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WooCommerce Booking Plugins of 2024: Find the Perfect Match for Your Website

Last Updated on February 13th, 2024

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Do you own a business and find ways for the client to contact you? These WooCommerce booking plugins might just be what you need.

If you run a company that includes scheduling meetings and schedules, you’ll need a dependable tool to keep track of it. Of course, WordPress and WooCommerce can be used to build an online shop. WooCommerce, on the other hand, does not have a default option for bookings and appointments. As a result, you’ll have to rely on certain extensions to get things done. There are a variety of choices available, each with its own set of features.

Appointments are parts and parcels of all business ventures, from salons and clinics to hotels and consultancy services. Having the ability to schedule an appointment for your service online has become increasingly important in today’s world. 

It’s not about you as a company owner who is constantly busy. That goes for the customers as well. As a result, none of the customers have time to complete anything that would take longer than an hour or two. When you give your customers the option to schedule an appointment, it saves them time and leads to further sales.

Best Woocommerce Booking Plugins

We’ll go through some of the best WooCommerce Booking plugins for appointment scheduling and reservations in this article.

1. Amelia WordPress Appointment

Amelia Lite is a free WordPress appointment booking plugin that allows you to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your website. It’s a great tool for small businesses and individuals that rely on consistent appointment scheduling.

On both the front-end and back-end, Amelia Lite was designed with the most up-to-date Enterprise-level technology, ensuring a smooth and slick user experience. Amelia components use a single-page-app approach, which means they don’t need page reloading, and they were all created with the mobile-first philosophy in mind, which means all of the admin and customer interfaces are fully sensitive.


  • $59


  • Quite low-cost
  • Designed for solopreneurs who depend on bookings.
  • Simple to use


  • There isn’t quite as much functionality as some of the other plugins.

Get Amelia WordPress Appointment

2. JetAppointment


JetAppointment is the premium WordPress appointment booking plugin to help you launch a functional appointment system on your website. This is a great plugin for creating multi-booking forms and a simple appointment reservation system.  With a simple installation wizard, you’ll be guided on creating your first appointment form. You can set days off, add multiple service providers, add working hours and buffer time.

Furthermore, you can manage your appointments in the clean dashboard, where you are up to edit or add new reservations.

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Also, with WooCommerce integration, you can automate payments to receive the payouts via PayPal, Stripe, AmazonPay, or cash.


  • $19


  • Quite low-cost
  • Created for web developers who want to create advanced appointment websites
  • Easy-to-use following the step-by-step installation wizard


  • There is no free version and can be confusing for beginners.

Get JetAppointment

3. Booknetic

Booknetic WooCommerce booking plugin

Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin for various enterprises, such as hotel management, beauty salons, repair shops, and school management systems. The feature-rich platform enables manual effort to be reduced and booking processes entirely automated.

A separate admin dashboard displays business performance, personnel activity, the most booked services, most visited locations, and income earned within the specified period. 

You can define fixed time slots for each appointment, set a group appointment participant limit, and allow or cancel recurring payments based on the service. Another excellent feature of the WooCommerce and appointment booking plugin is that it features a built-in CRM system that stores customer data immediately once they make their first booking. This aids in the collection of client information and establishes a seamless link across marketing initiatives. 

Booknetic makes online transactions easier by integrating with the most popular payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe. WooCommerce integration allows website owners to monetize their sites and sell services straight from them. You can translate the booking panel into any language or make changes to the ready template using the Visual translator module. 


  • Booknetic Regular $79 Booknetic SaaS: $489 


  • The most affordable booking plugin The fixed price for a lifetimeIntuitive design and UI Full automation and customization of booking panel 


  • It does not have a free version.

Get Booknetic

4. Bookly


Bookly is a free WordPress scheduling plugin that allows you to accept online bookings and automate your reservation system. Manage your booking schedule, programs, and client base in one location to save time and money. 

Bookly can be set up without any coding knowledge. You’ll be able to manage the Booking Admin Panel like a pro, authorize and change appointments, and automate your online scheduling so you can focus on what matters most: pleasing your customers and increasing sales.

All in one location, you can customize the layout and appearance of the booking form to fit your company’s website and branding, manage your services and customer list, and submit email and SMS updates.

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Bookly has full WooCommerce integration, allowing you to use all of the online stores’ eCommerce platform’s tools and extensions on your website. This WooCommerce bookings plugin is Google Calendar integrated, so you can easily sync the booking times with your own calendar.


  • $49


  • Saves time because no action is required once the booking is verified.
  • Minimal data input is required due to the user-friendly booking interface.
  • Act on any platform with this responsive booking form.


  • It’s not WooCommerce-specific.
  • The functionality isn’t as good as it is with the official plugin.
  • Support is only accessible for 6 months (Extension available)

Get Bookly

5. BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler - WordPress Booking Plugin

BirchPress is a strong appointment scheduling plugin that makes creating online appointment forms for your business a breeze. You may also send email alerts and reminders to your users when appointments are scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled using this plugin. BirchPress provides a simple and straightforward way to get started.

You have a few choices here. It has a lot of options for making your bookings easier for your users, such as setting up your time zone, date and time format, currency, and booking preferences.

You can also easily change the appearance of your appointment forms. It comes with a plethora of fantastic pre-built models that you can use. If you welcome payments on your website, you can use PayPal to do so as well.

Another common solution for businesses that deal with online bookings and registrations is to Start Booking. You can use this plugin to build a number of services that your users can sign up for. You can also give appointment notifications to your users, delegate tasks to specific employees, and do a lot more to make bookings and registrations as simple as possible for you and your customers.


  • Personal: $99
  • Business: $199
  • Business+: $249


  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Customizable booking form
  • Developer-friendly


  • May experience compatibility issue with plugin scheduling

Get BirchPress Scheduler

6. Sales Igniter WooCommerce Bookings & Tours

Most WooCommerce bookings plugins merely add a calendar to your product page and then a backend page where you can see a table of your bookings. But what about all the other needs of your rental business store? You need a way to edit your orders and rental dates, see daily visually for a month what your inventory is, and track what has been checked out and checked in. That’s where the Sales Igniter WooCommerce Bookings & Tours plugin comes to your rescue.

The WooCommerce booking plugin is power-packed with a round of features. It consists of multiple calendar types, including regular start and end-date date pickers, start date + fixed length style picker, or fixed date and time rentals.

If you are in search of a WooCommerce Bundle and Composite products? Sales Igniter has your back. The plugin is excellent for wanting your customer to rent multiple products simultaneously. Do you have a Camera rental bundle, a baby equipment rental package, or a Wedding / Event rental package that includes multiple products? The plugin can handle all of these things.

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The best thing about the plugin is that it gives you the full source code access, 100% open source code ready to extend and customize


  • Pro Monthly Cost: $99
  • Regular: $399 for a lifetime
  • Pro: $699 for a lifetime


  • Check-in and Check-out Inventory Tracking. It helps you prevent double booking and manage your quotes well.
  • Buffer time before and after rental bookings to account for shipping, cleaning, or processing orders
  • Their product support is outstanding. Therefore, whenever you have any questions or concerns, you can get answers efficiently.
  • It offers a comprehensive admin backend to look after the entire inventory, bookings, and more.


  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • Minor Fixes need to be done to ensure that your software starts working.

Get a complete list of all of our features, pricing, and comparison to other bookings plugins and a live demo to view the customer side and backend.

7. WooCommerce Appointment by Bizzthemes

WooCommerce Appointment by Bizzthemes

Let’s kickstart the list with a plugin that enables you to collect appointment fees or simply appointment requests with a payment delay. With advanced alerts and reminders, you can have a perfectly structured calendar and reduce no-shows. Since the plugin is based on appointments rather than rentals, there will be no confusion during setup, and your customers will be able to schedule appointments with ease.

WooCommerce is used to monitor appointments, and all controls are linked to the eCommerce system. As with no other method, you can view and track your appointments in a well-organized calendar, view your regular and weekly schedule, and manage availability.

You can configure your availability for each calendar date, day, or hour, as well as scheduled breaks for hours and holidays, using the plugin. Additionally, the plugin allows you to change the number of open spots for specific appointment times. This way, you can meet more customers whenever you have the time for it.


  • $89


  • The code is really clean, and the hooks are commented on so that developers can easily customize it.
  • It’s compatible with almost all WooCommerce extensions.
  • The timezone conversion function is incredible, as it automatically converts usable time slots to the visitors’ timezone. Manually changing time zones is also possible.


  • Since this plugin is primarily designed for appointment bookings, it cannot be used for other forms of bookings, such as rentals.

Get WooCommerce Appointment by Bizzthemes

8. Woocommerce Booking

Woocommerce Booking

Customers can book your goods and services online with the WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations plugin. You may add several bookable items, each with a price and availability, to allow customers to book for a specific duration. Customers can easily pick days to reserve a product using a booking calendar. Create additional free or paid services and allocate them to products to increase the website’s revenue. 

You will increase revenue by creating a variety of obligatory and optional bookable services in addition to bookable items.


  • $249 annually


  • WooCommerce’s official plugin
  • The majority of booking options are WooCommerce native, so it works flawlessly.
  • With the add-on library, you can easily update features.


  • There’s just one place to get it.

Get Woocommerce Booking

9. PluginHive Woocommerce Booking

PluginHive Woocommerce Booking

PluginHive’s WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is a powerful plugin that turns your time, goods, or services into a bookable resource.

This WooCommerce Bookings plugin makes it simple for service providers and businesses of all kinds to integrate and empower their WooCommerce platform with a bookings solution for the goods and services they want to sell.

An automatic email is sent to the customer once their booking is verified, and all of the information is synced with the Google Calendar. Under the Bookings section of the WordPress Dashboard, you can further manage (edit, cancel, confirm, etc.) your bookings.


  • 25 Sites = $259.00
  • 5 Sites = $149.00
  • Single Site  = $99.00


  • Save money over large numbers of sites
  • Extremely flexible and functional
  • User-friendly interface
  • Most plugins don’t have as many pricing choices like this one.


  • The customer service isn’t as successful as WooCommerce
  • We’ve experienced a few bugs from time to time
  • We’ve experienced a few bugs from time to time

Get PluginHive Woocommerce Booking

10. YITH WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment

YITH WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment

The YITH Booking and Appointment plugin make it easy to set up an effective booking system for your WooCommerce shop. It enables you to simplify and streamline the booking process for both customers and shop owners. 

This plugin can be used by any type of company that requires a booking system, such as travel agencies, consultants, medical professionals, spa and salon services, and so on. The plugin creates a dynamic booking system that allows you to monitor the timetable, date, and number of people who can book, among other things. It also aids in the efficient management of bookings by including multiple filters to aid in the prioritization of reservations. 


  • Single Site = €199.99
  • 6 Sites = €599.99


  • The plugin includes a booking theme, which saves users time and money by eliminating the need to find a suitable booking theme.
  • The plugin allows you to send an email with all of the status updates, which is useful for people who are interested in booking your product.
  • You can auto-sync the calendar with services like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Booking to prevent overbookings.


  • Beginners would have a difficult time setting up and understanding how the plugin operates.
  • Unlimited sites are not allowed. Only up to a maximum of 30 sites are allowed for now.

Get YITH WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment

11. Tyche Booking and Appointment Booking Plugin

Tyche Booking and Appointment Booking Plugin

Tyche Booking and Appointment Booking Plugin can be used to transform your daily store into a full-featured booking site. With this Tyche software specializing in WooCommerce plugin development, it’s easy to see why this product is one of the best for adding scheduling and booking options to your online store.

Your customers will reserve unique hours or days based on their needs. You can choose different time slots for different days and mark holidays as unavailable globally or locally.

Once a date or day has been reserved, it will become inaccessible. There’s also a function for testing availability in real-time. When many users are testing the availability of the same service, this is extremely useful. Another nice feature of the plugin is the 2-way Google Calendar sync. Both the admin and the customer’s booking calendars will be automatically updated with the booked slots. The booked times can be imported and exported to and from Google Calendar.

All reservations can also be exported as a single CSV, Excel, or PDF file.


  • $119 per 1 year license


  • Guaranteed money-back
  • Digital events with a great UX
  • Real-time booking 
  • It’s compatible with all WooCommerce products


  • The starter edition is deficient in functionality.
  • The paid version isn’t worth it.
  • For a large shop, there isn’t nearly enough functionality

Get Tyche Booking and Appointment Booking Plugin

12. Pinpoint Booking System 

Pinpoint Booking System

It’s just as easy to be the administrator of this booking calendar. Because of its easily manageable, versatile, and intuitive administration area, Pinpoint Booking System is a good fit for both large and small businesses.

The Pinpoint Booking System is the easiest way to help your clients make a reservation – directly from your WordPress website – whether you have a service (accommodation, case, or something else) or product that must be booked in advance. With add-ons, you can customize the booking calendar in any way you want, from the template to the functionalities.

It’s never been easier to schedule a service – with this booking system, your customers can schedule an appointment right on your website, using an AJAX-powered, clean and intuitive calendar with a responsive GUI. 

This booking system simplifies the process of renting a product by allowing you to do so in just a few clicks – all on one page. This booking system is ideal for those who work in the hospitality industry. Reservations may be made for specific days or nights, with morning check-outs available. You can give your customers special amenities or facilities, as well as discounts and coupons.


  • 1 site =  $70/year


  • Notifications for Booking Request
  • Support multi-languages and currencies
  • Affordable


  • Limited functionality

Get Pinpoint Booking System 

13. RnB Woocommerce Booking and Rental Plugin

RnB Woocommerce Booking and Rental Plugin

Sounds groovy, yeah?

This plugin aids in the development of your booking company and is extremely simple to install and configure. You will be able to rent vehicles, bicycles, clothing, equipment, and other things. It is also one of the most common WooCommerce Booking Plugins. This allows you to add an unlimited number of rental items, set your own prices, and manage and block your calendar. It also has a “request for quote” feature. 

The consumer will be able to bargain, and you will be able to set custom pricing for that person. It comes with a slew of features, including hourly range pricing, inventory management and combinations, and unlimited payable resources and people. This plugin is completely compliant with the most recent versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.


  • $29


  • Affordable
  • Installation is easy
  • The customer would find it extremely simple to use


  • Rentals are great, but bookings are not good

Get RnB Woocommerce Booking and Rental Plugin

What’s Your Favorite Woocommerece Booking Plugin?

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is a popular plugin that has recently aided a large number of customers. Which is fantastic if you’re looking for one. And it makes perfect sense to choose a plugin that is well-known, has positive feedback, provides excellent support, and has some of the most advanced features available.

You are always open to new bookings

Your customers are free to visit your website at any time. As a result, you should be ready to accept their booking request in any way. In this scenario, an automated booking system can be extremely beneficial.

You can offer four booking durations.

There are only one or two booking durations in several WordPress or WooCommerce booking plugins. Which, in turn, makes them ineffective for businesses that need reservations for specific times. For example, if you provide 40-minute educational classes, there is no unique plugin to assist you with this.

However, you can do so with the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. Yes, you read that correctly. There are four booking durations available in the plugin: minute(s), hour(s), day(s), and month (s). As a result, you can set any booking time you want, whether it’s 40 minutes, 39 minutes, or even 5 days. You can also sell bookings for months, just to give you an idea of its upper potential.

You can let them know when you’re available and when you’re unavailable.

You, as a business owner, understand the value of taking a break from work. Working in your office and handling your company every day will quickly deplete your battery. It is also appropriate to take a break and spend time with family and friends. But how can you tell your customers that a specific service’s bookings are unavailable?

Booking Availability is clearly one of the USPs of this plugin. This feature lets you set multiple availability rules, and with the right combinations, you can let your customers know what days or hours are not bookable. Customers can further select the available slots and pay for the necessary booking amount.

You can try this plugin and see if it really suits your needs for your store! 

It’s a Wrap!

The WordPress Booking & Appointment plugins listed above are just a few of the many available booking plugins. Each of them is capable of developing a cutting-edge, comprehensive booking system that will propel the company forward.

When it comes to choosing a WordPress booking plugin, working with samples of each plugin is the best way to go. There isn’t a single plugin that can meet the needs of every company. Check how much those plugins are modified.

As a result, conduct extensive research to determine which features are important and which you can do without.

We hope that this post helps you identify and decide which Woocommerce Booking Plugin you will use for your services. Let us know how it goes! :)

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