coming soon page, a maintenance mode page, and other features to your website. It includes a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to construct landing pages without touching a word of code. 

To make a personalized landing page, just drag and drop pre-made landing page elements like pictures, videos, buttons, contact forms, countdown clocks, and move into position. 

It also includes over 100 professionally designed landing page templates, allowing you to get up and running quickly. There are designs for sales pages, thank you pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, and much more in the template collection.


  • Its drag-and-drop constructor is simple to use. This makes creating professional-looking landing pages simple for anyone, even total amateurs. 
  • SeedProd has a library of over 100 professionally designed templates that you can use to quickly construct a landing page. 
  • It comes with pre-built landing page blocks.


  • Only for WordPress-powered websites 
  • The Free Version is limited.


  • Basic Plan – $39.50 per year
  • Pro Plan – $199.50 per year
  • Elite Bundle – $239.60 per year

Get SeedProd

Event Calendar

Event Calendar wordpress countdown timer

The Events Countdown widget is a useful little widget that lets you choose a published event from your calendar and display a clock that, as the name implies, counts down to the event’s start date. It’s a great way to create excitement for an event, and it fits in any sidebar.


  • At its heart, the design is minimalist, allowing you to add your own design. 
  • A good feature set, pretty much all you’ll ever need. 
  • Frequently updated


  • The premium package is pricey. 
  • Although the base design is simple, some users may find it difficult to add their own flair and may seem unfinished without it.


  • $25 for 6 months

Get Event Calendar

ZeGuten Blocks for Gutenberg

ZeGuten wordpress countdown timer

ZeGuten is a responsive and easy-to-customize countdown timer for WordPress. You may also customize the spacing, separators, and paddings for different PC, tablet, or smartphone platforms.

ZeGuten is a plugin for Gutenberg, the native WordPress block editor. Everyone, from novices to expert developers, may easily create content. With basic WordPress blocks, you can create animation effects, structure content, apply custom backdrops, and display publications like a pro.


  • You may use Gutenberg to offer the Medium Editing Experience. If you want a Medium editor, WordPress Gutenberg is the way to go. 
  • Everything in Gutenberg is organized into blocks. There’s a picture, a headline, a paragraph, a video, an audio clip, a blockquote, and so on. 
  • WordPress Gutenberg offers a developer-friendly solution.


  • Issues of Compatibility 
  • Problematic for plugins and themes when some shortcuts don’t work.


  • Regular License – $35

Get ZeGuten Blocks for Gutenberg


Powr wordpress countdown timer

POWR is the premier all-in-one countdown timer plugin for WordPress that can help you develop your business online. POWR plugins are meant to help you acquire more contacts and increase conversions, whether you’re blogging or selling.

This plugin assists you in increasing your contact collecting and conversion rate. The plugin is simple to set up and use on your site, requiring no coding. 

This plugin does not necessitate any code development. With only one installation, login, and editor, you may immediately have access to 60 plugins that are completely free. 

The Gutenberg editor makes it simple to use the plugin. At the same time, you have complete control over the styles, colors, size, and fonts. 

It also works with WordPress themes, Elementor themes, and WooCommerce, and it comes with free support.

Create a sense of urgency with a Countdown Timer for WordPress to increase purchases or signups. You can also create a countdown for an event or a countdown for each visitor to show them how long they have to take advantage of a deal. You may even add up to indicate how many other people have bought something, and so much more!


  • Allows you to customize the functionality of your pop-up. 
  • Have a large collection of plugins that are easy to customize and install to your site rapidly. 
  • offer a large library of plugins that are easy to customize and can be installed to your site fast


  • Pop-up design is lacking in new-age thought and implementation. 
  • The Pro edition is a little on the expensive side.


  •  $9 Per Month – Paid Yearly

Get Power

Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown 

Countdown Timer - wordpress countdown timer

In just a few minutes, you can add the Countdown Timer Widget Plugin to your website without having to perform any code. It may be used in articles and pages, as well as in sidebars as a widget. It has a lot of unique features, like the ability to run as many countdowns as you want at the same time. Additionally, you may enter a message that will be shown when the countdown hits zero. 

There are several pro versions of this plugin that come with a variety of customization options, allowing you to customize the timer to your heart’s content.


  • Fully responsive and compatible with all versions of WordPress 
  • The ability to construct an endless number of Timers
  • Before the time limit has passed, you will be able to enter your own message.


  • The free version lacks a customization option


  • Personal Plan – $13
  • Business plan – $27
  • Developer plan – $45

Get Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown 

Easy Timer

Easy Timer is a simple countdown timer for WordPress. It shows the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. When the timer runs out, you can expose a piece of information. 

You may use this countdown timer to add a countdown to posts, pages, or widgets. With Easy Timer’s count-up timer, you can also modify the format of the timer to indicate the amount of time that has passed since a specified date.

This is a very versatile events plugin since it gives you total control over how your calendar looks and how your clients interact with it. Not only that, but the Event Calendar WD customer service crew is responsive and knowledgeable about the product.


  • Each countdown timer shows the time remaining until the date you choose, and, if you want, reveals hidden content when this date is reached.
  • You may also set up an automated content update schedule.


  • Because it’s a countdown timer, customizing options are restricted.


  • FREE

Get Easy Timer

Coming Soon by Supsystic

Supsystic’s Coming Soon is a free WordPress coming soon page plugin. You may use a drag-and-drop coming soon builder to add a background picture to the page, alter the text and link color, add a personal message, and edit CSS. If enabled, the outputted coming soon page is fully responsive, and your ‘coming soon’ page will be mobile-friendly by default.


  • Professional templates will be available shortly. 
  • It’s compatible with any WordPress theme. 
  • Live preview of the Coming Soon page


  • It may slow down your website speed.


  • FREE

Get Coming Soon by Supsystic

Countdown Timer Ultimate 

Countdown Timer Ultimate

This is a straightforward widget that is also an excellent option if you want to build a standard countdown. You may make an endless number of timers for free and choose the background colors for days, hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the text look and whether each of these categories should be visible or hidden. 

You may also alter the width and color of the backdrop and revolving circle using the widget. It’s fantastic that you can personalize the timer to your liking.


  • Timer with several layouts and configurable color settings to match your website design
  • Different clock parameters 
  • Other design characteristics include a clock expiry event and other design elements.


  • The evergreen timer is not available with this plugin.


  • FREE
  • Pro version starts at $119

Get Countdown Timer Ultimate 

What’s your favorite WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin?

We believe that SeedProd is the best WordPress coming soon plugin. It’s yet another completely secure and effective way to create and show a countdown timer in WordPress. It’s especially beneficial while your site is under construction or is just getting started. 

It’s a fantastic plugin that will assist you in creating a clever and beautiful timer that will provide you with the finest results. This plugin also prompted you to include a number of other items in your timer.

Wrapping Up!

And that concludes our list of the best WordPress countdown timer plugins. Surely, you won’t go wrong with any of the plugins on our list because they all have unique features that assist drive sales and hype.

A mere tick of the clock may make all the difference and put you on the right track to success. You can improve the functioning of your website and build excitement among your visitors with very little work. 

We hope that our list of the Best WordPress countdown timer plugins was helpful and that you were able to select the perfect plugin for your site!

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