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A shortcode based WordPress account form builder that makes building custom login, registration, password reset, edit profile forms as well as front-end user profile display stupidly simple.


Craft beautiful & functional forms using our expressive shortcode tags  without a single line of PHP.

Key Features

  • Unlimited front-end login forms.
  • Unlimited front-end registration forms.
  • Unlimited front-end password reset forms.
  • Unlimited front-end edit-profile forms.
  • Unlimited front-end user profile.
  • Unlimited Custom Fields.
  • Built-in user moderation.
  • One-click sidebar widgets creation.
  • Social login: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub.
  • One-time passwordless login
  • Custom redirection after login and registration.
  • BuddyPress and BbPress integrations.
  • Welcome message to newly registered users.
  • Customize-able password reset mail.
  • Users login with username or email address.