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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This plugin has a lot of features that will help you monetize your website and also earn money from Amazon Affiliation. Let’s me show you what this plugin can do. For starters, let’s talk about the Insane Import Mode. How does it work? It allows you to search for products that are on Amazon, and import them in 3 different ways: by filtering amazon products by keyword, grab ASIN codes straight from Amazon, like bestsellers and top rated products, or CSV import (if you already have a list).

So, how long does it take to import a product? Less than 1 second. Yeah, you heard that right.

You can also do some fine tuning before importing products. Edit the number of images, variations, categories and attributes. You will also get a score from A to D, A being the best, that will estimate how fast your website will load after you import the products. If you get a D, don’t worry! Using the Speed Optimization module, you can optimize the products after you have imported them!

Another neat thing that you can do with WZone is check out if a product is available on multiple Amazon websites. This is activated by default so you can simply add in your Affiliate ID for those Amazon websites. That way, your customers will know for sure if, for example, a product is available in UK and Canada as well.

If you feel a bit courageous, you can use the feature for auto importing products. You just need to set a keyword, category, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to the Queue. If you don’t want to use too much of your servers resources, you can use the Amazon remote images feature. This means that you get the products’ images straight from the Amazon’s CDN.

Let’s move on to the WZone Report. This is a module that helps you keep track of the products imported from Amazon and shows various details. The best part about it? You can set it up to receive reports via e-mail. The synchronization module helps you have your products synced automatically without any effort from your side. If products prices change on Amazon, they will be updated automatically on your site as well. You can also sync the Title, Description, Reviews and so on.

Importing products with variations would be difficult. Luckily, there’s a feature for that as well. And everything’s done automatically. You simply import the product into your shop and the variations are imported as well.

Now Let’s talk about duplicated content. Nobody likes it. Especially Google. And this is why the plugin comes with an automated content spinner. In this way, you can have unique content with minimal efforts. You know what would be awesome? If you could add products in your posts. Oh, wait. You can do that with WZone. While writing a post, click on the amazon shortcode, choose your product and add it in the post effortlessly.

What I really like a lot about WZone is that you can check stats for the products you add in your shop. This is a good way to figure out which are the best performing products so you can focus on them and similar ones. Also, there are two ways you can handle the checkout. You can either have a direct checkout that sends the visitors directly to Amazon, or you can enable the on-site cart that allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon. That means that you’ll get multiple commissions at once.

You can also make sure that a product gets more sales by enabling coupons or reviews from Amazon. Even if the visitor doesn’t buy right away, your commissions are safe. The tracking cookie follows the user for 90 days, ensuring that you’ll get your commissions if he or she buys in this time frame.
Has it ever happened to you to add a product in the cart and see on the checkout page that it has certain shipping costs? WZone saves your users from this annoying situation. If you wish, it can display the shipping availability straight on the product page.

Ok, so at this point you have all these features that make you think you are ready for a steady affiliate income. What could you do to increase it? Well, cross selling, of course. Enable the cross-selling option and the number of products that you want to show and you’re set to go.

Let’s not forget about Wizzy, the Setup Wizard. This wizard will help you setup the plugin in no time. If you don’t know for sure what to setup, don’t worry, at the beginning there are 3 basic questions that will offer you some predefined settings.

One other thing worth mentioning is the Server Status module, which shows active modules as well as lots of other useful information. For example, it can show you if you are missing something that WZone requires.

Key Features

Insane Import Mode – It allows you to search for products that are on Amazon, and import them in 3 different ways: by filtering amazon products by keyword, grab ASIN codes straight from Amazon, like bestsellers and top rated products, or CSV import (if you already have a list).

Auto Import Amazon Products – This module helps you to import products automatically. Just set up a keyword, how many pages to import and just add it to the Products Queue.

WZone Direct Import – WZone 10.0.0 comes with a game-changing feature!
The possibility to Direct Import Products straight from Amazon into your website without the necessity of having product advertising API keys!

Keep Amazon Products Synchronized – Using the synchronization module you can synchronize products and also keep track if the Amazon products were synced, and when they were synced. There are 2 ways to keep Amazon Products Synchronized: Frontend Synchronization or WP Cron Synchronization

Amazon Automatic Content Spinner – Excellent On Page Optimization for Amazon Products