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Weekly WordPress News: Your Friday Briefing: Letter from WordPress’ Executive Director, A Message from the Top

Last Updated on January 23rd, 2023


WordPress 2023: Get a glimpse of what’s to come

As we continue to push forward with the Gutenberg project, we are excited to announce that we are entering into Phase 3 of development. This phase is all about focusing on the backend and working on the APIs that power our workflows. This means that we will be releasing updates that will focus on the main elements of collaborative user workflows.

This includes built-in real-time collaboration, commenting options in drafts, easier browsing of post revisions, and programmatic editorial and pre-launch checklists. In short, Phase 3 is all about making WordPress work the way you work.

As we enter into this next phase of development, we also want to take a moment to celebrate the fact that WordPress is turning 20 years old. It’s amazing to think about all of the milestones we’ve hit over the years and how far we’ve come. In fact, almost my entire experience of full-time contributions to WordPress has been in the Gutenberg era.

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the milestones we’ve hit over the years, be sure to check out the second version of the Milestones book. It’s a fascinating look at the history of WordPress and all of the amazing things we’ve accomplished together.

As always, we want to thank our community of users, contributors, and developers for their continued support and dedication. Together, we will continue to make WordPress the best it can be.




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