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35 Best Minimalist Website Themes to Elevate Your Website Style

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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Looking for the best WordPress minimalist themes for your website? If so, read on. Over the years, people have found it harder and harder to focus on content. This is why minimalist themes and motifs have emerged into popularity, especially on an online platform. With simplicity, cleanliness, and sophistication in mind, users can now view and focus on content without working their minds too hard.

Best WordPress Minimalist Themes

That said, this is the best approach to take if you’re starting a website, a portfolio, or an e-Commerce business. So, let’s dive into the best minimalist WordPress themes for this year and find one that suits you best. You’ll be surprised how a well-organized system can draw people into everything else that you have to offer.


Among the many WordPress multipurpose themes, Divi is a deftly beautiful and profoundly attractive theme for all kinds of content. It was specifically designed as a generic all-purpose system.


  • a straightforward and mobile-friendly design.
  • Access free design customizing tools.
  • The website builder is fast, clean, and responsive.
  • Many workable templates for a variety of use and aesthetics.


  • When designing with longer pages, operations slow down.
  • It does not include a pop-up builder

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Astra is among the best minimalist multipurpose themes that are easy to set up, load quickly, and support an e-Commerce system. Using this robust theme, you can quickly and easily build a professional company website, even for novices and beginners in the online business industry.


  • The system includes support for eCommerce functions
  • Highly customizable
  • Convenient site-building with 1-click settings
  • Affordable subscription for beginners


  • Limited features for the free version
  • Cannot accommodate high traffic

Get Astra

Qi Theme

Designed by an award-winning WordPress theme studio, Qi Theme provides the experience of using a premium theme at no cost. Even though it comes with a stunning 100 demos, Qi Theme was built to be light and customizable and gives you everything you need to easily launch any type of website. 


  • Developed using highest coding standards
  • Comes with many adjustable layout styles
  • Function-specific elements for utmost customizability
  • Access to video tutorials 


  • Only compatible with Elementor page builder

Get Qi Theme


OceanWP has a highly optimized minimalist theme to add to your collection. It provides you with the ability to customize the appearance of your website without having to rework the coding or getting technical. Aside from being designed to support e-Commerce, it can also accommodate site creation with other page and website builders. Once fully installed, it is fully responsive for faster customization.


  • It comes with unlimited color schemes and attractive sliders
  • Offers e-Commerce and customer support
  • Design is fully responsible


  • Page building methods still need improvement
  • This is a fairly new theme and may need more updates

Get OceanWP

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Olsen Light

If you prefer something that’s easy on the eyes, then this lightweight minimalist WordPress theme is for you. Elegant, classic, and clean, the Olsen Light was ideally designed for blogs of every niche. While it is straightforward, it offers many convenient features to ensure smoother navigation and overall use.


  • Compatible with other website builders
  • Highly responsive and effective for organizing content
  • Allows full use of WordPress Customizer


  • Not the best theme for HD video and animation imports

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SeedProd allows you to quickly and simply build a unique minimalist design for your website without the need to engage a developer. Furthermore, the templates are extremely customizable, allowing you to design and operate your website precisely as you want it.


  • One of the best website builders of WordPress
  • Simplified drag and drop customization
  • Convenient navigation and bloat-free coding
  • It offers good landing pages


  • Not compatible with other page builders
  • The free version has very limited features

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Laura Lite

If your preferences lean towards the gentle and the feminine, then the Laura Lite theme will work best for you. Versatile and suitable for various content, its minimalist aesthetic allows its users to explore their creativity. Not only is it beautiful, but it also showcases functionality without having to break the bank.


  • Support HD import and uploads
  • Highly responsive interface
  • Comes with convenient features like icons, highlights, subscription boxes, and more.


  • Customer service for troubleshooting may take a while
  • Some features are only available on premium

Get Laura Lite


This is a beautiful streamlines theme that is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes because it emphasizes the presentation of imagery and content. Its primary and stylish design, along with careful consideration for eye-catching typography, making it a great portfolio builder.


  • Speedy and responsive website operations
  • An effective e-Commerce visual builder
  • Includes color customizable page templates
  • It comes in a masonry grid layout


  • Too many customization options that may prove intimidating
  • The loading speed can be improved

Get Elegant


As its name suggests, this minimalist WordPress theme showcases a bright and breathable layout that is simple and soothing to the eye. While it has a classic vibe, it can easily be transformed into a professional just by tweaking a few customization settings.


  • Comes with convenience features like highlights, social account icons, email list sign-up, and the like.
  • One of the best minimalist WordPress themes for blogs
  • Versatile layout for all content types


  • HD uploads and imports may cause slower loading time
  • Free support is limited is 6 months

Get Kokoro

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Border, one of the best minimalist WordPress themes, makes use of the HD fullscreen trend to provide a spectacular platform for photographers. This is specially designed with pictures and aesthetics in mind, but not much for content.


  • Compatible and highly responsive for all devices
  • The minimalist design allows for full-impact of imagery
  • Utilizes page transition and animations


  • Page loading may be compromised by imported material
  • Not as compatible with other page builders

Get Border


Gillion is a gorgeously clean theme that is easy to manage and modify due to comprehensive instructions and well-organized coding. It is ideal for presenting your content in a visually appealing manner.


  • The ideal display for image and content tandems
  • It comes with accommodating customer assistance
  • Compatible and responsive to all devices


  • It does not come with a Gutenberg optimization
  • May not be compatible with other page builders

Get Gillion


One of the few minimalist WordPress themes that offer live editing is Folie. As a result, it is easy to use, has a basic responsive layout, and is intuitive. Folie was created with novice and expert users in mind, having different settings for each.


  • The first-ever live theme that allows quick saving.
  • Makes it simple to copy and paste elements.
  • Versatile and fit for every kind of user
  • Offers free updates and support


  • It may take a little longer to load than other themes
  • Multiple customization settings may be confusing

Get Folie

Studio 8

Studio 8 is a minimalist theme that provides you with access to a comprehensive documentation source that claims to explain all of the theme’s functions upon installation. Moreover, it provides a great content slider for individuals that want to display their information in an approachable and readable way.


  • Comments are allowed, thus encouraging reader engagement
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Fast loading with live previews


  • This is not the best option for customer support quality
  • User experience may not be as easy

Get Studio 8


Uncode is a minimalist multipurpose theme that is both contemporary and responsive. Its collection of professionally visually created sample websites and page templates is an obvious option for minimalist customers seeking a clean and simple website design.


  • The best option if users are looking to go live ASAP
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Clear and responsive interface


  • Customer support only lasts 6 months
  • The theme needs optimization for better loading speed

Get Uncode

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Designed with Retina-Ready HD tech, Arnold is a theme that is compatible with animation and WooCommerce. Arnold positions itself as a platform for online businesses with a functional search toolbar and an SEO-optimized content system.


  • Mobile-friendly design with regular updates for free
  • Includes effective promotion tags, header, and layouts
  • Can support heavy format materials like images and video
  • A great choice for a visual portfolio


  • It May take longer to load
  • Customer assistance is not always available

Get Arnold


It’s the ideal theme for creative users to try out Adios, a minimalist theme that showcases a visually expressive website-builder that is detailed and responsive. Adios has a cohesive visual interface that welcomes and guides visitors.


  • A top preference for a lightweight and simple design
  • The simplified visual customization process
  • Seamless display with neatly laid out content


  • The free subscription comes with limited features
  • It comes with fewer demos than other themes

Get Adios


Kalium is the best minimalist WordPress theme to use for your blog or your portfolio. Kalium has a great list of features to a close, including galleries, presentations, sliders, and effects. Those who purchase this theme will get a professional content organizer and website builder plugin.


  • Has no additional fees for demo content
  • Allows for maximum creative customization opportunities
  • It comes with great templates, sliders, and transition effects


  • Users need to buy the theme before customizing
  • It can be quite expensive
  • Layouting features need improvement

Get Kalium


Even at first glance, Soledad is a lovely and simple WordPress blog akin to a magazine website theme. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it is a strong and versatile theme borne out of minimalist design philosophy.


  • SEO-optimized system to support content
  • Simple navigation without the need for coding knowledge
  • Ideal for magazine type layouts and styles


  • The theme does not come with 24-hour customer support
  • Troubleshooting may be difficult

Get Soledad

Anariel Lite

If you’re looking for a theme with a basic design that is both visually attractive and simple to use, Anariel Light is the way to go. Its interface is user-friendly, allowing enough space for information to guide your website visitor, with your images placed front and center.


  • The workable theme for beginner blogs and portfolios
  • A staple for WordPress users
  • Works well for text, excerpts, and the like


  • Not the best choice for imagery and visual showcase
  • Too much information may be on the landing page

Get Anariel Lite

Baltazar Lite

Another blogger-designed WordPress theme is Baltazar Lite. Minimalist, lightweight, yet straightforward, this theme offers a mellow masculine vibe to suit niches of similar wavelengths. Its versatile design also allows you to explore a variety of aesthetic options.


  • Theme is GPL licensed and free to use
  • Plenty of personalization options
  • Convenient features include social icons and neat font sets


  • This is not the best option for customer support quality

Get Baltazar Lite


Another lightweight WordPress theme in this list is also designed with bloggers and content creators in mind. It is generally characterized by plenty of visual breathing space to allow for your images to pop. It comes with plenty of personalization features, including infinite scrolling, featured content, and more.


  • One of the ideal themes for travel blogs
  • Mobile-friendly and translation-ready
  • Allows use of jetpack modules and supports AMP


  • It does not come with an autoplay video feature
  • Customer assistance is not available all the time

Get Miniva

NS Minimal

Here’s another favorite amongst bloggers of every genre and niche. NS Minimal is a lightweight and responsive theme that helps your content rank in search engines. Clean and simple, it comes with plenty of customizable options so users can exercise their creativity.


  • SEO and user-friendly interface
  • Translation-ready and responsive system
  • Mobile optimized with many features like icons, widgets, and support.


  • It may be too simple for veteran bloggers
  • Customer support is not available 24/7

Get NS Minimal


Adaptable and sustainable, the Maicha theme from WordPress is an efficient choice for bloggers of every caliber and genre. Designed with fewer distractions, Maicha can accommodate HD imagery and video imports, as well as heavy text content.


  • The system is translation-ready and search engine optimized
  • simple to use and customize
  • Highly responsive and easy to navigate


  • The free version doesn’t unlock many good features
  • Loading times may slow down due to HD uploads

Get Maicha


Bask in the symmetry and balance offered by the Hitchcock theme. This minimalist WordPress theme displays imagery and pictures in squares, reducing the visual clutter to a minimum. We consider this one of the all-time best of portfolios.


  • Supports the Gutenberg editor
  • It comes with neat features like infinite scrolling
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Optimized for mobile and SEO


  • May not display text content well
  • It May take longer to load due to HD imports

Get Hitchcock


With its streamlined and sophisticated design, we consider this one of the best minimalist WordPress themes for people who just want to get their website done. Setup doesn’t require a lot of work, and operations are lightning-fast and efficient. This certainly is great for both beginners and experts.


  • Versatile minimalist design
  • Supported by e-Commerce feature
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg editor
  • Matches with other website builders


  • Customer service may take a while to respond
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of customization options

Get Apex


As its name suggests, Maker stands as one of the best minimalistic WordPress themes specifically designed for visual artists, photographers, and designers. It comes with crisp typography and a traditional grid layout structure.


  • Timeless and contemporary aesthetic
  • Professional design with fewer distractions
  • Ideal for users in the creative industry


  • Not the best theme for text
  • HD material may cause slower loading times

Get Maker


Businesses, agencies, or corporate entities may find this theme effective because of its versatility. That said, Spacious is appropriately named, given its lightning-fast and professionally-coded interface that also works well for portfolios and blogs.


  • Comes with reliable customer support
  • Translation ready with a fast loading speed
  • A responsive platform that is optimized for mobile use


  • Not the best for photography
  • Limited page layouts

Get Spacious

Monochrome Pro

Monochrome Pro features a beautiful style that is both eye-catching and versatile, with incredible customization options. It was designed to support automated setup and material import. It also encourages third-party plugins.


  • E-Commerce support allows for enhanced revenue
  • It comes with a live preview for changes
  • Allows for color scheme adjustment


  • A new theme that may require more updates
  • Fewer customization options

Get Monochrome Pro


An eclipse is a popular option among a wide range of people. This minimalist portfolio theme is basic, yet it is packed with functionality, allowing you to create a big impression on your visitors without overwhelming them.


  • a great choice for visual artists and photographers
  • Responsive and compatible on all devices
  • Image sliders are customizable and rotating


  • It cannot handle heavier content and elements and may crash
  • It can only ideally accommodate Java

Get Eclipse


Thinker keeps things appearing clean and allows the reader to concentrate on your information by minimizing the presence of additional distracting items on the page. Having said that, this simple theme by Anariel Design is a fantastic system for blogs and portfolios.


  • It comes with helpful customer support and e-Commerce compatibility
  • The system is translation-ready
  • Can be used immediately after 1-click demo import


  • Cannot handle heavy user traffic
  • Fewer customization options than other themes

Get Thinker


In terms of web design, Uniq takes a multipurpose approach with a clean and simple appearance. An utterly functional website can be set up in minutes – thanks to the many preset demos and numerous internal pages provided by the theme.


  • Uses an effective drag and drop technique
  • Simplified personalization process
  • It comes with a powerful admin dashboard
  • Includes full SEO to support content


  • Customer assistance takes a while to respond
  • It offers a lot of personalization options which may be intimidating

Get Uniq

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic minimalist wordpress themes

Massive Dynamic is a minimalist WordPress theme that is contemporary and simple in design. Its pristine, content-first presentation results in beautiful, simple websites that load extremely quickly and function flawlessly regardless of the intensity of traffic load.


  • Highly responsive despite accommodating high-definition material
  • Effective use of website space
  • Simple and breathable layout


  • It doesn’t come with a theme building feature
  • It does not include an e-Commerce builder

Get Massive Dynamic


Merchandiser minimalist wordpress themes

In order to operate at the high productivity levels in the eCommerce industry without missing a beat, the Merchandiser has been outfitted with several plugins, complex tools, and efficient systems that are not found in any other platform.


  • Simplified drag and drop customization
  • Overall easy set up for a styling design
  • Ideal for product image gallery setups
  • An efficient choice for e-Commerce pages with high traffic


  • Not a considerable multipurpose theme
  • Offers limited features for the given subscription
  • Only effective for e-commerce and business pages

Get Merchandiser


Opta minimalist wordpress themes

This theme is the optimal choice for showcasing your content professionally and beautifully. The layout will be clean and straightforward, emphasizing presentation so that you may showcase your work.


  • An ideal choice for photographers and visual artists
  • The layout supports all formats and modifications.
  • Compatible with a wide range of browsers


  • Only ideal for imagery showcasing
  • Replaced placeholders may change the impact

Get Opta


Zoli minimalist wordpress themes

Using a minimalist WordPress theme, like Zoli, guarantees to make your online shop launch much easier. With this Zoli, you can create a purchasing experience that is seamless, pleasurable, and engaging for customers.


  • Serves as a clean lookbook for fashion products
  • Fully responsive and optimized for search engine and speed
  • Highly compatible with various browsers


  • Customer assistance is not available 24 hours
  • Most ideal only for fashion-related content

Get Zoli


Proton minimalist wordpress themes

When using this theme, you will not be required to put a lot of time or effort into developing your website design. Using Proton, you will be able to promote your efforts and projects uniquely, as it is one of the finest minimalist WordPress themes available.


  • An effective layout with pre-designed elements
  • Live-ready and prepared for immediate launch
  • It offers a good business website format


  • It doesn’t come with a lot of customization options
  • A simple theme without a lot of features

Get Proton


Bridge minimalist wordpress themes

A website built with Bridge is effective for almost any project you can think of. There are no restrictions with this theme, which makes it very versatile. In addition to creating online portfolios and eCommerce pages, Bridge can also help you create blogs and company websites.


  • Encourages creative and imaginative customization
  • It offers a seamless user experience
  • An effective venue to express a signature style
  • User-friendly interface


  • It doesn’t come with a live preview
  • Beginners may find it confusing to set up

Get Bridge


Ocularus minimalist wordpress themes

With its simple design, Ocularus is a photography and visual-based theme that emphasizes the presentation of portfolio pictures in an attractive way. This clean and simple layout allows users to focus on the content, which can be enhanced with an effective design.


  • Includes a child theme
  • Highly compatible with other plugins and page builders
  • It works on all browsers and is widget-ready
  • Can support HD imagery and animation


  • This is not Gutenberg optimized
  • Customer support is only until 6 months

Get Ocularus


Art minimalist wordpress themes

The latest version of the Art offers a buildable website well-suited to designers, artists, agencies, and photographers. Consider it one of the best minimalist WordPress themes if you’re curating content for a shop, a gallery, or a portfolio.


  • Unlimited free upgrades
  • The template library is convenient and simple to use
  • Multipurpose design for increased versatility
  • Retina-ready design and compatible with all devices


  • May required latest updates for enhanced content builder
  • It does not come with a free version

Get Art


Foodica minimalist wordpress themes

Food is among the best and most powerful platforms for developing food-related blogs, recipe websites, and cooking magazines. It is a responsive theme filled with features that help you showcase content that can be customized to style using a recipe index, stunning sliders, and various color schemes. It is also equipped with eCommerce integration and a retina-ready layout.


  • The ideal theme for foodies, chefs, and recipe makers
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor and other mobile devices
  • The theme options panel is advanced and detailed


  • May require more updates to enhance performance
  • It can be quite expensive for beginners

Get Foodica

What’s Your Favorite Minimalist WordPress Theme?

That said, we’ve listed the best minimalist WordPress themes we encountered this year. Our collection of themes match a variety of needs, preferences, and purposes. In line with that, we aim to help you discover the perfect theme for your website ultimately. Good luck and express your creativity with the best WordPress themes in the market.

Over the years, people have found it harder and harder to focus on content. This is why minimalist themes and motifs have emerged into popularity, especially on an online platform. With simplicity, cleanliness, and sophistication in mind, users can now view and focus on content without working their minds too hard.

That said, this is the best approach to take if you’re starting a website, a portfolio, or an e-Commerce business. So, let’s dive into the best minimalist WordPress themes for this year and find one that suits you best. You’ll be surprised how a well-organized system can draw people into everything else that you have to offer.

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