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PhotoBlocks WordPress Gallery

PhotoBlocks is maybe one of the best WordPress galleries plugin. Its use is intended both for inexperienced and expert users. In less than a minute you’re ready to go, whether you’re a photographer or a designer.

You can mix horizontal and vertical images in the same gallery and span them over multiple rows or columns. Each image can also be linked to a custom URL.

Its unique features like Text blocks and the drag and drop tool makes PhotoBlocks extremely easy to use and versatile. Text blocks are special container where you can put some text, even without an images. That makes this plugin almost a visual builder for WordPress.

One of the most appreciated feature is filtering. That is, you can create, for each gallery, a set of filters and assign them to the images. Each image may have even more than one filter.

PhotoBlocks includes the full-featured lightbox FancyBox which permits social sharing, hover effect, loading effect, thumbnails and an optional image download.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Filterable galleries
  • Hover effects on images
  • Automatic galleries from posts and custom taxonomy
  • Pixel-perfect grids, justified borders