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Clearout Email Validator

Clearout Email verification plugin seamlessly integrates with all major forms to validate the email addresses in real-time. The plugin performs 20ne+ refined real-time validation checks to determine the current status of the email address. The validation will ensure the email address capture process to:

* Accept only valid email addresses
* Accept business/work email address only
* Prevent all fraudulent signups from temporary/disposable/throw away email addresses
* Block free email address provider like / /, in case you want to
* Remind genuine users of their email if there are some typos.

This plugin requires an API token that can be obtained by creating a ‘Server’ App from the Apps menu. Login into Clearout Account -> Click on ‘Apps’–> Click on ‘+ Create App’–> Choose ‘Server’ -> Provide the required details–>Click on Create and the API token will be generated.

Key Features:

  • Fastest Real-time Validation
  • Guaranteed Deliverability (Safe to send)
  • Accurate Email Validation
  • High Precision Advanced Catch-all Resolver
  • Seamless API Integration
  • Anywhere on Any Device
  • Block Disposable Email
  • Support Domain Blacklisting
  • Block Role Email
  • Team Account Feature