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Weekly WordPress News and Updates: WordCamp US 2023: A New Chapter in Programming!

Last Updated on July 28th, 2023


WordCamp US is reimagining things this year by focusing on uniting the community and moving WordPress forward. WCUS is attempting to end the “Competition of Competitions,” to concentrate on this community’s collective goals. WCUS is targeting experienced, seasoned, professional speakers at the top of their industries who are not currently active members of our unique community to speak at this year’s WCUS program. There are WordPress agency owners who have never been to a local meetup; plugin developers who don’t know what a WordCamp is; and there are scholars and academics who have never heard of Matt Mullenweg.

WCUS is searching for experienced speakers outside the traditional WordPress community to bring fresh perspectives. WCUS wants YOUR suggestions for speakers and programming topics! This isn’t a nomination process – WCUS is looking for undiscovered voices that deserve the spotlight.

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