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RentalHive – Multi-Vendor Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

RentalHive is a lightweight yet highly functional multi-vendor booking WordPress theme that is specifically designed for building rental booking platforms like Airbnb or with WordPress. It is powered by HivePress, a multipurpose WordPress plugin that is suitable for creating marketplaces or directory websites of any type.

RentalHive already includes all the essential rental marketplace features that allow you to build the same marketplace, as you see on the demo site, without a need to buy anything extra. Some of the noteworthy features include a booking system, powerful search filters, messages, reviews, etc.

The theme grants you full control over listing categories, listing fields, and search filters. Meaning that there are no hardcoded fields, and you can easily create your custom ones. Additionally, RentalHive is extensible by design, so you can use any of the 15+ add-ons to enhance your vacation rental platform with additional features.

With RentalHive, website owners have several options to make money. For example, you can use the “marketplace monetization model” and take a cut from each transaction made through the platform. Also, it’s possible to create listing packages and charge hosts for listing their properties on a website as well as promote those listings for an extra fee.

The theme license includes 12 months of prompt and quality support from its developers, fellows who know all the nitty-gritty elements of RentalHive. Also, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a growing community of 4000+ website owners who use HivePress themes for their projects and share their experiences on the community forum.

In a nutshell, RentalHive is a killer option if you are looking to build a multi-vendor booking platform like Airbnb with WordPress. It already includes all the essential features and doesn’t require any code changes to get your website up and running.

Key Features

  • Booking System – The theme already goes with a complete booking system that allows hosts to set up bookings, accept requests, use a calendar, block and unblock dates, etc. Also, there is an option to enable “Time Slots” to allow time-based bookings.
  • Commissions & Payouts – Charge a commission on every successful payment and allow hosts to request payouts.
  • Location Search – Integrate your rental marketplace with Google Maps to allow searching properties by location.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Allow users to leave reviews about places they visited and rate them.
  • Messages – Allow users to communicate with each other and send attachments via messages.
  • Favorites – Allow website visitors to create lists of favorite places to book them again later.
  • Paid Listings – Charge hosts for listing and featuring properties.
  • Social Login – Allow users to sign in via third-party services like Facebook or Google.
  • Gutenberg Integration – Іntegrated with the native WordPress page builder.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Іntegrated with WooCommerce, the most widely-used eCommerce plugin.
  • 1-Click Demo Import – Get the same layout as on the demo website with just 1 click.
  • Trusted by 4,000+ Websites – Powered by HivePress, a marketplace plugin with 4,000+ active installations.
  • Extensible by Design – Enhance your website with any of the 15+ HivePress add-ons.
  • Supported by Developers – There is direct support from RentalHive developers via email and the support forum.