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WPEka is a Premium WordPress Theme and Plugin Club with 38 Products

Last Updated on October 25th, 2019

Published on June 24th, 2014


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Today we are going to be taking a look at a WordPress theme and plugin club named WPEka, based in India, WPEka has a team of 15 people and currently offer over 38 WordPress products as part of their membership. This consists of 22 themes and 16 plugins with plans to bring this number up to 50 by October this year.

I know the team at WPEka personally as they have acquired two of my WordPress products in the past ( WP-Answers and WPAdCenter ) which is one way they grow their business – by acquiring other products and adding them to their own portfolio, alongside development of their own themes and plugins.


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About WPEka

The team at WPEka is a 15 strong and headed by Shilpa and Sandeep based in Pune in India, around 150kms from the commercial hub of Mumbai. The word “Eka” in Sanskrit means “One”and they are aiming to be a “one-stop” shop for many WordPress products.

WPeka started off with WordPress in 2011 and have been steadily growing their portfolio of products since then. You might recognize their theme store ChimeraThemes alongside a bunch of other WordPress themes and plugins. They participate in the WordPress community in as many ways as possible such as sponsoring WordCamps  ( Mumbai & NYC so far ) and also speaking at WordCamp Mumbai.

What’s Included ?

As mentioned you get a bunch of themes and plugins with loads of different functionalities – let’s take a look at a few of the included products.


A business style theme which you configure with shortcodes.



A pretty clean and basic theme designed for use with the WooCommerce plugin

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WP Local Plus

A Fully-Automated Local business directory with Reviews, business listings, coupon offers and Maps.


WP Legal Pages

17 Ready-To-Use Legal Policy Pages like Privacy Policy, TOS and more


WP Auction Software

Complete Auction plugin. Turn any WordPress site into an Auction website.



Question and Answer plugin and theme



WPEka have decided to go with a membership price rather than selling the themes and plugins separately. Currently the pricing starts at $27 monthly for access to everything, $47 quarterly or $97 annually.

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Those prices seem pretty reasonable to me – for $27 you can download every product on their site which is a lot less then you would pay for even one theme from most commercial theme shops these days.


Its an interesting business model for sure, acquiring many smaller themes and plugins to add to your existing portfolio is something that I haven’t seen many other companies doing on this scale. Speaking as creator of two products which they acquired I can say that both the products are in good hands – I remain on the mailing list for both so I see that they are constantly updating them and adding new features as required. This was one of the reasons I was happy to sell to WPEka, I was finding it hard to keep up with the constant updates needed with commercial plugins, they have a large team for support and development though so are keeping on top of it well.

The current offering in terms of value for money seems very good – you get a lot of themes and plugins for your money. One area that does need improvment is the visuals of the site – there are a lot of inconsistencies on product pages where they have acquired a product they use wording and images from the original site – I would recommend redoing these pages so they match the WPEka brand more and really tie the offering together better. ( Also, the comic sans font needs to go on the signup page! ).

Check them out if you are looking for a load of functional plugins and themes together for a reasonable monthly price.

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