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YayExtra Review: Give Your Customers Extra Options for Product Personalization

Last Updated on January 4th, 2024

Picture this: You’re shopping for a smartphone cover and stumble across a beautiful online shop. This shop has the cover for your specific smartphone model, but it’s only in one color—yellow—and has no design. You prefer to have it in red and feature a quote, but don’t see an option to personalize the product. And so, you exit the store and search for the item elsewhere.

yayextra review a extra options for product

The same could happen on your WooCommerce store if you don’t offer extra product options. I say this because modern customers expect businesses to prioritize these offerings, from customized products to dynamic pricing based on user selection.

Enters YayExtra, a WooCommerce plugin that makes it easy to add more options to your products.

yayextra woocommerce tab inside wordpress

With this tool, you can offer extra addons like custom canvas prints, personal engraving, gifts, personalized items, and print-on-demand products. Plus, YayExtra allows you to use conditional logic to show/hide custom product sections if all or any of several conditions are met.

But is it easy to set up and use? What other options can you offer to customers? How much does the plugin cost?

In this hands-on review of YayExtra, I will answer these questions and offer more information about the plugin. Once you’ve finished reading, you will be able to install and configure the plugin in no time.

YayExtra: Overview and Key Features

The YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin lets you create addon fields for product forms. These fields follow a variety of criteria to validate the input data. Also, you can customize the fields to fit your website design.

Some of the handy field types available in YayExtra:

  • Text field: Allow customers to enter custom information, such as names, phone numbers, or personal messages.
  • Drop-down list: A menu from which customers can choose one or more options.
  • Checkboxes: Give customers the option to select multiple items from a list.
  • Swatches: Display multiple color and image options, such as fabric types and colors, for customers to select from.
  • Radio button: An option that offers several choices for customers to select one option.
  • Date picker: A field that enables customers to select a specific date for delivery, birthdays, or anniversaries.
  • File upload: Allow customers to upload images or other graphic files.

You can also add a conditional logic field to include the fee for extra services like gift wrapping, insurance coverage, printing fees, and so on. Plus, you can link related products to boost revenue via upselling and cross-selling.

Hands-On with YayExtra

In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to configure and use YayExtra on a WooCommerce website.

First, download YayExtra from YayCommerce’s website or the plugin’s WordPress.org page. Then, go to the plugins section in your WordPress admin and upload the zip file. Now click Install plugin > Activate plugin to deploy YayExtra on your site.

You should now see a new menu for YayExtra in the WooCommerce tab inside WordPress. Click it to begin the setup process.

Hands-On with YayExtra

Creating New Options

YayExtra offers a simple way to add fresh product options. To do so, open the plugin and click “Add New option set.” Then, write the option set name and description (for example, necklace options) and move the toggle to the right to make them active.

yayextra creating new options

The next step is to click the “Options” tab. This is where you can edit the option’s name (label) and type in the dropdown menu. You can choose any option type, such as text, checkbox, button, swatches, etc. YayExtra lets you drag and drop the option sets—you can arrange them in any order you prefer.

 yayextra options

Customizing Product Options

YayExtra also lets you add other custom fields like product sizes, order date, display conditions to your option sets. 

To explain how to do this, I will use one of the option sets I created while testing the plugin.
To customize the option set, click “Option values.” For instance, I clicked this setting for the colors set—it then asked me to “Choose a color” that I preferred.

yayextra customizing product options

Also, I saw fields for entering additional descriptions and costs, as well as one for stock quantity.

Adding Conditions Based on Visitors’ Actions

After you’ve created the option sets, you can apply discounts or fees by creating action triggers based on different conditions.

For instance, you can create a rule, “If shoppers choose 20mm length, charge them $10 extra in fees.” You can set the conditional logic as well as the follow-up rule inside the “Action” tab.

yayextra customizing product options conditions

Assigning Option Sets to Products

After you’re done creating your product options and custom fields, assign the option sets to your items to publish them.

YayExtra gives you two ways to do this:

  • Select products one-by-one
  • Select products by Conditions

One by one route

You can choose items one by one manually, use a product filter, or select an entire tag or category.
Once the products are set, click “Set as Assigned” > “Save” to get the options published.

yayextra assigning option sets to products one by one route

Clicking the “Assigned” tab lets you check whether your option set is assigned to your product. 

Additionally, you can click the item’s name to see how the product options look in a live state.

yayextra assigning option sets to products one by one route step 2

Condition route

Another way to integrate product options is to add multiple filters for listing all relevant item lists. Then insert the filter and click Save. You can click “View Matched Products” to see if your choice of products matched in the list.

YayExtra Pricing

YayExtra is a freemium plugin for WooCommerce websites.

However, a Pro version of YayExtra also exists. Those who go with it get advanced product add-ons like image swatches, file upload, time picker, and more. Additionally, you need YayExtra Pro to use an existing product as another product’s option or swatch.

YayExtra Pro license costs:

  • Single site – $59 yearly or $199 lifetime
  • 3 sites – $129 yearly or $299 lifetime
  • Unlimited sites – $199 yearly or $699 lifetime

The plugin is packed with several customization options so you can tailor the new product fields to your preferred WooCommerce themes. 

The fields are also mobile responsive, creating an enhanced shopping experience for smartphone users. All these things will complement the customer’s initial purchase.

Final Verdict

Offering extra product options is a great way to add versatility to your WooCommerce store.

You can position yourself as a brand that cares for its customers. At the same time, you can enjoy higher average order values by charging for options separately.

YayExtra offers the easiest route to setting up custom product options in your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can even create a group of product options and assign them to product pages in bulk.  

Stop showing static products to your customers.


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