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ThirstyAffiliates is the tool of choice when it comes to monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing.

Its primary job is an affiliate link cloaker but it also makes managing your affiliate links as simple as it should be:

  1. Install and activate ThirstyAffiliates
  2. Add your first affiliate link under ThirstyAffiliates->Add New
  3. Enter a name (for your reference) & a destination URL (your affiliate link as provided by the affiliate program).
  4. ThirstyAffiliates creates a new cloaked URL, turning your long, ugly affiliate link into something visitors will remember
  5. Inserting your links into your blog posts is as easy as selecting the text, hitting the TA button on the editor and searching for it by name

It’s a simple tool that makes a complex job easy.
Use ThirstyAffiliates if you want:

Simplicity & Power

There are no complex setups, everything is ready to go straight out of the package. But there is a whole host of tweakable settings if you want to adjust.

Better Link Management

Group your links into categories, place links in your blog posts easily as you write. ThirstyAffiliates gives you one place to manage all your links.

Safe Redirects & Smart Uncloaking

ThirstyAffiliates supports a number of safe redirect options.
There’s also an uncloaking feature which makes ThirstyAffiliates the only plugin that is 100% compatible with programs such as Amazon Associates.


Click tracking comes as standard, even with the free plugin.

Pro Version Upgrade

A PRO add-on is available for advanced users that bolts on extra functionality. If you’re a blogger looking to automate your affiliate marketing and grow your income this is for you.

  • Automatic Keyword Linking
  • Advanced Reports
  • Geolocated links
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Amazon API import
  • HTAccess Redirects
  • Link Event Notifications
  • Automatic Link Health Checker
  • and much more…

Click through to view all the features and start using ThirstyAffiliates on your blog.