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WP Htaccess Editor

Editing the htaccess file via FTP is messy! You have to find the file, download it, edit, then upload and test. No automatic backups are made, and if you make a mistake, your site will be dead. You’ll get an error 500 or the white screen of death. WP Htaccess Editor fixes all of those problems! No messing with FTP – edit your htaccess file directly from the WordPress admin. Backups are made automatically, and htaccess checked for errors before saving. No more white screen of death. Next time you need to edit htaccess – install the WP Htaccess Editor.

Key Features

  • no messing with FTP – edit htaccess file directly from WordPress admin
  • automatic backups – if you make a mistake, we have your back
  • white-screen protection – you get warned about errors before the file is saved
  • super simple – this plugin does one job only, and it does it well
  • pro support – developers who made the plugin are available to you
  • tried & tested – used by more than 50,000 sites; it just works!
  • syntax highlighter – color-coding as you type, to avoid mistakes
  • 100% free – just install and use