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ZPLUS Theme Review – Lots of Customization at an Affordable Price

Last Updated on April 19th, 2021

Published on August 23rd, 2016


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Brace yourselves. This one’s gonna be a big one…

Today, I’m checking out the ZPLUS WordPress theme from Zolo Themes. It’s got a massive amount of customization options, so bear with me as I try to dig into everything.

ZPLUS comes with Visual Composer + Ultimate add ons and Slider Revolution built in. Its goal is to be a fully responsive, totally drag and drop theme.

ZPLUS can be used for pretty much any type of site – I’d say Zolo Themes has done a great job of making it versatile and multi-purpose.

Speaking of Zolo Themes…they’re a WordPress theme shop who have released about twelve free themes. ZPLUS marks their foray into the premium theme arena. And with the number of features the theme offers, I’m guessing it’s been in the works for quite some time.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get going…

ZPLUS Theme Features

  • 11+ header variations
  • Unlimited design combinations
  • Visual Composer + Ultimate Add ons
  • Slider Revolution
  • Super detailed admin menu
  • Detailed options for posts and pages
  • Translation ready
  • 4k icons included
  • Tabs for portfolios, testimonials, and teams
  • WooCommerce support
  • Lifetime support
  • Lifetime updates
  • And a lot, lot more

ZPLUS Theme Demos

Before I get into installing and customizing the theme, I want to show you some examples of what the completed project can look like. These are from the official ZPLUS demo. Note, these are by no means the only designs you can create. I’m only scratching the surface with these screenshots…

Here’s the homepage:


Here’s an example of one of the blog styles:

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Here’s a one column portfolio:


And finally, an example of WooCommerce with ZPLUS:


I definitely think the looks are stylish. And the variety of styles you can pull off with the theme are pretty broad (basically unlimited!). Spend a few minutes poking around their full demo site to see how versatile ZPLUS can be.

Installing the ZPLUS Theme

After you install the theme, you’ll be prompted to install and activate all the necessary plugins as well:


Once those are good to go, you can get straight to customizing. There are a lot of options.

A lot.

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Unfortunately (in my opinion), the theme uses a custom admin panel, rather than the WordPress Customizer. I think because there are so many options, it would be a lot easier to configure some things in the WordPress Customizer, rather than having to keep saving and refreshing to see the changes.

Still, the theme gives you a ton of options. You can set up pretty much everything.

Here’s a look at the full list of options:


At first, the list might be a bit overwhelming, but as you start moving through the options you get a feel for how everything fits together.

For example, you might first select the premade header style you want to use (ZPLUS comes with over 11 premade header styles!):


And then move on to choose the menu which sits below the header:


This admin panel basically functions similar to the Customizer, so if you’re familiar with customizing a theme with that, you should have no problems getting up and running with ZPLUS.

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It will definitely take some time to go through everything, but that’s the tradeoff that comes with so many customization options. Once you get it set up, you’re good to go. So it’s really only a one-time investment.

Setting up Portfolios

ZPLUS makes it especially easy to set up and manage a portfolio. First, you need to set up portfolio options within the admin panel:


And then you can use the special portfolio custom fields to set everything up on the frontend:


The premade portfolio styles are definitely a great touch for anyone who wants to showcase their work.

Zolo Options

When you create any post, you’ll have access to a bunch of customizations with Zolo Options:


You can toggle things like author info boxes, social share buttons, and a whole lot more.

On the other tabs, you can also easily bring in sliders from Slider Revolution, toggle the display for your header/footer/sidebar, etc.

Build Pages with Visual Composer

When you create a new page, you can use Visual Composer to build your own page with drag and drop. If you’ve ever used Visual Composer before, you know what to expect.

Just add the elements you want and manipulate them in real time. You can work either in the backend or the frontend depending on your preferences:


Note, you still have access to Zolo Options to configure some settings for the page as a whole:


I like these options for some extra customization. I think they’re easy to work with and can come in handy when you want to change how a single page or post looks.

ZPLUS Pricing

ZPLUS is definitely affordably priced at only $49. Before I started the review, I was expecting the price to be higher based on the feature list.

That $49 also gets you lifetime support and upgrades, which makes it an even better deal.


On the pricing front, ZPLUS gets two thumbs up from me.

ZPLUS Support and Documentation

As I mentioned, you get lifetime support when you purchase the theme. Support seems to be currently done exclusively through their support forum.

You’ll also have access to documentation. Right now, that documentation is fairly sparse, though I’m hoping Zolo Themes will build it out more as the theme matures. Right now it’s mainly just screenshots without a lot of explaining text.

Final Thoughts

ZPLUS has a lot of options. It’s a double edged sword. I think the number of options can definitely be overwhelming. Integrating them into the WordPress Customizer would’ve done a lot to help alleviate this feeling. It feels a lot more overwhelming when you can’t preview the changes you make in real-time.

But, there’s no denying you have a ton of power. You can customize things to a huge degree and create some really beautiful sites.

I definitely recommend you browse around their full demo page to see everything you can do. There are far too many options to list in a single review.

Final verdict…

The theme is affordably priced for the number of customization options that you get. And you can create some versatile and beautiful designs…if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and put in some heavy-duty sweat equity to customize everything.

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.