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Joy Of Text

The Joy of Text (or JOT) WordPress SMS plugin provides a great way of connecting with your customers, blog subscribers or club members. This plugin uses the excellent Twilio service,  to send SMS,  MMS and voice messages to a group or to individuals.


Key Features

  • Allows SMS, MMS, text-to-voice or audio file messages to be sent a group or individuals.
  • Receives inbound SMS messages.
  • Allows multiple subscriber groups to be created, into which subscriber details, such as name,  phone number, email address, address can be added.
  • Allows a wide range of merge tags, such as  %firstname% and %lastname% to be included into your messages, providing more personalised messages.
  • Create one or more subscription forms, using Gravity Forms or the built-in JOT forms , allowing website visitors to subscribe to SMS updates.
  • Automatically sends out a ‘welcome’ SMS message to new group subscribers, a great way to distribute your new media or apps.
  • Routes inbound SMS messages to another cell phone number or email address.
  • Allows “opt-out” keywords to be specified, allowing subscribers to opt-out of receiving SMS messages from individual or all groups.
  • Shows the history of all successfully sent and received messages.
  • Shows an Android/iPhone-like “threaded” view of messages sent and received from an individual member’s cell number.
  • Provides commands that can be issued from an administrator’s cell phone, allowing group details to be retrieved and messages to be sent to groups remotely, without logging into the WordPress dashboard.
  • Support for Twilio’s new Sender ID capability on SMS and MMS messages. This replaces your Twilio number with some text, such as your company name, allowing you to add branding to your text messages. (Not supported by Twilio in the US).
  • Integration with WooCommerce, allowing your Woo customers to synchronised with a Joy Of Text group, so you can send them messages.
  • Includes an admin and user role and new capabilities for WordPress Multisite users or for making the plugin available to non-admin users.
  • Allows a subscription keyword to be specified for each group. People can text the keyword to your Twilio number to be subscribed to the group.
  • Twilio number verification and country codes – new numbers entered will be verified by Twilio, to ensure the number is valid.
  • Provides a “bulk import” facility, allowing your existing customer’s or member’s details to be imported into the JOT plugin.
  • Allows selection of all media types for MMS messages. Allowing all of the media file types that Twilio supports to be sent in MMS messages.
  • Support for WordPress multisite networks and cross network activation of the plugin.
  • Automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard and a licence key.
  • Support for the message scheduler and post notificaton extension plugins.