Site Launch: WPLift WordPress Support & Maintenance, Introduction & Behind The Scenes

I have some exciting news to share today – I’m announcing the launch of my latest venture, WPLift.Support. A new stand alone site under the WPLift brand where we are offering complete WordPress support and maintenance plans where we will take over the day to day duties associated with running a WordPress site.

We have plans starting at $49 which include 24/7 monitoring, daily cloud backups, core / theme/ plugin updates and a monthly report. Our $99 plan also includes unlimited 30 minute jobs which can be submitted via our members help-desk. We are also including one year free hosting at Inmotion Hosting, a ThemeFurnace developer membership, Free domain name and $300 advertising credit for all plans!

We also have an enterprise level plan which is priced at $199 per month which is required for eCommerce sites, this plan also includes a detailed SEO report with recommendations and a free site migration should you ever need to move to a different hosting company.


Why WPlift Support?

I decided to launch WPLift Support to provide top quality support to website owners who use WordPress but may not be developers themselves so have to rely on others for help when they need some work carried out on their site.

The problem is, you may be running a premium WordPress theme and any number of other plugins for functionality, if something goes wrong or you simply need help then you have to seek out the creator of each individual product and access support via a forum, ticket system or email. Sometimes a theme or plugin provider will say a problem lays with someone else which can create an annoying to and fro as you seek an answer to your problem.

I wanted to provide one point of contact for all your WordPress support requirements – WPLift Support includes unlimited small jobs on your website for a monthly fee.

Along with unlimited support for your WordPress site, we also handle the day to day maintenance duties, freeing you up for the important work. We will handle all core, theme and plugin updates along with taking daily backups and 24/7 website monitoring. If you choose our enterprise plan we will also carry out an SEO audit and provide recommendations for you and will provide support for eCommerce sites.

Launch Partners

I have been building the WPLift support site for a while now and in the process have teamed up with some great companies to bring you what I think will be the best offering in the WordPress support space. I already had a team in place that I work with on ThemeFurnace who are helping and we will be looking to bring on super smart WordPress people as we grow. We have a solid system in place for managing your website and making sure everything is safe and secure.

We have partnered with Inmotion Hosting to offer all our customers one year of free hosting them with, which includes a free domain name and $300 in advertising credits. I have personally been using Inmotion to host a number of my sites for a while now and am happy to refer people to them with no question – their infrastructure is solid and their customer support is second to none. You can read a review I wrote about them here.

As part of WPLift support we are also including a one year developer membership at ThemeFurnace so you are able to download and use any of our premium WordPress themes.

If you require larger jobs outside the scope of offering, we have partnered with several providers who can quote you for specific jobs at reasonable prices.

Behind The Scenes of the Website

Rather than turn this post into a big advertising pitch, I thought I would also share some behind the scenes information on how I built the WPLift.Support site so you can see which plugins etc I chose to put together a website of this type.

The website itself runs on a customized version of the Checkout theme, created by Mike McAllister at Array, this is a beautiful looking theme with great Typography ( it features a built-in font from Typekit called Proxima Nova).


You can actually use this theme to run a full digital goods marketplace like ThemeForest etc, with Vendor dashboards. It is designed to work with Easy Digital Downloads so you can accept payment and give your vendors commissions, let them submit items from the front-end and give each vendor their own profile page. It also works as a business site with portfolio functionality.

Checkout is honestly one of the best themes I have ever seen, not just on the front-end but the way it is put together is pretty much perfect. It includes a load of custom page templates for creating the various pages needed on the site, it has a great help page with details on how to use the theme with FAQ links, recommended plugins and so on.


To handle the membership portion of the site, I chose to use Restrict Content Pro by Pippin Williamson, which allowed me to setup different membership levels for each of our plans, this plugin handles the front-end login and restricts the members area to users with that level of membership. Out of the box it integrates with PayPal and Stripe which are the two payment options that I offer and can take recurring payments monthly.  It also has a coupon system built-in so you can offer fixed or percentage based coupon codes.


I have an affiliate system in place, which you can signup for here ( pays 50% commissions on initial signups). For this I used AffiliateWP, another of Pippin’s plugins. To me this looks like the best option on the market at the moment, the base plugin is just $49 and it has a load of free and paid add-ons should you need more functionality. It integrates with a lot of different eCommerce plugins including the Restrict Content Pro, allows you to offer search engine friendly referral links to your affiliates and generates a nice dashboard for them where they can view their stats in a graph and generate custom links.


For the helpdesk which allows members to submit their support tickets I looked around at quite a few options, I just wanted something fairly simple which would take my site’s styling well, keep track of past tickets and allow multiple staff members to reply to tickets. For this I chose WPHelpDesk which I had reviewed in the past on WPLift. I then created a simple page in the members area for submitting tickets and viewing past tickets:


As I plan to do some paid advertising, I wanted to be able to track signups and make use of my Google analytics data. To help with this I have used the “Better Google Analytics” plugin.

The Better Google Analytics plugin allows you to easily add Google Analytics code to your website and gives you the power to track virtually everything. Better Google Analytics includes heat maps, reports, charts, events and site issue tracking in your WordPress admin area without the need to log into your Google Analytics account.

This is a pretty advanced plugin which should provide some good data to work with.


Final Thoughts

I haven’t launched any new sites for a while now so it’s always a little nerve-racking when you finally do, hopefully you liked seeing a little about how I put together the site – I plan to do some regular updates on how the site is going and share what I find in regards to paid advertising and other promotion techniques.

I’ve also got a blog on the WPLift.Support site where I plan to post regular content that will be a little different from what get’s posted here. The content there will be aimed more at helping business owners grow their sites on subjects like marketing, search engine optimization, growth hacking and security issues.

I will also be looking to take on some remote support staff for WPLift.Support, obviously dependent on the growth rate of the site, so if anyone would like to submit their details, please do so via this contact form and I will be in touch.

Finally, WPLift Readers can use this coupon to get $10 off their first month’s membership: 10THANKS

Thanks for reading!



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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