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YayCurrency Review: Localize Your WooCommerce Product Prices for More Conversions

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

As a WooCommerce store owner, you can sell your products in different countries worldwide. Thanks to the possibilities created by eCommerce, your customer base is no longer limited to your own region or language. 

But cross-border customers have their own set of expectations, with an interesting one being that 92% of shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that price in their local currency. To fulfill this expectation, you must localize your prices to make it easier for people to make buying decisions. 

YayCurrency is a powerful WooCommerce multi-currency switcher that automatically converts prices from USD to your customers’ local currencies. It supports all currency units in the world and helps shoppers know how much they’re spending. Plus, YayCommerce allows visitors to change currencies manually in case they want to pay in one other than their own.

yaycurrency woocommerce product prices

But does YayCurrency have an uncomplicated setup? Can you use it anywhere besides your product pages? What about the exchange rate between currencies? 

In this hands-on YayCurrency review, I’ll answer these questions and explain how you can start using the multi-currency switcher on your WooCommerce site.

YayCurrency: Overview & Key Features

YayCurrency is a modular multi-currency plugin, which means you can configure its features via simple on/off switches. It comes with capabilities to convert wholesale and retail pricing, show $.n99 prices instead of whole numbers, and view reports based on used currencies.

YayCurrency offers multiple display positions. You can display it on your product page, blog post, navigation bar, and even in WordPress widgets. Placing the currency switcher on your store’s optimal points can help supercharge your conversion rates.

YayCurrency’s other key features include:

  • Super cool currency switcher with crisp flags, currency codes, and symbols
  • Supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Has built-in GeoIP to auto-detect customer’s location and show prices in their local currency
  • Displays store performance based on currency
  • Allows currency switching during the checkout phase

Hands-on With YayCurrency

Coming over to the fun part, let’s see how to install and use YayCurrency on a WooCommerce website.

First, download YayCurrency from YayCommerce’s website or the plugin’s WordPress.org page. Once done, upload the plugin’s zip file in WordPress and then install and activate the plugin.
YayCurrency’s menu should now appear in the WordPress tab inside your WordPress admin. Click it to start configuring the plugin.

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yaycurrency configuration in wordpress

Manage Currency

The first tab in YayCurrency lets you change the default currency and add new ones based on your preferences. There are multiple currencies to choose from, with YayCommerce setting the exchange rate of other currencies based on your default currency. If you want to use a fixed exchange rate, you can manually set one in the Rate tab.

Other options include:

  • Preview – Shows how the currency will appear
  • Fee – You can include an extra amount to compensate for currency differences. This can be added as a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Action – This tab is for configuring the currency’s format. Clicking it brings up options for changing the currency’s symbol position, code position, thousand separator, decimal separator, number of decimals, and rounding.

Recycle bin – You can remove any currency from the list by clicking the recycle bin icon.

yaycurrency convert to customer's local currencies.

If you choose to round the currency, you can select from the following options: Nearest, Down, and Up. Plus, there are thresholds like 0.10, 0.50, 1.10, 100, and 1,000 available. You can deduct some amount from the rounded and converted price by adding a small figure in the minus option field. 

Note that your prices can end up in amounts like 0.49 or 0.99. You can use the testing option to confirm custom rounding and subtraction results. 

Checkout Options

In this section, you can toggle on/toggle off the currencies you want to display/hide on the front end of your store. Whatever currencies you added in the Manage Currency tab will be listed here. 

Most currencies work with all of WooCommerce’s native payment methods. This means you can localize the shopping experience regardless of how shoppers prefer to pay.

yaycurrency checkout in different currencies

Display Options

This section lets you choose where you want to display the currency switcher.

The default setting displays it on a single product page, but you can toggle off that option if you prefer to show it elsewhere.

Here’s how it appears with the default selection:

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yaycurrency currencies display options

Use the shortcode [yaycurrency-switcher] to display the multi-currency switcher anywhere you want.

You can also customize various aspects of the switcher by showing/hiding the:

  • Country flag
  • Currency name
  • Currency symbol
  • Currency code
yaycurrency currencies switcher

Plus, you can select between small and medium for the size of the switcher.

Advanced Settings

YayCurrency keeps things simple by offering three straightforward settings that you can toggle on or off:

  • Fixed product price for each currency
  • Update exchange rate automatically 
  • Auto select currency by countries

I recommend activating the last two settings to make things convenient for both yourself and your customers.

yaycurrency update exchange rate automatically

As for the product price setting, it’s a matter of whether charging a fixed price can give you the same margin as dynamic pricing. Do the math and then decide whether to switch on this setting for your online store.

YayCurrency Pricing

YayCurrency is a free plugin for online stores built on WooCommerce.

However, it also has a Pro version that provides access to premium features like auto-update exchange rate.

YayCurrency Pro licenses:

  • Single site – $49 yearly, $195 lifetime
  • 3 sites – $99 yearly, $395 lifetime
  • Unlimited sites – $199 yearly, $995 lifetime

The plugin works seamlessly with all WooCommerce payment methods. Whether you’re using Check payments, PayPal Standard, Direct bank transfer, or the Stripe payment gateway, YayCurrency has got you covered.

Final Verdict

When in Rome, act like a Roman, right? Now you can offer a more personalized experience to customers across the world with the help of YayCurrency.

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Adding a new multi-currency feature to your WooCommerce store adds a new dynamic to your business. Shoppers feel more confident about finishing their purchase when they see your products in their local currency. 

Plus, the right solution allows you to enter new, international markets in minutes and offer only the currencies in which you wish to sell.

Many WooCommerce stores force customers to pay in USD without accounting for their currency preferences. With the YayCurrency plugin, you can make life easier for customers by letting them pay in the currency that best suits them. 

It’s a great recipe for driving loyalty and repeat purchases, which are the ultimate goals of every business.


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