Nowadays, tooltips are often seen as a shortcode in several premium themes, however those of which who still carry on the simple blogging tradition that WordPress was initially used for don’t have such tools in their editor. They have to rely on plugins to give them the extra functionality they need to make their blog more user-friendly for themselves and their readers. But, these users don’t have to give up hope just yet because there are still several developers out there who make the plugins we so desire. Here is a short guide to implement a simple, stylish tooltip plugin into your WordPress blog.

Install The Plugin

Firstly, download and install the plugin onto your WordPress blog, or you could easily just as well install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have activated the plugin, proceed to create a new post or page. If you select the visual tab, you will be presented with a shortcode button to implement the tooltip to a specific word, or line of text.

Adding a Tooltip

Highlight the specific content you wish to add a tooltip too, and click the tooltip shortcode. A modal box will appear asking you to define the tooltip content. Enter the information that you wish to display in the ‘tooltip content’ field. You also have the option to make your tooltip a link.

Once you have filled in the appropriate content in the modal box, click the ‘Add a Tooltip’ button. Your selected content will now be surrounded by a small line of code.

There you have it, you have now added a tooltip to your specific content. It really is as simple as that. You could alternatively use the syntax itself instead of using the shortcode button. The code syntax is as follows:

[tooltip content="the content within the tooltip" url="define a link"]hover over this text for to display the toolip[/tooltip]

Here is an image of the tooltip in action:


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  1. is there any way to just use a shortcode instead of a plug in?

  2. Adam

    Been wondering how to do this for a while, great article, thank you. 


    can you design the tooltip box in style.css?

  4. İt was asket but there is no answer, is there any way to just use a shortcode instead of a plug in?

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