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Poor Man’s WordPress SEO

Poor Man’s WordPress SEO is an all-in-one solution for your WordPress SEO needs.

I was looking for a WordPress SEO plugin to take care of optimization of my new site. After flipping trough the rich field of different kind of plugins I was annoyed by a single thing… the oldest and most powerful plugins there all require an annual subscription. So I decided to code my own SEO plugin and this is how Poor Man’s WordPress SEO was born!

The plugin automatizes everything that needs to be done in frequent basis, such as updating your site’s sitemap and pinging Google and Bing about updates on your content. There is a flexible way to control the search-engine critical meta data of your posts either by mass configuration or post by post. Social media tags are taken care of to make your content look great in Facebook and Google+.

There are a great bunch of important features. The not so critical ones include lots of nice-to-have, e.g. automatic fixing of markup validation errors on your site.

Poor Man’s WordPress SEO works nicely in conjunction with majority of themes and popular plugins such as WooCommerce.

Simply put with Poor Man’s WordPress SEO search engines find your content more easily, index your content faster, and give your site a better ranking.

I’m offering all of this for a single $10 price. It seriously won’t hurt your wallet!

Key Features

  • Displays SEO status on dashboard
  • Gives tips for content optimization
  • Creates sitemaps and notifies search-engines
  • Adds improved support for social media
  • Supports wide range of addons and custom post types