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WP Webhooks

WP Webhooks allows you to create powerful WordPress automation workflows to eliminate manual work and focus on what’s really important to your business. You can also create direct webhook connections to send data from your website to external services, as well as receive data to your WordPress website, e.g. to create a post for a custom post type or a WordPress user.

Key Features

  • Triggers: Create direct webhook connections once a specific event is triggered within your WordPress website.
  • Actions: Send data from an external service to execute predefined or custom actions within your WordPress website.
  • Flows (Main feature): Create a combination of actions that are instantly executed in a consecutive order based on specific events.

All of these features are also visually explained on our landing page at

There are other features worth mentioning:

  • Integrations: This contains a list of all third-party triggers that extend the functionality of WP Webhooks
  • Security: We do also offer various ways to integrate with security features via our authentication templates, whitelisting, access tokens, and feature control
  • Data Mapping: This allows you to manipulate all the incoming and outgoing data to adjust it to the needs of the opposite endpoint.

If you want to see a list of available features, you can check out here.