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WP Reset – Faster Development & Debugging for WordPress

Debugging WordPress plugins and themes is hard, time-consuming and often frustrating. It can take hours to reproduce, find and fix even the smallest bug. Make your life easier and less frustrating with the right WordPress tools to develop, test and debug WordPress plugins and themes.

Meet WP Reset – a plugin made by developers for developers! No bloat, no fluff, no paid-for version. Just the tools we know you need to get the job done without pulling your hair out. WP Reset focuses on resetting, cleaning and setting up the WordPress environment to ease testing and debugging in challenging environments. When you’re testing a plugin’s compatibility with multiple other plugins, WP Reset helps reset the WordPress environment in one click. That enables you to check various activation procedures over and over in a rapid manner. You can choose to reset the whole installation or revert just a portion of the site to default settings.

Key Features

  • made by developers for developers
  • no paid-for version; 100% open-source
  • multiple fail-safe mechanisms so you never accidentally lose data
  • a tried & tested tool with over 60,000 users
  • one click full site reset
  • partial database reset
  • post-reset setup
  • reset plugins or themes
  • tools for cleaning posts, options, transients, custom tables, and WP media
  • full WP-CLI support – run any command in WP-CLI
  • database snapshots – coming soon
  • database diff viewer – coming soon
  • continuously improved and maintained
  • fully supported by its developers

Try WP Reset today and speed up your WordPress development with the right tools!