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Webnus Deep Multipurpose Theme Review: A Complete WordPress Package for Building Premium Websites

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

With their new Deep Multiple Purpose theme, WordPress developers Webnus promise to prove that quality and quantity are not two mutually exclusive things.

After all, there are plenty of multipurpose theme options out there that focus purely on quality, offering a limited number of exceptionally-designed templates which certainly look impressive but don’t offer much in the way of flexibility. 

Then there are those packages that simply cram in as many templates as possible, even if the majority of them are the same kind of average, cookie-cutter designs you can find just about anywhere.

With Deep, Webnus have set out to offer the best of both worlds, combining a seriously large number of premium-quality designs into one affordable multipurpose theme package.

In this complete Webnus Deep Multipurpose Theme review, we’ll look at a handful of those templates as well as discussing how easy it is to use and configure, and whether or not this is the right theme for your new WordPress site.

Webnus Deep Multipurpose Theme Review

The Deep theme is essentially free, with a free Deep Core plugin that gives you extra features.

Looking for more features? No problem.

The Deep Pro plugin takes it a step further and unlocks a wealth of premium features, all of which we’ll discuss in more detail throughout this review.

At the time of writing, the free theme had only been available in the WordPress theme directory for three months and yet already boasted 4,000+ active installations which no doubt speaks volumes about its popularity.

This version contains access to 28 different theme designs, all of which are of a substantial-quality.

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If you choose to upgrade to the pro version, you’ll pay either $59 for a single-site license, $199 for a five-site license, or $339 for a ten-site license.

Each license gives you access to all of the following:

  • Use of all120+ demos
  • Use of all premium Plugins
  • Lifetime automatic updates
  • 1 year of premium support.

For the sake of this review, we opted to use the free theme with the Deep Pro plugin simply because it allows us to better show you what Deep is really capable of

Ease of Use 

One thing we like about the Deep theme is that it comes with a setup wizard which guides you step-by-step through the process and means you can have a fully functioning website up and running within minutes. 

If you’re a WordPress beginner who hasn’t quite yet figured out the full complexities of the platform, or if you’re simply short on time and want to get a good-looking site up and running quickly, you’ll no doubt appreciate what a welcome addition this is.

Once the theme is installed, you’ll spot a notification inviting you to install the Deep plugin.

Do this, and once the plugin is activated, you’ll be taken straight to the setup wizard.

Choosing a Design

Deep Pro comes with a huge number of design options. We counted 97 demos in total, plus 12 very attractive “Coming Soon” templates if you’re not quite ready to get your site underway yet. 

The 28 options offered in the free version are still very well done and will certainly help you create a strong, professional image for your brand no matter whether you’re a small business, a blog, a freelance creative professional or anything else.

In the end, we stuck with the classic Modern Agency theme because it’s simple-yet-stylish blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality seems to best encapsulate what the Webnus Deep theme is all about.

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Choose Your Page Builder 

The free version of Deep comes with the popular Elementor Page Builder which, as we discussed at length in our complete Elementor review, it’s one of the best tools of its type currently around and widely praised for its combination of impressive features and ease of use.

If you upgrade to the Pro plan, however, you’ll have the freedom to choose a different option, so if you’re already more familiar with Visual Composer or you can use either of those instead. 

Plugins and Demo Content Import 

Up next, it’s time to bring your site to life, first by installing the necessary plugins that will give it some much-needed functionality, and then by importing the demo content

If you’re unfamiliar with demo content, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. You import all of the pages, media content, theme options, and other essentials that make your site look exactly as it did in the demo version. 

Since most of the time, our choices on what theme or design to use are based on the demo, this can be very handy. It means you don’t have to waste time trying to work out how to get your site looking the way it’s supposed to, and it also makes it a breeze to navigate your way around as you tweak it to your liking.

With that done, your site is up, running, and ready to go. 

The whole process took us no longer than five minutes and, to be honest, most of those were spent on choosing what design to use. 

Theme Options 

Theme Options

Another aspect of the Deep Multipurpose WordPress theme that really appeals us is that it offers a vast menu of theme options. 

It isn’t just the sheer number of options available that impresses us, but the fact that this feature makes it easy for WordPress novices to really control every aspect of their site without any technical know-how.

Meanwhile, more experienced users can use the same Theme Options menu to access advanced features and functionality, such as the ability to white label your projects if you’re a professional web designer building sites for clients.

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To give you just some idea of what you can do here, some of the key theme options include:

  • Switch responsive design on or off 
  • Customize the page preloader
  • Customize the scroll bar
  • Manage styling and typography
  • Add custom fonts 
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Blog Template Layouts
  • Single Blog Page
  • Sidebar Options
  • Configure social media accounts
  • Configure integrated Google Maps
  • Customize your store layout for eCommerce sites
  • Set your site to maintenance mode while it’s a work-in-progress
  • Use Custom CSS to further customize your site.

Webnus boast that their custom Header Builder is the most powerful and customizable header creation tool anywhere on the web.

While we can’t officially certify that claim, we can agree that it is very good indeed, giving you the freedom and flexibility to really take control over the design and functionality of your website header.

88 pre-built header templates come included as standard to save you time, and if you want to customize them, you can do so via the simple, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

After you’re done with your headers, you can use the visual footer builder to create dynamic, content-rich footers using your preferred website builder, meaning you no longer have to worry about the kind of limitations that other themes place on their footers.

Editing and Customization 

With everything in place, your last task is to edit the demo version of your site to create something that reflects your brand and business goals.

As you’ll have no doubt worked out by now, we’re big fans of Elementor. We love it because it takes all the hassle and hard work out of customizing your site. Simply open the page you want to work on, click “Edit With Elementor” then click on the element you want to change and use the toolbox to make those changes.

Want to add new elements? That’s no more difficult than dragging and dropping them from the left-hand panel into the page and tweaking them to your liking. Webnus has developed more than 60 widgets for Elementor and the demos are created using them. That makes styling and customization of your website easier than ever.

Webnus Deep Theme Design Options 

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the main things that first attracted us to the Deep theme was the enormous number of design options you get to choose from, especially in the Pro plan which has more than 97 of them.

While it would take us all day to showcase all of them (you can check them out here if you want to), we can share with you some of our favorites.

Deep Demos

Webnus Deep Theme Key Features 

As you’ve no doubt seen by now, the Webnus Deep Theme crams an awful lot into one theme package. 

The key features include:

  • Powerful header and footer builders
  • Choice of two page builders
  • Effortless integration with Slider Revolution.
  • Demo importer
  • White label branding options
  • Advanced Mega Menus
  • Advanced eCommerce features

Premium Plugin Package

The Pro version also comes with a Premium Plugin package valued at $701, meaning you’ll save a significant amount of money on access to a range of professional-level tools.

The package contains 27 different premium plugins which, along with the page builders and Slider Revolution, also includes:

  • ACF Pro
  • ModuloBox LightBox Plugin
  • Ninja Popups
  • Yellow Pencil
  • Ultimate Add-ons
  • WordPress GDPR
  • Real Media Library
  • Full range of Jet plugins for Elementor to reviews, pop-ups, blogs, and more.

Webnus Deep Multipurpose Theme

All in all, there’s a lot to like about Webnus Deep Multipurpose Theme

This comprehensive WordPress package really is the theme that keeps on giving. Just when you think you’ve tried out all of the features that it has to offer, you give a little deeper and find that there’s something else to tweak, fine-tune or otherwise utilize to add more dynamic functionality and aesthetic appeal to your site. 

Add in over 125 themes, 12 coming soon pages and 80 header templates, and what you’ve got here is a true one-size-fits-all solution for building just about any type of website you can think of.

Still, what’s more important isn’t just the quantity of features, it’s the fact that this quantity never feels overwhelming. While there’s certainly a lot going on, it’s all arranged in a very user-friendly manner, meaning even if you’ve never designed a WordPress website before, you’ll have no problem using Webnus Deep to create a high-quality, professional website. 

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