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34SP.com Review – Fast, Secure and Managed WordPress Hosting

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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Today, I’ll be reviewing yet another WordPress hosting provider which has been in this business since the year 2000. 34SP.com, as the name goes, is a UK based web hosting company which got started with the prime focus of bridging the gap between sophisticated hosting solutions and affordable prices.

They offer a range of different hosting plans, but we will be looking mostly at their Managed WordPress Hosting Package. 34SP.com seems to be one of the top-rated UK-based managed WordPress hosting platforms with compelling services, secure website transactions, and best business practices. Their managed WordPress hosting plan is built from the scratch which offers fast, secure, and managed WordPress websites.

34SP’s managed WordPress hosting is capable enough to handle the data of up to 3 websites without affecting the speed. The complete infrastructure is tailored towards supporting unlimited page views which cannot attribute to most of the managed hosting providers. So, in a fixed amount you can handle the website traffic with great ease. Regarding scalability, 34SP.com has also proved its worth. You can easily upgrade your RAM, processing power, and disk space by 50% in just £7.00 which is paid as an additional amount every month.

These were the major highlights about this hosting company. Let’s dive in to take a look at its features.

34SP.com Hosting Main Features

With a rich feature-set, 34SP.com helps developers, entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world to bring their WordPress websites live on the internet with certain prominent features.

Performance Parameters

In terms of performance, the hosting stack is built to deliver fast WordPress hosting experience w.r.t speed, caching and has SSD storage. Each WordPress container is fully powered with PHP 5.6, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Nginx Fast-CGI ngx_pagespeed, MySQL 5.6, MariaDB, phpMyAdmin, Memcached, etc. All these features aim to consume least resources and perform with maximum efficiency.

performance of 34SP hosting

Speed is one of the prime focus both in the case of page load time or caching page requests and DB. All the components mentioned above help maintain a quick response time of your WordPress blog. Add to that the SSD storage further enhances the overall performance.

Hard Core Security

Ensuring website security is one of the top priorities of a web hosting company, and 34SP.com is fully equipped in this matter. The team takes care of the security vulnerabilities, so you have peace of mind. Their security suite starts functioning the moment you create an account. It begins with the installation of the latest WordPress version followed by a series of security steps; hence providing a layered defense for your account against many odds.

developer tools

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They also offer a set of 34SP.com Dev tools with which they monitor the update process of the WordPress core and plugins. To ensure that your website is secure from every aspect, 34SP.com also runs daily updates on your base container. This removes any security breaches; you may have accidently stumbled upon. Also, there are regular backups of your entire account: your files, your database, plugins, themes, settings, etc.

Developer Friendly

The managed WordPress hosting by 34SP.com suits the needs of both a beginner and a professional developer.  Dev tools like Git and WP-CLI come pre-installed for each container. Users can directly interact with their account from the command line through SSH.

34SP Tools

Add to this a one-click staging environment with push and pull from the production site. It’s one heck of a deal. With this staging site, you can implement any changes before pushing them to your live production site.

mercury email in 34SP

The hosting package also includes an efficient Mercury Email platform supporting different email formats like IMAP, POP, and SMTP. These help to maintain a clean interface for your mailboxes, contacts, etc.

Knowledge Base & Support

At 34SP.com you get to interact with an excellent support team who are there to guide you through all the complexities and queries. The role of the support team is to ensure performance, speed, security and reliability. They also offer a free migration process if you’re opting for the managed WordPress hosting by 34SP.com.

34SP has employed folks like Tim Nash (WordPress Platform Lead), to help make their WordPress platform better. Which by the way is an excellent compliment towards their right approach.  A massive advantage to 34SP is that the support staff is very helpful, both on the phone and via email. Talking to someone on the phone is just great and very much reassuring.

34SP.com support


The managed WordPress hosting plan by 34SP.com is available at quite an affordable rate starting from £14.95 per month. In such a minimal price, you can enjoy all the features which I’ve mentioned above for three live WordPress based websites.

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pricing of 34SP

Let’s now talk about some technical stuff which is included in the interface of its control panel.

Hosting Control Panel

Did I mention that 34SP has a custom control panel? Yes! It does. When you login to your hosting account at 34SP.com, you are directed to their custom control panel similar to the cPanel (Control Panel) but slick and to the point. It includes different sections like Manage Sites, Billing, My Support, etc.

cPanel of 34SP.com

Here, you find all the useful information regarding your account. The configuration settings are neatly stacked in different blocks which provides a user friendly experience.

Managed sites in 34SP

You can manage a lot about your website through this panel. Access phpMyAdmin, lock up the SFTP, create new SFTP/SSH users, create custom email addresses or configure DNS with Google Apps, add a CDN, or create a staging site. In Advanced options you can add free of cost SSL cert by Let’s Encrypt or install a custom one, you can take snapshots of your site, manage cron jobs or create domain aliases. All of that, in a single to the point, slick control panel.

A Few Suggestions

If you are a newbie or a WordPress expert who’s looking for performance, then 34Sp.com is a great place to get started with your blog, website, or your next business idea. Shifting your website to their managed hosting plan would mean fast and secure websites with an instant support all the time. You can even ask their support staff to migrate your sites for you. I found the hosting pretty competitive with a modern stack and all but I have a few suggestions for areas which can be improved

  • The possibility of registering without a domain name and accessing your stack with IP or a placeholder domain name.
  • In My Support section, the search bar for Knowledge base doesn’t work; it only works when you click the knowledge base card. Probably a quick fix.
  • There must be me more pricing options. Having just one container puts a bit of restraint for folks who want to host 10 or 20 WordPress sites.


The managed WordPress Hosting by 34SP.com seems pretty stable, supported by real WordPress professionals and community members. They’ve been a part of the hosting business since quite long which is a clear indication of its customer base especially when it comes to the hosting companies in the UK.

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