A Collection of One Page WordPress Themes

Published on February 8th, 2016

Last Updated on October 10th, 2018

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One page WordPress themes give you simple ways to build one-page websites, especially if you choose one that allows you to import demo content. One page websites allow you or your client to showcase your services, portfolio and contact information in a simple yet effective manner.

These types of websites can also be used for product launches, giving you the option of placing a call-to-action Buy button at the top and bottom of the homepage with beautifully-displayed descriptions of the product’s features being shown in between.

Without further ado, here are 20 free and premium one page WordPress themes.

1. Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes is powered by the Divi Builder, ET’s page builder plugin. This plugin, combined with Divi’s native settings, gives you the power to build a number of different types of websites, including one-page websites. The developers over at Elegant Themes demonstrate how to build one-page websites using Divi in the theme’s documentation.

Divi One page WordPress themes

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2. Zerif

Zerif Lite and Zerif PRO by ThemeIsle are multi-purpose business WordPress themes capable of producing beautiful, one-page websites. The Lite version is free, and the PRO version comes with six child themes.


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3. Rokophoto PRO

Rokophoto PRO is a premium photography theme by ThemeIsle, and it works wonderfully as a one-page portfolio theme for creative professionals. This theme, along with Zerif, works well with WordPress’ frontend theme customizer, making it a great option for beginners.

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4. ShopIsle Pro

ShopIsle Pro is a premium e-commerce theme by ThemeIsle. It comes with parallax scrolling features and is capable of building beautiful, one-page e-commerce themes. It’s also made to be compatible with WooCommerce, the number one e-commerce platform for WordPress.

ShopIsle Pro

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5. Ultra

Ultra is one of Themify’s most powerful WordPress themes. It’s powered by the Themify Builder, the developer’s page builder plugin, and is capable of producing stunning one-page websites using parallax scrolling effects. You can even import demo content for maximum productivity and ease of designing.


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6. Parallax

Parallax is a one page WordPress theme by Themify. The theme uses, as its name suggests, parallax scrolling to create its single-page design. It’s a great option for freelancers and businesses who want to highlight their services and portfolios.


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7. Meeting

Meeting is a one-page event theme by TeslaThemes. It’s a great theme for companies or organizations who want to showcase upcoming events with promotional photos, videos, the number of attendees who are currently signed up, when and where the event is taking place, and more.


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8. Advent

Advent is a one-page landing page theme by TeslaThemes. This is a great theme to use to showcase a product you’ve created, such as an app as the developers at TeslaThemes have demonstrated in the demo.


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9. Narcos

Narcos is a multi-purpose WordPress theme by TeslaThemes capable of producing beautiful one-page websites for businesses, especially creative businesses. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, making it a great option for retailers.


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10. OneEngine

OneEngine is a free one page WordPress theme by EngineThemes. It’s a beautiful and straightforward option for businesses, small and large, who want simple yet effective websites that clearly demonstrate what services they offer and why customers should pick them.


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11. Business

Business is a free theme by Graph Paper Press. It works great as a one-page theme for a business website, as its name suggests. It allows you to showcase your skills, services, portfolio, team members and more.


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12. Wall Street

Wall Street is a premium theme by Graph Paper Press meant for “savvy entrepreneurs and startups.” It works great as a one-page theme, enabling you to showcase your services and best work.

Wall Street

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13. Scroller

Scroller is a multi-purpose WordPress theme by Theme Junkie. It was designed to be used as a business theme for “business websites, online studios, and users who want to showcase their work on a beautiful portfolio site.”


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14. WP-Business

WP-Business is another business WordPress theme. This one is by SoloStream, and it uses parallax scrolling effects to build beautiful one-page websites. The theme also comes with easy-to-use settings, making it a great option for inexperienced developers.


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15. WP-Creative

WP-Creative is a beautiful one-page theme by SoloStream. It’s designed for creatives, whether you’re an amateur who likes to create in their free time or a professional wanting to showcase their best and latest works for clients. It uses parallax-scrolling effects to build one-page sites.


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16. LaunchStack

LaunchStack is a one page WordPress theme by MintThemes. It’s a great option for companies or entrepreneurs who want to showcase product launches in a way that’s much more creative and in-depth than a simple landing page.


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17. MediaPhase

MediaPhase is a multi-purpose WordPress theme by ThemeFurnace. The developer built this theme with everyone in mind, making it a great option for any industry whether you’re a service-based business, an e-commerce business or a blogger.


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18. Single Page

Single Page is a one page WordPress theme by ThemeFurnace. It’s meant to be used as a landing page for a new product, helping you or your client showcase the various features and benefits of your product.

Single Page

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19. Arvios

Arvios is a one page WordPress theme designed for businesses and agencies who want a modern-looking website. It was designed by ThemeJug, who made sure to include deep integration with the WordPress customizer to make building your site as simple as can be.


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20. OnePress

OnePress is a one page WordPress theme by FameThemes. It’s meant to be versatile, meaning you can use it for just about any purpose, whether that be a business site showcasing your services or a freelancer site showcasing your portfolio. It comes in free and premium versions.


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