How WPML Can Help You To Make Your Business More Successful Internationally

Published on March 7th, 2018

Last Updated on March 25th, 2019

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Creating a great website which customers will love is already stressful enough without adding languages. Besides, if you’re a small company as long as it’s in English it should be fine, right?

Wrong on both counts.

First, regardless of if you are Walmart or the local corner shop down the road, customers want to be served in their own language. The same rings true online.

Second, thanks to WPML, creating a great multilingual website is actually easier than you think. Its WooCommerce Multilingual (WCML) plugin helps to create a localized website which customers will want to shop on.

In addition, the new display as translated mode makes it even easier to build multilingual websites with lots of content. If that’s not all, you can even find professionals to actually translate your work as well as experienced developers to put it all into place.

Here’s how WCML can help you create a website customers around the world will want to use again and again.

How WooCommerce Multilingual can help your business:

Translating your products, taxonomies and custom fields is easy

WPML’s WooCommerce Multilingual plugin can handle virtually all of your translations and that includes some of the most important for an e-commerce website. Any online store is likely to be organized by product categories. Therefore, a plugin which makes it easy to translate your products, taxonomies and custom fields is crucial. The best part of WCML is that everything can be managed from its main page. To illustrate, take a look below at an example of the “Products” tab of the main page where you are able to see each of your items and the ones which still need translating – shown by the + sign.

product translation 2

Once you have clicked on one to start a translation, you are able to add the new language while seeing the original content on the same page. Of course, there is more to it than simply translating your products when it comes to building a great multilingual website.

You can handle multiple currencies

It is not only the language customers might struggle to understand but the currency as well. Customers browsing online in their own country will not want to get their calculators out to work out how much they are paying, imagine how much time you would waste converting Japanese yen to American dollars – hint, a lot. Not offering tailored currencies could be the difference between a sale and yet another shopping cart abandonment. Fortunately, eliminating this problem is straightforward. With WPML’s multi-currency support for WooCommerce, your business can display many currencies, and there are many ways to do it. You might want to set default currencies for each language or allow the customer to choose them independently. Either way is possible on the WooCommerce Multilingual page. Indeed, if you did want to give customers the option of toggling between them, there are a number of ways to add a currency switcher to the front end.

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Besides the actual currency itself, prices can be updated based on current exchange rates. You can set how frequently this happens and even add a lifting charge to take international transaction costs into account. Of course, those aren’t the only added costs to manage. Luckily, WCML can also take care of those…

Offer multiple shipping classes and zones

As well as flexibility on currency, WCML gives you a similar freedom to determine and translate your shipping classes and zones.

If you have items of various shapes and sizes, you might want to customize your shipping classes to offer lower prices for delivering smaller goods. Whatever you decide, once the options are added in the default language they can be translated on the main WooCommerce Multilingual page just like your other content.

woocommerce multilingual

If you are a company based in Paris, shipping to Australia is going to be more expensive than delivering items to a compatriot in Marseille. With this in mind, WCML allows you to create shipping zones to set costs based on location.

Compatible with the best WooCommerce extensions

WooCommerce has multiple extensions which you can utilize to enhance your e-commerce website. The best ones are fully compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual allowing you to show off your products the right way across all languages. Extensions such as Bookings for selling time sensitive items or Product Add-Ons for customizations such as dropdown menus are translatable with WCML. In fact, these are just two of the more than a hundred plugins which offer WooCommerce Multilingual extension capability.

While WCML is flexible with other plugins and extensions, the same cannot be said for countries and the many different payment options available. Fortunately, WCML can help you keep things simple for the customer.

Define the best payment methods based on the country

For various reasons including taxes, currencies and billing infrastructure some payment gateways are not available in specific countries. To limit your customer’s frustrations at the point of purchase, WCML can ensure only options which will work are presented to them.

The payment gateway limiter lets you select which payment methods you want to restrict to certain countries on the backend. The result is that on the frontend customers will only see the options that will work for them once they provide their billing address.

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country limiter

While WCML offers these great options to help you create an e-commerce multilingual site worthy of your business, what if you do not have time to translate all of your products? This is where our new translation mode comes in.

How ‘display as translated’ feature can help your e-commerce site

Display as translated allows your untranslated content to appear in every language on your site without needing to duplicate it.

This new translation mode is ideal for large e-commerce or directory sites which might want to publish products across their pages as soon as possible. In the cut-throat world of house buying, in popular areas properties might come off the market within hours. Therefore, estate agents will want to publish their new homes regardless of the language. Fortunately, buyers can still enjoy many of the advantages of a localized website.

When using display as translated, the main instructions (widgets, sidebars and menus) will remain in the customer’s language, even if the product information is yet to be translated. Observe the Spanish website example below:

How ‘display as translated’ feature can help your e-commerce site

Now that you have the tools for your new multilingual website the question still remains, who will be the workers?

Hiring the right people to build your multilingual site

Find professional translators on WPML

With WPML, you can be confident your content will be translated to the highest standard thanks to our integration with professional translators. WPML’s professional translation option means you can find the perfect translation agency to suit your needs. Once you have identified a service, you can keep on top of all pending translations and send content off from within the WordPress dashboard. Don’t forget to check out our list of the translation services we are integrated with. You could have the best translator in the world and it would mean nothing if your website was not built correctly. So how do you find a reliable web developer?

How WPML Contractors can help you choose the perfect developer

WPML Contractors provides you with a listing of the most trusted developers who have a track record of using our plugin. Whether you know the exact type of website you want its budget or if you are simply looking for inspiration, WPML Contractors can help you. Each developer has created their own profile with relevant information as well as a portfolio of their best work to help you make the right choice. In addition, only experienced developers with six months of experience using WPML and three registered sites in production are part of the database. Regardless of your choice, you can be confident that your developer will carry out the vision you have in mind for your multilingual website. The hard part is over. You now know who will build your multilingual website, how they will do it and who will translate your content. Now you can look forward to welcoming your brand new customers from around the world.

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