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Themeisle Coupon

Those who are even slightly familiar with WordPress know that there are many companies offering WordPress themes and plugins for customizing your website to your desire. One of them is ThemeIsle, a popular developer of professional WordPress themes and plugins. ThemeIsle offers a wide range of responsive themes for blogs, eCommerce, business, magazines, portfolios, and more. Keep reading to grab our 10% ThemeIsle coupon.

About ThemeIsle 

Themeisle was founded in 2012, at a time when high-quality WordPress themes were scarce. Their goal was to build easy-to-use, exceptional WordPress themes and plugins for individuals to utilize on their websites. 

ThemeIsle developed Hestia, Neve, and the child theme Zelle which are among the most popular WordPress themes in the market. ThemeIsle also offers a plugin bundle to make it more user-friendly. Visualizer, Feedzy RSS Feeds, Optimole, Orbit Fox, OtterBlocks, WP Forms, and Elementor are just a few of them.

Furthermore, they recognized that creating a website on WordPress was a chore—at least for beginners—so they set out to streamline the process so that almost anyone, regardless of skill level, could do so.

4 Reasons to Choose ThemeIsle 

Fast and lightweight themes are what ThemeIsle is known for. In addition to this, they also include a number of advanced and cutting-edge features that set them apart from other theme developers.

  • All of the themes have attractive and appealing designs that draw in the viewers. Even those themes add a classic and professional touch to your online business. There are numerous themes available, ranging from e-commerce to blog-magazine. As a result, depending on your business sector, you can easily select the right theme.
  • Loading speed is critical. ThemeIsle themes are lightweight, and the coding is correctly optimized, as I previously stated. As a result, your website will have a quick loading time. And, for SEO purposes, a fast loading speed is critical. As a result, you’ll be able to rank higher in search engines.
  • If a website has a vulnerability, it can be readily hacked. The best and most typical approach for a hacker to gain access is to exploit the theme vulnerability. The majority of themes do not provide updates, however ThemeIsle provides regular updates to address theme vulnerabilities. As a result, ThemeIsle makes your website significantly more safe. And with each upgrade, they add new tools to help you improve your online business.
  • Themeisle provides a fast-response support team that can help you with any concerns you may have with any of their products.

ThemeIsle Unique Collection of Themes 

Themeisle has a fantastic variety of WordPress themes that cover a wide range of possibilities and businesses. Themeisle covers four flagship themes: Neve, Hestia PRO, ShopIsle PRO, and Zella PRO. Let’s take a look at these themes, their key features, and pricing plans you can choose from.


Neve is a flexible WordPress theme. It is easy to set up and comes with sleek designs, reliable updates, quality code, full support, best typography options, excellent features, RTL support and many more features. Moreover, Neve is also compatible with a variety of page builders, including Gutenberg, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder. This allows you to easily customize your content and style.

Hestia Pro 

Hestia PRO is a one-page theme that may be used for any type of company. It is built to be high-performing in order to improve the user’s experience. New customization possibilities are also available with the new Hestia PRO. Furthermore, its features include SEO optimization, RTL support, live customizer, WooCommerce design, page builder compatibility, uncompromised speed and many more. 

Zelle Pro 

Zelle PRO, formerly known as Zerif, is the same theme with a new name and a lot more features. Zelle PRO is the theme to choose if you want a website with interactive components, a modern style, and gorgeous parallax scrolling. Additionally, Zelle PRO also works with WooCommerce, which is a fantastic feature. If you want to build an e-commerce website, Zelle PRO can handle it all.


This theme was created with eCommerce websites in mind. Its interactive design, which includes parallax scrolling and subtle animations, creates a beautiful presentation of your products. In any case, you can anticipate live customization, page builder compatibility, secure payment choices, and other advantages such as specialized support, frequent updates, and speed optimization with ShopIsle PRO.

ThemeIsle Plans

There are three plans available with ThemeIsle:

  • The Essential Plan costs $89 and includes 2+ PRO WordPress themes for up to 2 websites and a year of support and updates.
  • The Business Plan costs $129 and is ideal for a growing business. It includes 4+ PRO WordPress Themes & Plugins that you can use for up to 3 websites, one year of support and updates, and priority support.
  • The VIP Plan costs $199 and is ideal if you’re handling multiple websites. This plan includes 4+ PRO WordPress Themes & Plugins that you can use for up to 5 websites, 1 year of priority support and updates, and live chat support.

How to use Themeisle Coupon Code

  • Copy the ThemeIsle Coupon code and visit the site.
  • Choose your ideal theme.
  • Select the pricing plan that best suits your needs. You may select from Personal, Business and Agency plans.
  • Click ‘Get Started’ and fill in your name, email, and other details.
  • Fill in your payment information on the checkout page and complete the payment.

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