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Exploring the Power of Avada: 20 WordPress Websites Built with This Popular Theme

Last Updated on April 18th, 2023


Countless themes are being offered in the market and one of them is Avada Themes by ThemeFusion. If you are looking for a sophisticated theme for your WordPress site, then this might be the one you’re looking for. As Avada claims to be the #1 selling website builder for ThemeForest, these examples can help you decide by letting you see the theme “out in the wild”. You’ll also notice how these themes were chosen in our list with their flexibility and multipurpose factor. Without further ado, let’s just jump straight into our list of 25+ of the best Avada theme examples.


As a website owner, you may have come across Avada while looking for themes. Avada is a powerful website builder where you can create a modern yet efficient website. Whatever niche you are going for, Avada can provide different designs and templates you opt for. You don’t even need to be a professional coder to build the website of your dreams. As impressive it gets, here are the following takeaways you need to know before you get started.

In order for you to get this beautiful theme, you need to pay to use its powerful features. You can easily purchase Avada Theme at ThemeForest.

  • Regular License – $60 for 6 months + $18 to extend support up to 12 months
  • Extended License – $2950 for 6 months + $881.25 to extend support up to 12 months

Key Features

  • Integration with different popular plugins such as WooCommerce and Gravity Forms
  • Supports video as background and insets to your content
  • Drag and drop page builder tool
  • Variety of header layouts
  • Pre built templates for websites and page
  • Growing catalogue of elements you can use for your content
  • Publishing tools are also offered such as testimonials and portfolio
  • Different vertical navigation areas


  • Despite being a multipurpose website builder, it is surprisingly lightweight
  • WooCommerce advanced customization
  • Fully-responsive and powerful


  • Need a stable server to host
  • Limited to 1 license per website
  • Can be complex for beginners

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25 Websites Using the Avada Theme

To make this helpful for as many people as possible, we’ll try to select Avada examples from a range of niches, including both big and small sites. We can guarantee that all of these websites are using the Avada theme.

Russell Brand

The quirky comedian Russell Brand uses Avada to power his personal site. It’s got a neat one-page design and uses a hamburger-style menu even for desktop visitors.

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Microsoft Visual Studio

This is a cool one! Microsoft actually uses the Avada theme for its Visual Studio subdomain. This is probably one of the biggest brands using Avada that you’ll find! Very neat that one of the world’s biggest tech companies is using WordPress and this theme.

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Hanna Sles Translator

Let’s take things a little smaller now – Hanna Sles is an English to Russian translator who uses Avada to power her portfolio site.

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Yellow Marine Consultancy

Yellow Marine Consultancy is another good example of a brochure site built with Avada. Again, there’s nothing too crazy about the design. All it does is communicate relevant information and look pretty good doing it!

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King Harbor Wealth Management

King Harbor Wealth Management or also known as KHWM is a wealth management service that uses Avada for its business site. This one is pretty simple – but it gets the job done.

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Nomaddict is a travel planning service, as well as one of my favorite Avada examples. We love the effect on the headline text (you can’t see this in the screenshot – you have to actually go to the site to experience it). We also love how they’ve integrated the old-timey map into the background.

All in all, a really cool implementation of Avada!

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Jack Whitehall

You may have seen Jack Whitehall on Netflix’s Travels With My Father show. If not, you’ve now seen him on this list of Avada theme examples because Jack uses the theme to power his portfolio site.

Like Russell Brand, it uses a hamburger menu even on the desktop version. Must be really a comedian thing, perhaps?

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University of Hawaii Maui College

University of Hawaii’s Maui branch uses Avada to power its main site. The design looks great, and we especially love the video background (again – you can’t see this in the screenshot – you’ll need to head to the site to see it in action).

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Mass Impression

Mass Impression is a “digital entertainment agency” that’s worked with Jack Whitehall, Russell Brand, Netflix, and others.

Like two of their clients, they also use Avada for their website, along with a hamburger menu. We can obviously see where Jack and Russell’s sites got it!

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Manny And Me

Manny And Me is a London-based agency specializing in both nannies and the eponymous mannies (that’s a new term to me).

The subject matter is unique and the yellow design looks great, too!

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Cheyenne Contracting

Along with the angled uppercase headline, the images on Cheyenne Contracting’s site are what really make it. This is another simple brochure site powered by Avada.

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We first encountered SnackNation from their case study on Brian Dean’s Backlinko. Little did we know that SnackNation would come back into my life as one of these Avada examples!

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RankPay is a popular performance-based SEO service who also happens to use Avada to power their brochure site.

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Local Life Agents

Local Life Agents is a life insurance agency with a clean, slick-looking design powered by Avada. There’s nothing super crazy – it’s just a good solid website. You can hover over the Insurance menu item to see a nice big mega menu, though.

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After the Harvest

If you’re into volunteering and advocacy, take a look with this one. After the Harvest is “healthy food for hungry people” in Kansas City. It’s got a big bold header as well as lots of space to keep people updated with the project.

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Dan Law

No – this is not a website for a lawyer. Rather, Dan Law is an artist, and he uses a nice clean Avada-powered site to showcase all of his work.

The top of his homepage is basically all images – but if you scroll down, there’s some neat stuff going on.

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If you want a simple and clean blog, you can do it too! GraphicTwister.com offers free and premium graphic resources, all powered by Avada. Now, the blog looks more professional and appealing. 

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KBSS Engineering

If you want to spread to the world what the industry has to offer, you are free to do so. KBSS Engineering is a specialized engineering firm working in oil and gas, as well as renewable energy (it can be any type of energy, really).

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Red BAG Media

Red BAG Media is a Philadelphia-based graphics and branding agency. They’ve got a nice clean design, along with that hamburger menu that so many of these Avada examples seem to love.

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Look Before You Book Tours

Look Before You Book Tours helps companies create virtual tours or aerial cinematography. We always love when businesses have these. So we fully support Look Before You Book Tours’ work!

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And that wraps up our Avada showcase! Did these examples convince you to make the jump?


There are certain aspects in website creation that you need to consider. One of them is beautiful and interactive visuals in order to gain traffic for the business. Visuals are important as this is what the site visitors see first when they first land on your website. A lot of themes are available in the market.

By having Avada on our article, you certainly have the feel and vibe you’re opting for your website. We hope that the above examples helped you find the theme for your dream website. Any other examples you think deserve to be on this list? Share them in the comments so that other people can go check ’em out!

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