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Weekly WordPress News: Microsoft Uncover Search Ads Targeting Based on Categories

Last Updated on July 28th, 2023


Microsoft has introduced a fresh strategy for search advertising that intends to assist enterprises in efficiently connecting with their desired retail media audience. This inventive approach, which focuses on categories, is designed to overcome the constraints of conventional keyword targeting while using the potential of keywords to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Marketers possibly miss out on exciting possibilities to hawk their goods if they only employ keyword targeting. This could negatively affect a campaign’s effectiveness and limit its ability to generate income.

Marketers and retailers have come to the realisation that instead of focusing solely on keywords to seek specific products, customers prefer to wander the digital aisles of merchant websites. As a result, strategies that only concentrate on keyword targeting fall short of meeting customer needs.

The category-based targeting solution from Microsoft PromoteIQ, which was just released, represents a significant divergence from traditional search advertising techniques. By maximising the value of audience behaviours while overcoming the limitations of traditional keyword targeting, this ground-breaking strategy could potentially improve the performance of both marketers and retailers.

Using strategies like these is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve and give clients a better shopping experience in the ever changing world of advertising.

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