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Need Custom Buttons? Try Out These Incredible WP Button Plugins

Last Updated on July 26th, 2021

Published on December 14th, 2016


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HTML/CSS are not the languages average WordPress users use. Most people rather prefer visual editor and GUIs to customize their themes, pages, and plugins. While you can certainly modify your pages, build beautiful buttons and do much more using the code but that’s not the only way to do it. One way to build beautiful custom buttons for calls to actions and landing pages is to use plugins.

WordPress, by default, has no options to add custom buttons. However, there are many free and paid solutions to build attractive buttons. Which can be used in landing pages as well as in calls to action? There are WordPress plugins for almost every task. In this post, you will learn why you need these buttons and WordPress plugins to get them.

What Are Major Button Types?

In a basic sense, buttons take visitors from one address to another. They follow the mechanism of links, which combine two pages and enable users to jump from one page to another. Buttons have three types by their purpose:

  • Links: You can simply use them in place of links. Of course, not all links deserve to be buttons.
  • Content sharing: Social sharing buttons allow users to share a page’s link on a social network.
  • CTAs: Call to action (CTA) is another type of button, which are psychologically optimized and used to drive user’s attention.

The big question is why do you exactly need them?

Why You Need These Custom Buttons?


One of the most influential aspects of internet marketing is site design. How well-designed and easy to navigate your page is, on many levels, defines your conversion rates. Studies prove that appealing pages are more likely to convince visitors to give you their email address or buy your product. Regardless of whether you sell something or not, you are always marketing.

You are selling your brand. Even though visitors are not always aware, they are judging your brand by site design. Buttons are one of the important elements of a beautiful design. If the buttons are well-designed and suit overall theme of your blog, visitors are more inclined to use them.

That’s why you don’t just need buttons. You also need them to be beautiful and high converting in landing pages. But let’s talk about buttons first, I am writing another post here about Landing Page pretty soon.

Ways to Add Beautiful Buttons in WordPress

There are following two ways to add buttons in WordPress:

  • Code: You can use HTML and CSS to build buttons. For this, familiarity with said languages is a must.
  • Plugins: Just install a WordPress plugin to add buttons. As usual, it is the easiest way.

Plugins for Adding Custom Buttons in WordPress

WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

maxbuttons wp plugin

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WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons is a free WordPress plugin, which allows users to get beautiful and elegant buttons. It gives you the means to create and add beautiful CSS3 based buttons in your posts and pages. It has over 70,000 active installs and is one of the most customizable WordPress button plugins.


  • General customization: You can create unlimited buttons and use them in posts and pages with shortcodes. Button color, text size, border radius, border style, and a dozen other styling properties can be changed.
  • Responsive: The buttons created using this plugin look well both on desktop and handheld devices.
  • Icon styled buttons: You can add icons to your buttons, customize their placement as well as size. More than 35,000 icons come packaged.
  • Google Fonts support: One of the best things about this plugin is that it supports Google Fonts.
  • Pro version: Some of the features I described are only available in the premium version of the plugin, which costs $19.

Buttons Shortcode and Widget

buttons shortcode and widget plugin

Buttons Shortcode and Widget is another free solution to create high converting buttons. It has a neat and easy to use interface.


  • General customization: Edit button text, icon, shape, color, size or border color are customizable. Live preview is there too.
  • No coding required: This plugin eradicates the need to know CSS and still create stunning buttons.
  • Use anywhere: It allows the buttons to be used in posts, pages, sidebars and even in theme files. It claims to work anywhere.
  • Custom styling: Every button has a unique CSS class, which can be used to add custom styling. Or you can assign each instance of a button a specific CSS class to style it individually.

It also has a premium version, including a bunch of useful features like responsive buttons.

Button Maker Plugin

button maker wp plugin

Button Maker Plugin is another simple-to-use plugin to create buttons in WordPress. Although it does not have an impressive user base and has only 1000+ active installs. It is, however, effective at keeping its promise.


  • Basic options: Create unlimited buttons and save them for future use. Their color, font size, dimensions, etc. are also changeable.
  • Know what converts: It allows you to record the impressions and clicks on each button, so you know what converts.
  • Paid version: To extend the capabilities of this plugin, you can purchase its premium version. In Button Maker Pro, you several new features like the ability to add multi-line text in buttons.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a social sharing buttons plugin. It is a comprehensive and optimized solution to increase social engagement on your site. Unlike most plugins on this list, it is not for building general-use buttons. Rather, it only focuses on social sharing button.

  • Highlights: The plugin comes integrated with more than 45 key social networks, has more than 48 unique templates and a great set of customizations and design positions.
  • Content sharing: Plugin users have the capability to display social counts and let visitors know your social profiles’ follow count. There is a total of 123 ways to display follow counts.
  • Template Customizer: Adjustments like a color change or button size on button templates can easily be made with Template Customizer.
  • Compatible with: The plugin works well with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

Button Pro – CSS3 Buttons


Button Pro – CSS3 Buttons is another CodeCanyon item making this list. It costs as less as $4 and has more than 1100 sales. The plugin has an easy-to-use set of CSS3 based buttons and a package of social sharing buttons. But this is not a WP Plugin. Though it can get you started pretty quickly if you know a little bit of CSS>

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  • General customization: There are 3 button sizes and 11 color variations to choose from. You just need to add a CSS class to use the plugin.
  • Documentation: A detailed documentation comes with the plugin to help you make the best of the plugin.
  • Customize states: You can customize how a button looks when it is hovered over or is in an active state.
  • Responsive: They work responsively for major browsers and degrade properly on lower browser versions.


Buttons are basically small components of a page. However, the impact they make on your site design is pretty big. That’s why you should get a WordPress button plugin.

What is your favorite WordPress plugin from the list? Do you think everyone needs to beautiful buttons? Let’s discuss in comments.

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