If you are a business owner or campaigner, read on, because this WordPress plugin is for you. Social Contests makes it easy to set up two different types of promotions: Social Offers and Sweepstakes, and publish them on a website, blog, Facebook Page, or Wishpond. Along with Social Offers and Social Sweepstakes, it offers Customer Intelligence, MailChimp Integration and WP e-Commerce Integration which are all helpful for growing businesses. Because of its array of publishing options, this plugin can be a fantastic tool for getting the word out on your promotional campaigns on multiple platforms. If that describes something you’ve been looking for, Social Contests may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Installing Social Contests

First things first, you’ll want to head over to wordpress.org, locate the Social Contests plugin (or just click here and download the plugin via zip format. Once you’re on your admin page, go to Plugins, Add New, and Upload the zip. Click on Install Now and within a matter of seconds, Social Contests will be installed. Activate your newly installed plugin, and you’re ready to start exploring!

Configuring Social Contests

After activating the plan, a page like the one below will come up offering you the option of a 30 day trial or Unlimited Social Campaigns for $19 a month. If you’re unsure of how much use you’ll get out of this plugin, try out the trial, you can always purchase the plugin later.

You’ll also notice that under Settings in the Admin Bar, Social Promotions has appeared. On that page, you’ll be offered the option to either “Create an Offer” or “Create a Sweepstakes”.

Let’s walk through the steps of creating a Social Offer. Step 1 prompts the choice of where you want your offer to appear.

Step 2 is describing your offer. It includes Your Business Name, Offer Title, Image, Offer description, Required and Maximum participants. Each category offers a brief and helpful explanation of its purpose underneath the boxes.

Step 3 walks you through clarifying your Offer redemption with Timing, Purchasing, Coupon Codes, Additional Instructions and the option of Export campaign participants’ emails.

The next step of creating a Social Offer is to preview your Offer, which allows you to see the final result and go back to adjust changes before finalizing and publishing!

Step 1 allows you to specify the location that your sweepstakes will appear.

In step 2, enter the Title, Image, Description, Timing and Export campaign participants’ emails.

Step 3, preview your sweepstakes and make any final changes before publishing.

In Conclusion

After toying around with this plugin, I found it to be a really useful and quite easy to navigate. As this plugin is on its first version, there isn’t a lot of variety in the display of the promotions which can be a problem for companies who are looking to market themselves uniquely. However, if your main focus is looking to easily create and spread the word on a promotion, then this plugin is a great fit for you. A generous one month free trial allows you to test out the waters and see if Social Contests is the right fit for you!

Hi! I'm Nathan B Weller: writer, book lover, and digital publisher. I use WordPress to launch blogs, products, businesses and portfolios for myself and my clients. If you'd like to see what I'm up to on a regular basis stop by my website at www.nathanbweller.com.

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