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WPLegalPages Review: Maintaining a Legally Compliant Website Using WPLegalPages

Last Updated on July 13th, 2021

Published on November 23rd, 2016


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Most WordPress website owners do not understand the required legal intricacies that come with owning and operating a website.

For example, did you know that you cannot display Google Ads on your website without providing site visitors a specific set of legal pages? And yet, so many website owners do so without ever knowing they are breaking the law.

Now, for the average person, understanding internet law is like trying to read a book in a foreign language. In fact, most attorneys find legal research to be a bit dull and difficult to understand. And that’s their chosen profession.

However, that is no excuse for failing to provide required disclosures on your WordPress website.

Today we are going to take a quick look at why legal documents in the form of web pages are so crucial to running a legally compliant website. In addition, we will discuss how WPLegalPages, a plugin designed to help you create these important legal pages, can help you easily disclose all legal documents that are required by law to be made available to your site visitors.

Most countries have legislation in place outlining the specific categories of information that must be made accessible to all site visitors. These disclosures, which can range from one paragraph to multiple pages in length, describe in detail the specific legal provisions that apply to users that visit your website.

Having well-drafted, legally compliant documents strategically placed throughout your website can have several benefits.  Take a look:

  • Helps website owners comply with disclosure obligations
  • Ensures to site visitors their rights are not infringed upon
  • Confirms that website content is licensed to users
  • Limits a website owner’s liability
  • Provides the legal basis for which products and services are sold
  • Establishes a reputation for being professional

As you can see, anyone who runs a website must be aware of the different disclosures owed to their site visitors. These disclosures include terms and conditions for using your website, legalities behind the sale and supply of products and services to customers, and the terms related to collecting and processing personal data.

What is WPLegalPages?


WPLegalPages is a simple to use legal pages management plugin designed for WordPress websites.

Installed and ready to use in under 5 minutes, this basic plugin provides all of the legal templates needed to run a legally compliant website.

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Here are a handful of legal page templates you can choose from that you can add to your website:

  • Terms of Use.This policy outlines the way site visitors can use your website content, products, and services. It protects your site data from misuse and is one of the most important legal pages any website can have.
  • Refund Policy. For those running an eCommerce website, a refund policy is necessary. Detailing the conditions for receiving a refund, this protects your business from refund abuse.
  • Affiliate Agreement. Have site visitors wishing to join an affiliate program you have in place sign an affiliate agreement before joining.
  • Affiliate Disclosure. On the other hand, if you engage in affiliate marketing, disclose to your site visitors that you will earn a commission if any sales occur. This is an FTC requirement and is not to be ignored.
  • COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Policy). For websites accessed by children under the age of thirteen, a policy must be in place explaining how the website owners will use the information collected.

In all, WPLegalPages has 21 legal page templates for you to use on your website. Taking into consideration the most-used legal pages used on a variety of different website types, professionally trained internet attorneys have approved each template and agree that they are compliant with internet law.

In addition, WPLegalPages has convenient demo content in place so you can easily modify your legal pages to suit your individual website needs, or keep the document as it.

More WPLegalPages Features

This powerful and flexible WordPress plugin comes packed with a variety of helpful features. Here we will look at those features and get a feel for how they will help you create your website’s disclosure statements.

Forced Page/Post Option

If there is a disclosure that all site visitors must agree to, you can easily enable the lock down feature. This feature forces everyone to read and agree to that particular document before being able to access your site’s content. This works well with legal pages such as your Terms of Use or Privacy policy.


In addition, WPLegalPages offers a great popup feature forcing people to agree to a specific legal policy you have in place before moving on. More so, these popups are responsive in design so all site visitors will have adequate access to the agreements.


Custom Shortcode Integration

Convenience is key when it comes to adding things like legal documents to your WordPress website. That’s why the team responsible for WPLegalPages made adding a legal page anywhere on your website easy to do. Simply cut and paste a shortcode in the desired area and display your legal page.

These shortcodes create and save in your plugin dashboard once you have customized a template and saved your changes. This makes applying the same template to several places very easy. No more copying the entire template repeatedly. Rather, you can use the same shortcode repeatedly thus saving loads of time.

Extended Menu Options and Easy Editing

Legal pages are typically in the footer area of your website. That said, WPLegalPages extends your website’s menu options so you can easily move legal pages from your header to the footer. Additionally, you can choose to include or exclude any legal page using custom menus.


Editing your legal pages in the admin dashboard is easy. For instance, they are organized in list form and edit just like a normal WordPress page. In addition, you also have access to WYSIWYG editors and tiny MCE options for editing templates.

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Documentation and Pricing

There are numerous videos available to those using WPLegalPages outlining topics like how to perform the plugin’s setup and configuration, how to edit various templates, and why using a legal pages plugin is beneficial. In addition, they have a current blog informing customers about all things WPLegalPages. Plus, they even have a support ticket system for more complex questions or concerns.

You can access the free version of WPLegalPages in the WordPress Repository. However, you will only have access to the Privacy Policy and DMCA Policy templates.

In order to use the other 19 available legal page templates you will need to purchase WPLegalPages PRO.  Luckily, it is available for the reasonable price of $37. With this you will receive one year’s worth of downloads, updates, and support.

Final Recommendations

Overlooking the importance of legal documents on your website is not something to be ashamed of. Many website owners are guilty of the same and most are completely unaware they are doing something wrong.

Depending on the type of website you own and operate, you might be in need of multiple legal pages to disclose all of your website’s policies to those visiting your website. In order to maintain a legally compliant and professional looking website, I would strongly suggest looking into WPLegalPages. With so many pre-made templates ready for you to use, adding legal documents to your website has never been easier.

Have you ever used WPLegalPages for your legal document needs? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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