Get Fit and Lose Weight With WordPress! Free Weight Loss & Fitness Plugins

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions to start and the main one for most people is to lose a little weight after the excesses of December – I wonder how many of our readers have joined a Gym and decided to get fit for 2015 ?

I’m a big fan of goal-setting a tracking, personally I use Nike+ to keep track of my daily runs and MyFitnessPal to keep a record of food, a great app which tracks calories and macros etc. There are numerous more ways to track your progress and some of those integrate directly with WordPress so that’s what we will be taking a look at today – handy plugins to help you get in shape!

Weight Loss Plugins

Cleverwise FatSecret Basic


This system easily integrates the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API into your WordPress powered site.

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WordPress Plus Points

A plug-in that will allow you to log your meals and let you know how many Plus Points you use in relationship to your targeted daily plus points.


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Tag your posts with the exercises you did that day, including how much (e.g. steps, minutes, reps, etc.). Exercises are displayed at the bottom of the post. Designed to encourage daily blogging and exercise.


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Health Progress

This is a great plugin which will help you keep track and brag about the progress you make as you start losing weight or getting healthy. You get to decide which measurements you want to keep track of and you can change them at any point.


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Weight Loss Tracker

A very simple plugin to allow a logged in user to record their weight (Kg or St) on given dates. This data is then shown in a graph (chart.js) and table. Place the tag [weightlosstracker] on a given page and the user is presented with a form to enter a date, weight (Kg or St) and notes for that entry. When the person saves their entry the data table and graph is refreshed.


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Fitness Plugins

Time Table

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin for WordPress. It will help you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes. It is perfect for gym classes, school or kindergarten classes, medical departments, nightclubs, lesson plans, meal plans etc. It comes with Events Manager, Event Occurrences Shortcode, Timetable Shortcode Generator and Upcoming Events Widget.


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CF Whiteboard

CF Whiteboard is a CrossFit® workout tracker for WordPress that integrates into your affiliate’s website. It adds a Whiteboard widget to your WOD blog posts, and creates athlete profiles where your athletes can search past results, look up benchmark workouts and PRs, see charts of their progress over time, see charts of their attendance over time, and more.


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Runkeeper Fitness Feed

The Runkeeper WordPress Widget allows you to display up to the last 20 Runkeeper activities with the widget area in your WordPress blog. It displays:

  • Activity type
  • Distance (km)
  • Duration (h:m:s)


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Garmin Connect

Provides a widget for displaying latest activities from Garmin Connect on your site.


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Dailymile Widgets

Share your latest workout with Dailymile widgets in your WordPress sidebar. This plugin uses native WordPress caching so the widgets won’t slow down your site.


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Nike+ lets you brag about you and your teams running progress by displaying your stats right on your WordPress website with widgets & shortcodes.


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The solution for CrossFit box owners. Track, log, and manage your members, WODs, and results. All within WordPress.


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Training Peaks Connect

Allows WordPress authors to connect to and display recent activities from the TrainingPeaks website using a shortcode.


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Daily Fitness Tips

This widget will add daily fitness tips to your blog giving it new fresh content and hopefully helping your readers to keep in shape. All workout routines and exercises are provided by the personal training team at WorkoutBOX.


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CF WOD Posts

Post CrossFit WODs to your WordPress site. Adds a custom WOD post type to the native WordPress dashboard. This will allow you to have an area of your dashboard dedicated to creating, editing, and publishing WODs while keeping your other content such as blog posts, pages, and media separate.


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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Get Fit and Lose Weight With WordPress! Free Weight Loss & Fitness Plugins”

  1. Great post, Oli! I don’t think I knew that any of these plugins existed. Some of them look downright sexy too! One of our clients is an online cross fit magazine. I’m going to have to dig through this list when I have some more time, and see if there something we can integrate with their mag.

    Good luck to all the “resolutioners” out there hitting the gym this month. Here’s a tip, a small, permanent lifestyle change (i.e., cutting out fast food, soda, and/or sweets) will be better in the long run versus trying to drastically alter your lifestyle and giving up in a few weeks.

    My resolution is to be less of a lurker and comment on a blog post every morning while sipping my coffee :) Cheers!

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