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CatFolders Review: An Effortless Way to Manage WordPress Media Files

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

If you’re running a WordPress blog or WooCommerce store, you have probably uploaded hundreds of images to the media library. Perhaps you’ve thrown a few GIFs in there, too—and it’s now a mess inside. To streamline your workflow, it’s crucial to organize these media files for easy retrieval and access during the web creation process.

catfolders review

CatFolders is a WordPress plugin that allows you to organize and manage your files with WordPress media folders. This plugin offers unlimited folders and folder levels to make things convenient on your part. You can drag and drop individual files or move them bulk across folders. Also, you can choose between the WP media grid and list view and search files very quickly. 

catfolders wordpress media folder

But is CatFolders easy to set up and use? Does it allow users to organize WooCommerce media files? What type of sort options are offered by this plugin? 

In this hands-on review of CatFolders, I’ll answer these questions and explain how to use this plugin to store, manage, and find relevant media assets when needed.

CatFolders: Overview & Key Features

CatFolders – WP Media Folders is the perfect organizer for any kind of content you upload to your WordPress site, whether it’s videos, images, or PDFs. It combines the latest technology with the minimum amount of loading elements to offer a fast, flexible, and professional experience. 

The plugin offers a variety of options to determine which folder should be opened on your first visit. You can choose to go back to a specific folder, or always to the most recent one. 

Key features:

  • Drop and drop multiple files
  • Create unlimited main folders 
  • Import categories from other media folder plugins
  • Collapse folder sidebar
  • Sort files by name, created date, etc. (Pro only)
  • Create subfolders (Pro only)
  • Compatibility with third-party page builders and themes

Hands-on With CatFolders

In this section, I’ll show you how to install and configure CatFolders on a WordPress website.
First, download the plugin for CatFolder’s WordPress.org page or the official website. Then, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and choose the .zip file you’ve just downloaded. Now click Install Now > Activate to deploy the plugin.

Accessing the folder tree

Once the plugin is up and running, open the “Media’ and click on ‘Library’ to create and access your folders. Now, you should see different options/elements for adding new folders, deleting folders, renaming folders, sorting options, etc.

catfolders accessing the folder tree

You can collapse the folder sidebar when you need the extra space. Click the arrow button, and CatFolders will hide the folder tree.

catfolders media library

Sorting Options

In CatFolders, sorting options come with default and temporary modes. 

The default mode allows you to set a preferred order for your files and folders, which will be displayed initially. You can sort by manual placement, ascending or descending name.

catfolders sorting options

Temporary mode gives you 16 options for sorting files, including ascending or descending file name, created date, modified date, author. However, temporary sorting will revert back to default once the web page is refreshed.

catfolders sorting options ascending

Choosing the Startup Folder

CatFolders offers a range of options to help you select the most convenient folder within a work session. These include:

  • Previous folder selected: Always go back to the recent folder to quickly start from where you left off.
  • All files: Always display the “All files” folder whenever you visit the media library.
  • Uncategorized: Always show uncategorized media assets so you can continue organizing them.
  • Specific folder: Open a certain folder such as “T-shirts” from your list of created folders.

catfolders choosing the startup folder

Building Subfolders

CatFolders also lets you create subfolders. These come in handy when you have multiple products on your site. For each unique product, you can create subfolders and put their variants in them. For instance, you can create subfolders for “men t-shirts” and “women t-shirts” and use “t-shirts” as the main folder. 

Populating Folders From Different Areas

When using CatFolders, you don’t always have to open the Media library to drag and drop files in your preferred folders. With the plugin’s installation, folders and subfolders are accessible when uploading files or updating products, posts, and pages. 

So if you run a WooCommerce store, you can put product images into the folders directly from product pages.

catfolders populating folders from different areas

Importing from Other Media Folder Plugins

Moving your current folder system from other plugins to CatFolders is easy and efficient. With just one click, all your familiar categories can be transferred and kept in the CatFolders format, including categorization, ordering, permalinks, and other metadata for your WooCommerce media files.

catfolders importing from other media folder plugins

CatFolders can import folders from top plugins such as FileBird, Media Folder, HappyFiles, Folders from Premio, and more.

Set permissions for user roles

Once you upgrade to the advanced version of CatFolders, you can enable a global folder structure where everyone sees the same organization or create folder permissions based on user roles (ideal for ecommerce businesses and multi-vendor marketplace sites).

catfolders set permissions for user roles

CatFolders Compatibility

CatFolders makes files easy to manage due to its compatibility with various page builders and WooCommerce.

Page builder compatibility

CatFolders is compatible with popular themes and page builders like Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Elementor, Oxygen, Divi Builder, Gutenberg, Thrive Architect, and more. It is designed with built-in compatibility and includes hooks and filters for external integrations, ensuring seamless collaboration with multiple plugins on your website.

WooCommerce compatibility

By integrating CatFolders with WooCommerce, you can enjoy a well-organized folder tree without having to navigate through a lengthy media library. The integrated file browser also makes it easy to find the necessary files for product galleries or featured images in variable products.

CatFolders Pricing

CatFolders is a plugin that offers both a free and premium option. The free version is available at no cost for as long as you use it.

The Pro version of CatFolders offers advanced features to enhance your media management experience. These features include:

Advanced Sort Functionality, allowing you to sort files based on various criteria such as names, dates, authors, and more.

Subfolder creation, enabling you to create unlimited subfolders within the main folder.
Improved compatibility with various themes and page builders for a seamless experience.

Yearly pricing options for the Pro version include:

  • $79 for use on one website, annually
  • $99 for use on three websites, annually
  • $199 for use on unlimited websites, annually

If you opt for a lifetime license, prices are as follows:

  • $159 for use on one website
  • $295 for use on three websites
  • $699 for use on unlimited websites

As you can see, CatFolders offers affordable pricing options to suit everyone’s needs.

Final Verdict

At first glance, CatFolders might seem like a standard WordPress media library plugin. But when you start using it, you quickly realize it’s a lot more powerful than other options available in the market.

With this plugin, you can take your media file management to a whole new level. Whether you need to create custom folders, manage them with subfolders, or search for specific media, CatFolders has you covered. 

With this plugin by your side, managing media files should no longer be a challenge. It will help you trim your task list and free up time for more important activities like marketing and sales approach.

Ready to tidy up your media library? 


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