MotoPress Content Editor Plugin Offers Themes Built on Cherry Framework

MotoPress is a drag and drop content editing plugin that we have covered before on WPLift, its basically a page builder which replaces the default WordPress editor and helps end-users edit content, articles and custom post types with a drag and drop interface. It is designed to work with any WordPress theme but they have recently teamed-up with Template Monster who create the Cherry Framework ( also covered on WPLift here ) to provide themes which have the MotoPress plugin built-in. They currently offer 27 themes on their site for $75 per theme which includes the license cost of the plugin, usually $29 per site.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the themes and how the framework and plugin are integrated together and see what the result is like for the end-user.

Theme & Plugin Setup

Once you have chosen and purchased your theme, you will receive two downloads – the MotoPress plugin and the theme files, all Cherry framework themes are child themes so you need to add the Cherry theme and the child theme and activate the Cherry theme on your site.


Once that is done, the theme will prompt you to install the MotoPress plugin and any other required plugins:


Once that is done you now have your theme and plugins ready to go, to get the site looking like the demo you should next import the demo content.

Import Demo Content

Cherry Framework has its own importer, under “Cherry Plugin” > “Import Content” in your admin menu, visit that and you will see this :


You then simply drag and drop the contents of your sample_data folder into the uploader or choose “Browse Local Files” to locate the folder. The sample_data folder has all the images, an XML file for the post content and a JSON file for the widget setup. The upload will take a little while as there are over 1000 files:


Once the import has finished your site will be set up and you view the front-end to see how it looks.


Using MotoPress

To begin using MotoPress to edit pages, visit a page a click “Edit” and you will see a bunch of shortcodes which are how the pages are constructed,


This isnt very helpful or easy to edit which is where the MotoPress plugin comes in, click the “MotoPress Content Editor” button and it will load up the page and display it like it appears on the live site.


You can click on individual page elements and edit them right in the page, you can change text along with sizes, colors and so on.


If you wish to add additional content to the page, down the left hand side you will see a number of icons for inserting text elements, images, buttons, video / audio, widgets etc. See our review of MotoPress to get the full overview of available features.


Cherry Framework Features

The Cherry Framework includes an options panel where you can modify the look of your theme, it contains General options which cover layout and body styling along with text options and any custom CSS you wish to use.


You can upload logos and favicons, set navigation options such as Typography, animations and other settings:


Slider settings let you enable the slider and choose from many options to customize it such as animations, post order, columns, effects and so on.



Installing the Cherry Framework, theme and MotoPress plugin is a little more involved than setting up a theme which has everything contained in one, but this method enables you a little more flexibility – you can swap themes and still retain your content and edits made using the MotoPress builder for instance. Solid documentation is provided for the Cherry Framework here, and for MotoPress here should you need help getting up and running.

The MotoPress builder is really easy to use, providing a visual layer on top of shortcodes most people should be able to build and edit different page layouts quite easily – its definitely one of the best content editors that we have looked at on WPLift.

The pricing of $75 per theme is quite reasonable, the themes retail for that on their own so you are essentially getting a free copy of MotoPress, check out the available themes here.



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Just a quick note, the above comment about price is slightly misleading. There are only a few templates that include the MotoPress plugin. All Cherry templates are installed with it. But most require you to pay an additional $29 to actually USE the plugin.

    Without the plugin, the site really isn’t editable. At least – no where near as editable as the sites we run without Cherry.

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