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We’ve designed the UNLOQ Two Factor Authentication Plugin so that anyone can install, configure and use it in a matter of seconds. We protect WordPress user accounts from credential-related risks while providing a customised authentication experience.

Some of the features included in our plugin are:

  • 60 seconds setup
  • Multiple login options
  • Fully customisable
  • Replaces the WP login and registration
  • Custom login URL
  • Shortcodes feature

Two factor authentication protects you from password re-use, phishing and keylogger attacks. We are aware that the average user finds two factor authentication daunting, which is why we are leaving it up to you to choose the preferred authentication type.

You are now able to pick from:

  • Password only authentication
  • UNLOQ only
  • Password and UNLOQ as second factor

When deciding to use UNLOQ as a sole or secondary login, you can choose from the following passwordless authentication methods:

  • Push notification
  • Time based one time password (TOTP)
  • Email

No connection on your phone? We’ve got you covered. Click the menu button on the bottom right corner of the widget to see the other login options the application allows. Depending on your settings, these might come either as time based one time password (you’ll find the code by tapping on the desired application in the UNLOQ mobile app) or e-mail login. In case of a stolen phone you can deactivate your device at any moment, to protect your data.

We believe it’s about your application & your users. Make the authentication system your own: personalise the appearance of the login page and mobile app by adding your own background, website logo and colors.

Take the first step towards increasing the security of your WP website! For a step by step installation guide and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit us at