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Live – Woodrow Wilson | Future of WordPress

Last Updated on August 26th, 2023

Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Executive Director, took the stage talking about what important conversations are happening in WP and how they effect the project in the future. She mentioned about various things like “Why is is important that WordPress is thriving? It’s important because WordPress can change a life.”

Greatest existential threat to WordPress (as a community) is always whether or not we can still get together and collaborate in an effective way. Because so much of Community is built on the way we get together and way we collaborate.

She mentioned “Open source is all about planting trees in whose shade we know we will never rest. WordPress and open source in general can support entire communities. And give them freedoms that they didn’t know that they needed. And the stronger our local communities are, the better our entire society gets to be.

WordPress is giving voices to the voiceless and securing the freedoms of the open web. In a time when people are looking for smaller, safer, and more cure all the ways to summary their lives with the people they trust, WordPress can be the antidote to sharing on social media. The more that people know about WordPress, the more people can access the incredible opportunities that WordPress can provide.

She ended up with a quote: It’s all about “Who is the story that you want to be able to tell about yourself? What is the story that you want to be able to tell about your time with us in WordPress? And what is the story that you want WordPress to tell?”