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Elementor is a leading visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin. Here, visual indicates the design, which looks the same when you or your visitors view it. The drag-and-drop functionality lets you move buttons, images, or forms on your web page as needed.

Key Features of Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Template Library: The plugin provides an extensive library of templates available in two formats: pages and blocks. Firstly, pages are full-page designs that anyone can modify as needed. Secondly, blocks are basically sections instead of entire pages. 

Responsive Design: The plugin provides highly responsive designs. It means all the designs work well on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It even offers advanced options to increase responsiveness on the pages.

Design & Style Options: It offers some of the best design and styling options. For instance, it lets you change the color, typography, spacing, etc., without any hustle.

Inline Text Editing: It allows editing the text on the page in real-time without needing to use any pop-ups on the page.

Undo/Redo and Revision History: It provides an option to undo or redo any changes you make on the store. In addition, it consists of a built-in revision history, where you can view all the changes you have made, move back or forth, or go to the previous version.

Extensive Library of Widgets: The plugin offers a wide range of widgets, which you can utilize to integrate various elements on your web page.

Theme Builder: The pro version of the plugin offers a theme builder, which you can utilize to create a customized theme for your website.

Popup Builder: It allows you to create custom popups for your website. These popups could be anything, such as contact forms, login forms, announcements, etc.

WooCommerce Builder: With the help of the WooCommerce builder, you can create your own WooCommerce store efficiently.