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Weekly WordPress News: “Goodbye FSE, Hello Site Editor”

Last Updated on November 21st, 2022


Let’s get to all of this week’s WordPress news…

The phrase full-site editing (FSE), which has been used frequently but is occasionally misunderstood outside of contributor groups, has been used while WordPress’ site editing features have been in development. WordPress’ Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy suggested changing the name of FSE to something more approachable three months ago.
Two major factors led to the decision to choose Site Editor.

At first, Site Editor provides customers with a variety of technical talents with a clear and straightforward description. Second, Site Editor received a lot of praise, especially from the Polyglot community, as the phrase that translates the best into a huge variety of languages. Choosing phrases that are easily translated is a crucial first step, as we learned at WordCamp US 2022, as improving multilingual support is an important future goal for WordPress.

Additionally, Site Editor retains the essence of its original FSE code as well as the robust, comprehensive set of capabilities it offers. In addition, since it’s an abbreviation of the current phrase, it doesn’t cost us anything in terms of SEO or marketing.




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