Find Out What Your Visitors Really Think: WordPress User Feedback Plugins

While a standard contact form is a simple way to allow your readers to send you feedback, a dedicated feedback plugin can help you get more focused and specific input from your visitors.

Allowing your readers, visitors and customers to categorise their feedback and answer specific questions, makes it easier for you to manage and respond to suggestions from your followers. Some of the feedback plugins for WordPress allow visitors to your site to vote on the feedback left by others, giving you a good insight into how popular your user generated ideas are.

Using this type of plugin is a great way to let your readers direct the focus and direction of your site, and help you create something that genuinely meets their needs, rather than just what you assume them to be. These plugins can also help ensure you stay on the right track when developing your blog, product or service.


This is a feedback plugin that is available in free and premium versions. Both versions add a tab entitled ‘Feedback’ to the side of your WordPress site that when clicked, opens up a lightbox window where your visitors can leave you a message.


Feedback can be categorised using the four tabs which include idea, question, problem and praise. Users can leave their email address if they wish, so that you are able to reply to them directly about their feedback.

In the settings you can opt to publish the feedback directly without your approval or not. This gives you a chance to moderate the comments leaf via the Usernoise feedback plugin.

The text and appearance of the button can also be changed in both the free and premium versions of this plugin. As well as this the form text displayed once the user clicks on the button can also be edited. This includes the fields that are shown and what type of information you ask for.

This means you can use the form for slightly different purposes, such as a contact form, simply by changing the button text. The colours and icon used for the button can also be edited using simple drop down menus.

Usernoise Pro is available from Code Canyon for $10 and bring a few more features to the table. These include advanced customisation options, gather debugging info and the ability to use a shortcode to embed the form directly into posts and pages.


The premium version also allows users to rate the ideas and feedback left by other users, once they themselves click on the feedback button. This is a great feature for allowing your readers to vote on new developments for your site.

However, there didn’t seem to be a way to display the feedback and suggestions left by your readers on your site in any other way than through the feedback lightbox form. Another nice addition would be a way to enable the feedback button on certain pages only.

Overall the free version of this plugin would make a great addition to many sites. The ability to edit the button and the forms means that it could be used on a number of different ways.

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Total Feedback

This is a premium-only feedback plugin for WordPress that is available from $29.99, although there is a free 14 day trial available. This is a popular plugin and you might have seen it in action before without realising. Total Feedback displays a popup chat-style window in the bottom corner of the screen.


With this plugin you can create polls and surveys which allow you to get more targeted and specific feedback from your readers. Although with Total Feedback you can change the poll type to accept a free text answer, to allow more general feedback. Poll options for this plugin include:

  • Multiple choice (single answer)
  • Multiple choice (multiple answers)
  • Free text answer


When it comes to where your forms are you shown, there are a good deal of options available. You can choose from:

  • Site-wide
  • On a specific post
  • On a specific page
  • All posts in a specific category

There are also lots of options for when to show the plugin including how long the user has been on the site or how much of the page they have scrolled through.

You can also view stats on your polls to find out how they are performing. These stats include the number of views, responses and the response rate.

While Total Feedback is a very versatile plugin, with plenty of options available to ensure you can get the type of feedback you require, the absence of the ability to customise the appearance of forms is slightly disappointing, considering all the great features of this plugin.

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Modal Feedback Form for WordPress

This is another premium plugin available from Code Canyon. Like the Usernoise plugin, this option adds a floating feedback button to the side of your WordPress site. When clicked users can leave feedback in the lightbox displayed form.


Once a user has left feedback, you can choose to be notified by email for a quick response. Feedback can then be viewed and managed from your WordPress admin area.

This is quite a basic plugin for gathering feedback from your readers but this might actually be its main selling point. If you want a plugin that you can simply install, enable and begin allowing your readers to leave comments without many options or settings to agonise over, then the Modal Feedback Form plugin is a good choice.

However, users who want more control and settings to work with would be better off going elsewhere, such as the Usernoise plugins.

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Creative Feedback Form with Voting System

This premium plugin available at Code Canyon gives your readers a number of options for categorising their feedback.


Once they click on the feedback button, they can leave their feedback in the popup lightbox form under a number of sub forms including:

  • Ideas
  • Remarks
  • Problems
  • Likes

Readers can also set their feedback to private or public. Public feedback is then displayed in the lightbox feedback window where other visitors can vote on it by either liking it or disliking it.

While the appearance of the forms isn’t quite up to the standard expected from a premium plugin, there are four different colour schemes to choose from. There is also built-in captcha anti-spam protection available for use, should you think it necessary on your site.

Overall this is an easy to use and setup feedback plugin for WordPress that is let down but its dated design and appearance, although it does make user voting on ideas very easy to implement.

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Other Feedback Plugins

While the above plugins cover a good range of options, including free and premium choices, covering free text feedback forms, voting and multiple choice answers, there are a few more plugins out there worth looking at.

  • smartFeedback: premium plugin that allows readers to categorise their feedback when submitting via the form
  • JotForm Feedback Button: free option that allows you to create a number of forms, each with their own button text, button positioning and lightbox style
  • Avia Feedback Box: premium option that is ideal for gathering feedback requests which can then be voted on by other readers
  • WebEngage: gather feedback and undertake surveys with this popular free or pro plugin


In their most basic form, these plugins provide a slightly different way to display a contact form on your WordPress site. However, they have much more potential than that, thanks to their ability to collect targeted information by using multiple choice forms, soliciting answers for specific questions and specifying which pages forms are shown on.

The Total Feedback plugin is the standout option, thanks to its ability to be enabled on specific pages, and then displaying a specific set of questions. This makes it invaluable at receiving targeted feedback for particular posts and their content. For those who want a free, yet versatile option, the Usernoise plugin is a good place to start.

Joe Fylan

Joe Fylan

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