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Live – Woodrow Wilson | Great History of WordCamps, WordPress by Matt Mullenweg

Last Updated on August 26th, 2023

Matt Mullenweg started with talking about WordPress 6.3. Over 640 contributors to that release. 207 of them were completely new to contributing to WordPress. 1100 features, bug fixes, enhancements, performance improvements. He mentioned that “My favorite of 6.3 is essentially the command line, it’s like a command line for WordPress. Command K, control K, and you can jump to any part of them.

He also talks about WordPress 6.4: Twenty Twenty Four default them. Which was actually introduced on contributor day which they trying to tailor this theme to creators and bloggers.

He also mentioned about “Phase 2 of Gutenberg of WordPress coming to an end and says that Phase 3 starts “Collaboration” phase.” Phase 3 of WordPress Gutenberg collaboration is like moving from “single player to multiplayer”.

He also clarified that maybe if you’re like an agency or a developer, you can invite a client in directly, get on the phone and talk through it as you move things around. It’s so, so powerful what to do with WordPress

He also mentioned about LMS which is now in the WordPress official Slack. Now everyone involved in this space can come together and agree on standards and in the future they can work together better.

Matt Mullenweg quotes that “WordPress hosting from automattic the max: “Introducing the 100-Year Plan: Secure Your Online Legacy for a Century,” “It’s a lot. But in some ways, I wonder if it’s too low. We tried to model inflation. Different cost of underlying things like the dot com registration or domain registrations.”

Matt ended with some important lessons and advices, “Try meditation. connect with your thoughts and listen to someone else, which is important for communication.”