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ClassiPress WordPress Theme Review & Setup

Last Updated on July 9th, 2021

Published on July 6th, 2013

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This is the second theme from AppThemes I have reviewed, the first was their Job Board theme which I really liked, so I have decided to review their other theme. This one will convert your WordPress installation into a Classified Ads site and is called ClassiPress.

My copy of ClassiPress was provided by AppThemes for this review, if you would like to buy a copy it will cost $69 but we have a money off coupon for you:

The Domain

The domain for this guide is WPADVERTS.com, this is where I have set up the theme for the purpose of this tutorial. You can fully test out the theme and its features there.

Installing the Theme

Once you have WordPress installed, download the theme from AppThemes and unzip it. Inside this zip there is a readme file and another zip file named classipress.zip. In your WordPress admin screen, click “Appearance” > “Themes” > “Install Themes” > “Upload” you will now be presented with an upload box, use this to upload the classipress.zip file.

Now click “Activate” under the ClassiPress theme :

Before we start configuring the theme, visit “Settings” > “Permalinks” and tick “Custom Structure” and enter this in the box : /%postname% that will make the site use nice search engine friendly urls instead of the default WordPress ones.

Configuring the Classifieds Theme

Now that the theme is activated, you will see two new menu options in your WordPress admin sidebar. The first is “ClassiPress”,  this is where you can configure all the options for your site. The other is “Ads”, this is where you can manually add adverts to your site, manage the existinds ads and add advert categories. I will now guide you though all the options for this theme.


The first option of the “ClassiPress” menu is the “Dashboard”, this is where you can view things like: how many adverts are live on the site, your revenue with a daily graph. There is also update news from AppThemes so you can keep your site up to date.


The next option down is the “Settings”, here I will cover the first tab “General”. This is the main options part you will need to setup just once. You can choose the style of your site & choose from 10 different color schemes. Try out these settings and see which you like for your site, the demo site, uses the “Directory Style” homepage layout and the “Red Theme” for the color options.

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After the color options, you have the choice whether to enable a blog with your site and choose a page ID for it. Other options are whether to enable coupons for your site and things like  custom logo, FeedBurner URL, twitter username and tracking code (for something like Google Analytics).

The next section is for Google Maps – here you will need to signup for a Google Maps API key, and enter it here – this will allow your site to display Google map locations with the adverts.

Next up is sections for :

  • Search Settings
  • Category Options
  • Menu Category Options
  • Homepage Category Options

You can leave this as the defaults for now.

The final section is “Classified Ads Messages”, here you can configure the various text around your site – The Homepage message, New advert message and your Terms of Use policy (defaults are provided for you).


The next tab along is “Listings”. Here you have complete control of the listings configuration. It includes things such as whether to allow advert editing, HTML in the ad listing, whether to show a views counter, whether to post adverts live or put them as pending. It also allows you to set images options – how many allowed per advert, maximum size and so on. Try leaving the options here as the defaults and you can tweak them as you go along once you see how your site is being used.

Security Settings

The next tab along is “Security”, here you can choose who has access to the WordPress admin panel or “Back Office” as named here, I would leave that as admin only unless you have staff working for the site who would require it. The next part is for reCaptcha settings, a free Captcha service from Google. I recommend you activate this by signing up for an account and entering your keys that are provided. The last part is a simple security question to again, help prevent spam. You can leave this as default.

Advertising Settings

If you wish to include advertising on your classifieds site, the next tab along is where you can place banners. Simply paste the code into the two boxes – top one for the header banner (468 x 60) and the bottom one for a banner on individual ad pages (336 x 280).

Advanced Settings

The final tab is “Advanced”, you shouldnt have to touch this for now – it contains settings for Javascript, Google’s CDN version of jQuery, cache expiration time, global path variables, taxonomy settings and whether to use Cufon font replacement techniques.


The next item on the “ClassiPress” menu is emails, this is simply where you define when people should receive emails from your site, it also allows you to create a customised welcome email for new registrations.

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The next item on the “ClassiPress” menu is “Pricing”, this is where you control all the aspects of pricing on your classifieds site. First of all, choose whether to charge at all for ad postings – if you choose yes then you can set the next options. You can set a “Featured Ad” price and choose whether to show a slider which contains the featured ads. You can also choose the currency for your site, the currency symbol and the currency symbol position.

There is another tab called “Pricing Model”, here you can choose whether to charge a fixed price for an advert, a price per category or a percentage of the items selling price.

Ad Packs

The next menu item is “Ad Packs” – “Ad Packs allow you to create bundled listing options for your customers to choose from. For example, instead of only offering a set price for xx days (30 days for $5), you could also offer discounts for longer terms (60 days for $7). These only work if you are selling ads and using the “Fixed Price Per Ad” price model.”


If you wish to offer coupon codes, the next menu item is the place to create them. This is a good idea, I’ve found from experience that offering coupon codes really helps conversion rates (thats why I offer one with this review!). You can also submit these to the coupon code websites, like Retail Me Not to get exposure for your site. Click “Add New” and you can then setup your coupon code and various settings like : percentage off, expiry date, max usage etc.


Up next we have “Gateways”, this is how you configure your site to accepta payments. You can enter your Paypal email and enable Paypal IPN payments and also put Wire Transfer instructions if you wish to offer this as a payment option.

Form Layouts

If you wish to create customised advert submission forms then you can do it here. Unless you are offering a niche classifieds site where special fields are required, you can leave this section as the default.

Custom Fields

Tied to the previous section, this is where you can create the custom fields for your site. The theme has created lots of fields by default: Tags, Title, Description, Zip / Postal Code, Street, State, Size, Region, Price, Feedback, Country, City. You can edit these or create some of your own if required.


This is where your payments recieved through the site will be displayed. Will show the payment status, Ad title, description, payment type, amount and date paid.

System Info

Here you can check the details of the web hosting you are using to make sure everything is ok, also allows you the option to delete the ClassiPress database and delete your config options, so leave alone unless you wish to reinstall your site from new.

Ads Menu

The other menu that is added by ClassiPress is “Ads”, in this menu you can :

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  • View All the Ads that are live
  • Add New advert manually
  • Add an Advert Category
  • Add and Advert Tag


Once again I’m impressed with the ClassiPress theme from AppThemes. It was really easy to setup and configure and I think the theme looks great “out of the box”. You could quite easily use one of the default themes that are included and just add your own logo and you have a nice looking Classified Adverts site ready to go.

I can see this being a good add-on for an existing site, if you have regular traffic and a classifieds section would work in your niche its a good way to add an extra income stream. Even if you dont want to charge for adverts, you can still earn some extra income with the advertising, either through banner ads or contextual advertising with something like Google Adsense.

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