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MotoPress Slider Review and Setup

Last Updated on July 9th, 2021

Published on May 21st, 2015

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MotoPress have developed a handy product called “MotoPress Slider” which allows you to create sliders, galleries and slideshows with layer based animations.


I spoke to the team behind this new plugin and asked what made them decide to enter the crowded Slider plugin market, they told me:

“Usually when a new plugin enters the market everyone thinks that it’s just another WordPress plugin and doesn’t pay much attention to it. In order to prove the opposite, product developers have to launch a powerful marketing campaign to share the advantages of their item with the potential customers. Sometimes this campaign is successful, but sometimes because of the lack of experience or money really great plugins are lost among the crowd of not very good ones but well-promoted products. The main requirement was that the plugin has to be convenient for both end users and developers. All of the reviewed items were either too complicated with tons of shortcodes and options or offered very small set of features. As we didn’t find a really proper solution, we decided to create our own simple and effective slider”

Asking about the development of the new plugin, they said:

“It took almost six months to develop the MotoPress Slider plugin. Using the previous experience and users’ feedback MotoPress Content Editor developers aimed to make a product that was understandable for WordPress users with varying level of skills.”

The slider works as a standalone plugin, or you can use it conjunction with their content editor plugin as a module.


MotoPress Slider is available from $19 for a one site license.

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Setting up Your Slider

Once you have uploaded and activated the plugin, you will see a new menu item named “MotoPress Slider” where you can begin to setup your first slider, if you select the link and then “New Slide” you are taken to a screen to begin setting it up.


Here is where you can name your slider and choose some initial options such as width and height, slide delay, pause on hover, reverse the order and show a counter for the number of slides. Once it is created, you can begin adding slides to it by clicking the “Edit Slides” button.

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Adding Slides

Creating the content for your slide it pretty intuitive, you have options for adding an image, adding text, adding a button and adding an image. Simply click the button for what you would like to add and then you can position it by dragging it into position.


Each element you add will have different options associated with it, so for example the button will let you choose button text, link, button style and you also have some animations option and timing options. Each item is also given it’s own layer, so you can drag and drop the order which you want the layers to display:


Each slide you create has some extra options, you are able to set the background color or choose a gradient for it.


You can set a background image, size it and position it:


If you prefer you can use a video for the slider instead of an image by pasting the source URL as an MP4, WEBM or OGG. You can choose to loop it and mute it and choose whether to full the slide or fit it to a size.


The link tab allows you to link your slide to any URL you like giving it a class or ID, rel and title attributes:


The visibility tab allows you to only display the slider for logged in users or set specific dates to show the slider.


One you are happy with your slide, you can save it and begin adding the next slide – all your slides are listed and you can go back in and edit them as required.

Displaying Your Slider

Once you are happy with your slides and have completed your slider, visit the main MotoPress slider page and you will see it listed along with a shortcode that you can grab to use in posts or pages to display your slider.


Paste the shortcode into a page or post and then view it on your site and you will see your slider displayed :

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Pricing is quite reasonable for this plugin, $19 for a single site, $49 for 5 sites and $99 for unlimited sites seems good value to me. That includes one year of updates and support, and priority support for the developer version.



This is a solid plugin – it’s really easy to use, I’ve always been put off with how complex some of these types of slider plugins can be but the MotoPress slider is well designed, with some trial and error you should be able to create very attractive looking animated slides which you can use on your site.

Another thing I noticed is the amount of built-in text styles – currently there are options for Header Dark/Light, Sub Header Dark/Light and Text Dark/Light and you have the option to add custom styles, so you can grab any styles from your theme’s stylesheet and use them in your slider. I would like some options so you can change text colors, font weights and styles within the plugin itself also – this is possible if you use this in conjunction with the content editor plugin.

It’s well worth checking out this plugin if you are looking for an easy to setup slider plugin with some solid layer and animation features.

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