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Buttonizer – Smart Floating Action Button

The Buttonizer is a smart conversion-targeted button that will make your website more efficient. From making a simple call button, to a navigation button to open Facebook messenger. The Buttonizer is a new way to give a boost to your number of interactions, actions and conversions from your website visitor by adding one or multiple Customizable Smart Multifunctional Floating Button in the corner of your website.

With the Buttonizer it’s possible to add buttons to a select number of pages with “page rules”, decide for each button if it shows on mobile and/or desktop, style your button with your own icons & colors, add social sharing buttons, Show the button on opening hours and make use of many more rules.

And the beauty of all: All actions are hidden in one button. The moment a visitor clicks on your Floating Action Button it will pop all specific buttons you’ve set for that page. Track each single button in Google Analytics so you can see which actions your visitors prefer.

Key Features

  • Actions – Add Special Click actions to your floating action buttons like Whats-App chat, Click-to-call, Social Sharing, Open Facebook Messenger and many more
  • Filters – Create Filters to show your buttons on the right places. Page Rules – Show on a specific device, show on opening hours and many more
  • Triggers – Choose when and how your buttons are triggered based on your webvisitors behaviour, like scroll depth and set animations and motions.
  • Styling – Add your own image as background, implement different colors, choose between more then 200 icons
  • Insights – Auto event tracking with Google Analytics > Track the click of each button.