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WPJobster WordPress Theme Review & Setup

Last Updated on July 9th, 2021

Published on April 28th, 2016

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WPJobster is a WordPress theme created to let you setup your own online jobs / services marketplace and lets users offer their services in a similar fashion to Envato Studio or Fiverr by setting an hourly rate or fixed price. It also lets customers post custom work requests similar to Upwork or Codeable. which users of the site can then apply for.


The Jobster theme currently powers over 120 online marketplaces of this type and processes over 25,000 transactions per month.

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WPJobster is offered as a complete package which includes the theme, functionality and a number of additional plugins. Here is a run-down of some of the features included with it:

  • Powerful Admin Panel – Control every aspect of your marketplace:
    approve/deny services, view/modify orders, provide support, edit user info, send newsletters, and much, much more…
  • Supporting Multiple Languages – You can run your online service marketplace in as many languages as you wish – simultaneously. Jobster theme is currently translated into 4 different languages.
  • Custom User Frontend – Built-in custom user front-end which allows users to: post/edit service offers, update their payment/personal info, manage services purchased/sold, view transaction history, etc.
  • Integrated Newsletter System – Send out newsletter to your registered users. Promote new services. Manage lists directly from the admin panel. Statistical data related to number of open/read messages and clicks.
  • Payment Gateways – Jobster Theme has PayPal and Stripe payment gateways fully integrated along with the multi-currency support. We can easily integrate the payment gateways of your choice.
  • User Notification System – Jobster theme has a built in comprehensive notification system for all of the user actions, such as: jobs purchased/sold/delivered, order updated, feedback received, etc.
  • User Statuses – Users are automatically awarded statuses (levels) based on the volume of sales as well as the reputation. Higher status benefits include lower transaction commissions.
  • Flexible Commission Structure – Set different commissions based on the user status (level) and/or total transaction amount. Reward and motivate your top sellers based on their performance.
  • Multi-Currency Support – Currency rates are auto-updated daily based on the Open Exchange Rates API. Exchange rates can also be edited manually from the Administration Panel.
  • User Messaging System – Built in sophisticated conversation type user messaging system featuring the file uploader, custom offers, filter for email’s and URL’s, as well as the message notifications.
  • Service Requests – Buyers are able to post public service requests to which sellers are able to respond with offers. This functionality has proven to increase sales by as much as 20%.
  • Social Connect – Leverage the power of social networks. Let your users connect (register) to your online service marketplace with the social account of their choice.

Front End of the Site

The homepage of your site has a header menu with login and register buttons and controls to change the language or currency of the site. There is a main menu which contains links to all the categories on the site and then a header image / video or slider.


As you scroll down, the header menu stays fixed to the top of the page and under the main header area there is a “Featured Categories” area so you can draw attention to your site’s most popular categories. Under that is a “Popular Services” area which displays the most popular services being offered by users.


You then have a request form where people can post custom requests for members of the site to apply for. Users can enter a description for their request and choose a category


Once the form is submitted, the user is then required to login which they can do with username and password or use one of the social logins provided.


If you would like to offer your services, once signed up for an account you are free to offer jobs via the site that people can purchase from you. You can set the job title, description, category, price, instructions for buyers, upload images and so on.


The authors area in the theme is where any sales you have made are displayed, along with messages from the buyer, completed jobs, active jobs and so on.

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There also pages for updating your profile information, payment info ( PayPal and Payoneer) and a payments page where you can withdraw money from your account from successful jobs.


Once you have added your job or service for sale, the page where it is shown to potential buyers is really nicely designed – author info is shown down the site along with the price for the job, then in the centre is the offer description, images and other relevant information.


Back End for Admins

This is a complex theme with many available options, most of the main settings you will need to look at are contained within a main “Jobster” menu at the top of your WordPress admin menu. It is split up into the following tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Layout Settings
  • Email Settings
  • SMS Settings
  • Pricing Settings
  • Payment Gateways
  • Withdrawal Requests
  • User Balances
  • User Badges
  • User Levels
  • Subscriptions
  • Transactions
  • Orders
  • User Reviews
  • Private Messages
  • Transaction Messages
  • Tracking
  • Information

There are a large number of possible emails which can be sent out and the theme allows you to customize the content of each one using a large number of available shortcodes for things like username, site URL and so on.


You can connect the theme to SMS services Twilio and Cafe24 and the system will send out messages to users phones as well as emails.


There is also an “options” page where you can define colors to be used within the theme, add a slider using the included Slider Revolution plugin and upload images to be used for user badges. From here you can also edit all the text used throughout the site.


Jobs are added to the site using a Custom Post Type and these are all viewable and editable from within the “Jobs” menu item.


The theme includes Loco translate so you are able to offer multiple languages:


Sliders are handled using the Slider Revolution plugin, there are 3 defined already for you – Homepage and Logged in / Logged in Home.


There is also a customer support plugin included so users of your site can access help via a ticketing system. They can submit tickets from the front-end of your site.

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Pricing & Support

WPJobster is available from $350 for a webmaster license which includes the standard features and free installation of the system on your hosting account and 3 months support. The developer license is $699 and includes extra features such as multi-language support, tax module, buyer processing fee and 6 months support. The top license is the Entrepreneur license which costs $1200 and includes an Android App, 12 months support and SMS notifications.

Compared to other themes and plugins WPJobster certainly is a lot more expensive, but you are purchasing here a complete system which will be fully installed on your hosting as part of the cost.



This theme is really well designed – the layout is nice and clean and easily holds up against the big job marketplaces of this type. The design is definitely reminiscent of Fiverr which was the pioneer of this type of services marketplace.

Feature-wise, the theme and accompanying plugins seem to have all the core functionality covered that you would need when running a marketplace website. It has picked a good selection of plugins which are included with the installation, plus you have the benefit of being able to add other plugins for WordPress as required.

You are purchasing a lot of features here and seems to be a good move that full installation is included in the sales price as setting up a complex theme and set of plugins like this could prove difficult for non-technical customers, something that should be kept in mind when weighing up the purchase cost.

If you have been thinking of starting a services-based marketplace, WPJobster is certainly one option to look at.

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