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BuddyPress Job Manager

BuddyPress Job Manager: This BuddyPress Extension is for adding Job Manager to user profile ( for BuddyPress ). Well it needs BuddyPress,WP Job Manager as base plugin. Then it will add job dashboard, jobs and post a job tab to User profile. If your site have these plugins:

  • WP Job Manager – Applications
  • WP Job Manager – Resume Manager
  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks
  • WP Job Manager – Job Alerts

Then It is also compatible with them. It will create a separate section for Resume Manager same Jobs. there we can submit resume.We have resume dashboard and resume listings.


Also we can do a alert and book mark from User profile. We can also apply to a job from user profile.

Well It also add the job and resume to BuddyPress Activity Feed.
BuddyPress Job Manager: Seamless Integration of Wp Job Manager With BuddyPress. WP Job Manager lacks social features. Here we are connecting WP Job Manager and BuddyPress to get a Social Job Board.