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Gateway Plus Theme Review: An Advanced and Elegant WordPress Theme

Last Updated on October 20th, 2023

In this Gateway Plus theme review, we will be looking in-depth at this advanced and elegant WordPress theme. Created for a variety of uses, from personal sites to businesses, this beautiful theme includes some impressive features and settings, enabling you to customize your website to suit your specific needs.

This review will cover all the main features offered by the Gateway Plus theme, including the design and appearance, the customization options and some of the extra settings that are available. We will finish off this Gateway Plus theme review with a look at the user experience on offer.

Who Should Choose the Gateway Plus WordPress Theme

Gateway Plus

As mentioned, Gateway Plus from Rescue Themes is a versatile theme. With it’s stylish and professional design this theme will appeal to writers and bloggers as well as those bigger businesses wanting to portray their brand with a creative edge.

Gateway Plus has a Gallery that allows you to display your images in three new and unique styles. This makes Gateway Plus the perfect site for photographers and those wanting to display portfolios of work in an eye-catching layout.

This theme is also WooCommerce ready. Combined with the effective display of graphics, this makes Gateway Plus a more than sensible choice for online stores wanting to make an impact.

Gateway Plus Theme Features

The Gateway Plus theme is a packed with features that make it possible to create a fashionable yet original site that is relevant to your niche or industry.

The Home Page Slider

Home Page Slider

One of the most impressive features of this theme, and something that will really make an impression on an audience, is its home page slider. The slider shows a selection of full size images on your homepage, to make an immediate and dramatic impact.

Simple to use, the slider can be easily adjusted, enabling you to change the images, choose the image duration, the fade in time and the color overlay, amongst other options. Displaying images in this elegant slider helps gives your home page the ‘wow’ factor, and immediately connect with your visitors.

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WordPress Theme Customizer

WordPress Theme Customizer

All Rescue Themes themes support the native WordPress Theme Customizer. This helps you design your site quickly, and more importantly, customize the theme until it reflects your vision for your site.

The WordPress customizer enables you to select custom settings and view the changes on the front end of your site in real-time. You can upload a logo, assign a homepage image or choose amongst an unlimited color pallet and 500+ Google fonts, amongst many other functions.

WooCommerce Ready

WooCommerce Support

Gateway Plus is fully WooCommerce ready. This makes it a great option for eCommerce stores. Gateway provides a Shop template, as well as templates to display individual product items. It also includes templates for Shopping Carts, Checkout and My Accounts, making your online store easy to setup and consistent in design across all pages.

Theme Page Templates


As well as the eCommerce templates available, Gateway Plus also offers further theme page templates. These include a Blog and individual article pages, a Contact Page, a Gallery and a Not Found page.

The Gateway Plus Gallery page needs a particular mention, as its stylish designs will help display a portfolio of work at its best. Powered by Jetpack, the Tiled Galleries provides three distinct options in which to display your images. These professional and fashionable designs will work for individuals and businesses alike.


Gateway Plus offers a plethora of shortcodes. These allow you to add extra features to your site without having to learn or write any extra code.


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Easily add Buttons to your content and customize them with the color and text of your choosing.

Google Maps

Display a Google Map on any page or post, showing a location of your choice. Especially useful for brick and mortar stores, a map is a must have to help your customers quickly and easily locate your business.

Notification Box

Help highlight sections of text by encasing them in a colored Notification Box. Not only will this break up your articles and make them easier to read, it will also help your readers immediately see and understand the most important points of a post.

Progress Bar

A Progress Bar is a great way to display the progress of a project, numbers of people attending an event or donation funds raised, amongst other things. Add a Progress Bar anywhere to your site and choose the color that reflects the occasion.

Toggle Content

Toggle Content if you have a lot of text and it seems overwhelming to your audience. It is also a good option if you have a FAQ page.


To benefit from all the features of Gateway Plus, it is recommended that you install two plugins, Rescue Shortcodes and Jetpack. Rescue Shortcodes, from Rescue Themes, is a lightweight plugin that will let you easily insert the shortcodes mentioned earlier into your posts or pages. Jetpack is needed to support numerous features of this theme, but it is also a plugin that all WordPress users should be using as a matter of course.

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Documentation and Support

Gateway Plus comes with extensive documentation to help you install, setup and customize the theme. Basic support is also offered for the first 12 months, which includes help with setup questions, fixing bugs and access to the developer if needs be.

You can also purchase Priority Support to help get your site launched seamlessly. This will cost $75 for 45 days support, and will help you with theme installation, minor customizations, demo setup and give you top of the queue priority.

About the Gateway Plus Theme Author

Gateway Plus has been created by Rescue Themes. This WordPress development and design agency specializes in free and premium high-quality WordPress Themes.

Rescue Themes has a number of themes in their portfolio, from business and eCommerce themes, to politics and non-profit themes. They pride themselves in providing code that passes high standards and designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Definitely a theme developer you can trust and one that truly knows their craft, you can feel secure using a theme from Rescue Themes.

Gateway Plus Theme Pricing Options

Gateway Plus can be purchased for a one off payment of $49. This includes 12 months of updates and support. Rescue Themes also offers a free version of Gateway Plus.

Gateway can be installed for free and contains many of the features from the premium version. If you are in two minds whether to purchase Gateway Plus then it may be worth downloading Gateway first to see if it is something you could work with.

Final Thoughts

There are many all singing all dancing multi-purpose themes out there that boast limitless possibilities when it comes to designing a website. However, unless you are an experienced WordPress user, it could take a long time to learn how to use this type of theme and create a finished and fully functioning website.

Gateway Plus strikes the perfect balance between a beautiful and professional site that takes little time to set up, yet can be customized to your exact specifications. If you want a theme that is easy to use, has a modern and stylish feel and has all the features you need to make your website successful, then look no further than Gateway Plus.

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