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Related Posts by Bibblio is a simple way to increase page views and revenue on your WordPress site by helping your users find great related content. The tool uses AI to find the most relevant related links from your site and populate modules that you can place anywhere on your pages. Related posts keep your audience on your site for longer by helping them discover the right content at the right time. Our users have seen an average uplift in page views and dwell time of more than 10%.

Key Features

  • Fast – All pre-processing, caching, and heavy lifting is handled on our side, so the tool won’t put a strain on your server or slow down your site.
  • Place modules anywhere – Easily drop modules into widgets within your templates and use the shortcode tool in the post editor to insert modules into any part of your page.
  • Supports thumbnails – We automatically pull in your feature image as a thumbnail for your recommendations.
  • Intelligence – Bibblio is powered by AI algorithms that are constantly learning, so the recommendations become smarter and more relevant as you add more posts.
  • Custom post types – Any custom post type can be included in your related posts.